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Pattern Requests
Loops and Threads Dewdrops Yarn
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Mar 19, 2012 23:43:54   #
Hi! I really want to use this yarn, Loops and Threads Dewdrops color Turquoise. I have four skeins at 71 yrds, its super bulky, a skein and a 4 by 4 stockinette swatch = 11 stitches and 16 rows. US 13 is the needles size but I knit very loosely so I always go down a size. I do not want to make a scarf with this yarn. I am a beginner knitter but I am a fast and visual learner, so I can pick up projects pretty easily. I have been knitting and purling for a while so I am very comfortable with that. I have definitely figured out my tension. I would like to make something like a cardigan with this yarn. Now I am confused as how to use this yarn. Do you work in the top loops or drape the entire piece of yarn over the needle? I found this pattern on - - I hope that link works. It seems fairly easy enough for me to learn. Can I use this yarn with that and how do I substitute the yardage and yarn weight? I will probably use a size 13 needle instead of a 15 as the pattern indicates because like I said, I knit very loosely. The yardage and the characteristics of this yarn is different - 51% acrylic, 18% mohair, 18% polyamide, 8% polyester, and 5% payette. and I know with the yarn Flounce you have to sew up the end because the yarn will unravel. should I do that with this too? Or does anyone else have any other suggestions to patterns I can make with this? I am so scared to use it as I only have 4 skeins, and the lot numbers will be different because I got this a long time ago. I was saving it for a special project!! its so pretty not to use. Any help would be wonderful. Everyone is so creative here. Thank you :)

Mar 20, 2012 13:58:23   #
Hi Marie - I just used this yarn to make a beret and a pony tail hat. The beret was knit on 8 mm (US 11) needles and the hat on 4.5 mm (US 7). The hat was a challenge on the smaller needles, but it worked out very nice. Will be very warm for the winter (next year). The beret also turned out very nice, but was too big for my granddaughter, so my daughter took it and I will make a smaller one for my gd. Both hats used more than 1 ball each, so I am not sure whether 4 balls would be enough for the pattern you indicated. According to the yardage indicated, you should have enough for the smaller sizes. Check the yarn on Ravelry and see what projects people have knit.
Mar 20, 2012 14:09:18   #
thank you so much! so the yarn is pretty easy to use then? do you work on top through the loops or wrap the entire yarn around the needle?
Mar 20, 2012 15:05:01   #
Wrap the entire yarn around the needle. The way the yarn is constructed, I'm not sure that it wouldn't unravel if you put the needle through the top loop. The addition of the sequins makes a lovely end product. Good luck.
Mar 20, 2012 21:42:02   #
Thank you I can not wait to start looking for projects!
Mar 20, 2012 21:48:36   #
Hi, I made a shawl with dewdrops and it turned out very nicely.
Mar 20, 2012 21:51:54   #
Good job! If the pattern was free do you mind sharing it?
Jul 7, 2012 16:30:49   #
I would like to make a scarf with this yarn...anyone have a pattern they used with dewdrops.
Pattern Requests
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