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Toilet roll doll - Grandma's favorite
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Mar 19, 2012 22:38:40   #
Here is a picture of my grandma's toilet roll doll that she gave me many many years ago. I have made one, but didn't jot down the pattern. Does anyone have any patterns for them?

Mar 19, 2012 22:49:24   #
I would have to go through my patterns - probably would have some I think.
here are some on ravelry:
and crochet
and this one is cute:
Have fun!
Mar 19, 2012 22:53:51   #
I remember one of those in my grandmas bathroom too... I think hers was purple...If my memory serves me right I think both my grandmothers were into purple..
Mar 19, 2012 22:56:36   #
Yes, I found some but they are made out of Gaysheen a viscose straw yarn made in Switzerland (sort of a cross between the ribbon and the raffia). I'm sure you could still use yarn. Send me a private message (PM) with your email address if you would like me to scan them and send them to you. The book is dated 1967. I don't think they are in existence anymore.
Mar 19, 2012 23:14:43   #
Couple here too:
Just scroll down the page
there is
Studley 738: 1978 knitted slippers, doll and tea cosy, and lady loo roll cover and duck are crochet.
Patons 172- Bathroom Friends: This is the very popular toilet roll cover duo, a lady and the poodle
or an easy how to:
Vintage one on ebay
Mar 20, 2012 10:38:40   #
these are simply too cute!
i think we may have a return of toilet paper covers!! especially with that one commercial that you can get a cover for a spare, can't remember which product name it is though, oh well.....
Mar 20, 2012 11:33:01   #
OMG - I remember my aunt making these for all of us over 50 years ago. Wish I had the pattern too.
Mar 20, 2012 12:10:37   #
hi, cute! nice idea for the bathroom.
Mar 20, 2012 18:00:13   #
Donna Jean
Boy, that brings back memories. Taking a step back in time.
Apr 1, 2012 23:20:47   #
Thank you so much to a fellow KP member for sending me the patterns for toilet paper dolls that she had. I have made 5 of them for gifts, one for me of course in purple. No one sells the dolls though....and I had to purchase them from Etsy, where someone had some old, but new dolls to be had...

Apr 2, 2012 00:52:23   #
That turned out nice.

I made one in green a long time ago.
I had to copy the pattern that my landlady had.
She wanted a new dress on her doll.

The yellow one:
No pattern for this one.
A guy at work wanted a toilet tissue doll.
Had to be blond with a hat an had to be yellow.
He gave me the doll and I just crocheted the
dress onto her. No pattern and I didn't write
down what I did.
The ruffled dress is done on the unused
front loops when I crocheted.

Apr 2, 2012 01:51:23   #
I was making one on a trip we were on and my youngest at age 2 wanted it for a hat, so I put a frill on the bottom and she wore it for a hat. It was Aunt Lydia's rug yarn. 1973 summer.
Apr 2, 2012 02:08:31   #
Gypsycream (a regular here)
My lovely late Nanna used to make those, thanks for the happy memory. I can just see hers now, sat on top of the loo :)
Apr 2, 2012 02:46:43   #
She is gorgeous ginamarie. Would be just too bad if Barbie got recycled. :lol:
Apr 2, 2012 02:50:20   #
Everyone's grandma had a tissue topper in the bathroom. I remember poodles more so than dolls. Bare rolls were not acceptable back then.
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