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How do I bind off when ribbing?
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Feb 13, 2012 13:05:55   #
Is there a way to bind off when doing 2X2 ribbing without stretching the ribbing out? I'm new to knitting but I'm doing a foldover hat and I don't want to stretch the top out when I bind off. Also my niece wants leg warmers and it would really not work if I use the usual bind off on a ribbed cuff. Can anyone help me or refer me to a web site that illustrates this?
Feb 13, 2012 13:18:01   #
I have found that binding off in pattern works. I have not had it stretch out. Will be interested to see what others say, too!
Feb 13, 2012 13:54:34   #
Definitely bind/cast off in your rib pattern. Leonora
Feb 13, 2012 14:03:26   #
jmcret05 (a regular here)
This is an excellent video to show you how to bind off in ribbing.
Feb 13, 2012 14:28:29   #
Nannaj (a regular here)
Just cast off (bind off) as usual , cast off in knit st.and cast off in purl stitch,gives an elastic for me.
Feb 13, 2012 15:15:38   #
Simply follow the rib pattern and cast of as you go along...
Feb 14, 2012 09:46:08   #
Bind off in the pattern, and you should not have any problems.
Feb 14, 2012 10:08:32   #
I've been knitting for over 50 years, when I am binding off in the 'ribbing', in order to make sure that the ribbing does not stretch, I use needles 2 sizes smaller than the ones that I was using on the garment. I also bind off in the ribbing pattern; in other words, I will slip the first stitch, knit the 2nd, then pass the 1st stitch over the knitted stitch. Then, purl the next stitch, pass the previous stitch over the purled stitch, etc to the end and tie off, clip the excess down to 1 inch, secure neatly with reg. sewing needle with matching thread....being very tidy as you do so. It's a breeze that works every time.
Feb 14, 2012 10:31:40   #
I just finished a fingerless mitten in 3x2 ribbing and I bound off in pattern and it did not stretch out and maintained the ribbing effect that scrunches up and stretches out when you put it on.
Feb 14, 2012 11:17:52   #
I agree with binding of in pattern. It shouldn't stretch out of shape and it looks neater.
Feb 14, 2012 15:20:40   #
Would suggest a slightly smaller needle would make the cast off slightly more "firm" but still have enough give to make a good finish for most knitted items JuliaJSDesigns
Feb 14, 2012 15:32:51   #
I would definitely use the rib bind off. There are a few videos on you tube to show you how. Basically bind off knit stitch in knit and purl stitches in purl.
Feb 14, 2012 17:13:57   #
Thank you to all of you who have given me such great advice. I could not reply to everyone, or at least I do not know how to on this website. But the video was very helpful as well as the advice to use a smaller needle to bind off so that there is not too much stretching going on. I will try it on a sample a couple of times to make sure I know what I'm doing.

Again, thanks to all of you for your great help!
Feb 14, 2012 18:43:59   #
budasha (a regular here)
Nannajay wrote:
Just cast off (bind off) as usual , cast off in knit st.and cast off in purl stitch,gives an elastic for me.

Works for me too.
Feb 14, 2012 18:45:32   #
Knitter forever
Always bind off in pattern.
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