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Pricing question for Sashay scarf
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Mar 7, 2012 18:08:05   #
I have been asked to make a ruffly scarf for a friend of a friend--Any suggestions what to charge for a Sashay scarf using one skein of yarn?
Mar 7, 2012 18:42:05   #
I have been making a lot of them. If you are making an 8 stitch, using the full ball you should charge about 30$. You could ask for more but because it is a friend I would charge $30. I would also give the person getting the scarf a simple business card with your e-mail address for others that want to order them. Price to other should be higher but then again it all depends on what you want to do. I have sold about 25 so far at the $30 each. Plus I have been making some with 5 stitches, to the length of about 55 inches. Not a full ball of yarn, and getting $25 for them. Then I take the rest of the ball and make the same number of 4 stitches and use up the rest of the ball. It will be much shorter so I sell them as a child scarf. Right now they are being purchased for $20 each. Mom's getting ready for Easter. That makes the ball sale $45. Remember that spring is getting here. Some woman want to wear these beautiful scarves all the time.
Good Luck.
Mar 8, 2012 02:33:30   #
HandyFamily (a regular here)
Well, mine is listed for 18 euro.
Mar 8, 2012 09:20:58   #
$35.00. That's what I'm getting.

Mar 8, 2012 16:36:44   #
I'm selling Katia one ball ruffle scarf for $55.00. I have a selection of different colours for sale. Also have Flounce one ball ruffle scarfs for sale.
Mar 8, 2012 17:55:21   #
Wow! $55! Can you tell us which state/country?
Mar 8, 2012 17:57:14   #
Thank you for the knitting tips and the pricing structure. They helped very much.

Mar 8, 2012 17:58:28   #
Wow, very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Mar 9, 2012 02:02:21   #
I think $50 is about have to figure the cost of the yarn and twice the cost of the yarn to produce the item. This usually works out well for most things. I pay $13.95 per hank of Katia Rizos plus tax ($14.84). So if you round to $15 and then $30 to make it up (takes about 2 hours) that's $45....use the last $5 to pay for the gas to get to the LYS.

Here's an example for a hat....1 hank Cascade 220 Superwash Merino $9 - hand knitted hat adult size $30 child size $20 as you can get two child size hats out of one hank

King size afghan - yarn cost (picked Noro) $350 - crocheted took 6 mos to complete - $1000
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