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The incredible, custom-fit raglan sweater
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Feb 19, 2012 01:54:05   #
I've seen similar instructions but in case some members who may be interested in customizing a pattern haven't seen this yet, here's a link:
Feb 19, 2012 08:24:58   #
Thanx for sharing that link, I've saved to my files. Leonora
Feb 20, 2012 07:14:31   #
Thank you. I saved it.
Feb 20, 2012 07:30:04   #
Great. Am having to rebuild my computer files so this is terrific.
Feb 20, 2012 07:45:13   #
I use this patttern all the time. I have knitted sweater and cardigans for my 4 grandchildren from it and have lost count of the ones I have knitted for me using different stitch patterns. It is my favourite to go to when I have yarn but no pattern.
Feb 20, 2012 07:48:37   #
Irene, Thank you for posting this very helpful link. :D
Feb 20, 2012 10:35:55   #
that's amazing! Thank you.
Feb 20, 2012 10:47:41   #
I used this pattern for the first sweater that I knitted for myself. It's a great one!
Feb 20, 2012 10:47:48   #
thanks - I've saved it, too.
Feb 20, 2012 10:48:33   #
This is a great pattern. Have made several sweaters using this pattern and never have a problem. Will copy and add an extra copy to my file, just in case.........

Thanks for sharing.

Feb 20, 2012 10:52:30   #
Thanks for the post.
Feb 20, 2012 13:47:37   #
yona (a regular here)
Great instructions. Thanks for posting.
Feb 20, 2012 16:54:21   #
Edith M
Thank you ever so much. This is just what I was looking for. I bought a package of 5 skeins of yarn at AC Moore some time ago and looked for my pattern to no avail. Now I can get started. Edith M
Feb 20, 2012 17:11:49   #
Thank you for posting the pattern site. Wanted cardigan pattern to fit all sizes for charity. Jane
Feb 20, 2012 18:26:30   #
great link, Thanks so much for sharing
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