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How to make your own Yarn Basket
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Feb 23, 2012 18:41:10   #
I know at one time we discussed how some of you were looking for this particular type of Folding Yarn Basket. I recently came across this on how to make your own. There is even a video to show you how.

It looks rather easy to do and you can use whatever type and kind of fabric you like to make it. Oil cloth would make a nice cover and so would the quilted fabrics you can buy at JoAnn's.

Feb 24, 2012 07:27:58   #
Clever, I may try this.
Feb 24, 2012 08:49:03   #
Jean K (a regular here)
Love it! Thanks so much for the information. Another great project.
Feb 24, 2012 09:06:47   #
I like the yardstick legs. Makes measuring handy.
Feb 24, 2012 09:58:52   #
Thank you so much for posting this! I used to have one to keep my knitting in and can't remember where it is or if I still have it. I'm so excited to have these directions so I can make one for myself and several more as Christmas presents to my friends who knit and crochet. Whooopiee!
Feb 24, 2012 10:32:12   #
nanad (a regular here)
really nice-lpve the yard sticks-you could also add small wheels or knobs that roll- very nice-nana-d
Feb 24, 2012 10:59:15   #
Feb 24, 2012 18:25:32   #
I love it ...even though it is so not a basket...more like a bag...these bags are retro of what our ancesters used before us...
and thanks for posting.
Feb 25, 2012 15:26:25   #
Wow I feel so silly,it took me years to find a ready made one ,just like my grandma's,I never thought to try and make one. What a great idea I will make one for my daughter and a really big one for myself. Thanks very much!
Mar 1, 2012 21:12:48   #
I found an old pattern stuck inside a knitting book of one of these made with the curved wood from old hangers. I plan to keep a watch at yard sales this year and see if I can find the hangers for it and make one. The pattern for this one is very nice and would make a nice gift for a fiber friend.
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