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Looking for ONline Linie 194 Solo yarn, 50 gramm
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Mar 30, 2011 16:45:04   #
One of the ladies in my knitting club returned from wintering in Alabama with a scarf made of this yarn. This is a wool ruffling tape yarn and making the scarf is almost not knitting at all, but is very pretty. She has no information as to how to obtain it other than the label. It was found by a member of a group she knitted with in Alabama, who puchased it for that knitting group locally at a good price (less than the $12/ball which is what my friends hope to do). Several of our members have tried to find it here in Indianapolis (Joanns, HL, and LYS) but to no avail. I have surfed the internet and I think it is an Italian yarn. I did see several listings on E-Bay, and Herrschners have their own brand of ruffling yarn but it was acryllic. I did not find it on Knit Picks nor Annies Attic. I found patterns for it on Ravelry but if they mentioned where to obtain it, I missed it. Has anyone out there used it and found a dependable on-line site or place to contact to purchase it? Thanks, Carlene
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