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Bavarian Crochet/Catherine's Wheel Throw/Wool Eater Blanket
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May 7, 2012 12:25:42   #
I am just so inspired by everyone and all your talents...which led me to start yet another project :) I was so taken by yesterday's post/photo of a beautiful Bavarian crochet blanket someone made. I checked on you tube watched a demo and then thought about a pattern I recently printed from the Red Heart website called Bold and Beautiful Catherine's Wheel Crochet Throw. That's all I needed to jump up, find some yarn and fire up my crochet hook to give it a try. The photo below is my beginning attempt. I am following the Red Heart pattern but was so glad to have watched the video on you tube (listed as Barvarian Crochet) for pointers. I am using Lion Brand Pound of Love (color Pink), Bernat Baby Sport (color Bebe) and a size H crochet hook. I didn't know how the different weights of yarn would look together but I am very happy with the difference in texture as well as the colors. This is definitely an interesting pattern...something different and fun to do.

May 7, 2012 13:08:38   #
May 7, 2012 13:09:32   #
Oooooo,so pretty,colors and pattern are gorgeous.I don't crochet much so amazes me the pieces you design with crocheting.
May 7, 2012 13:49:23   #
That is so pretty!!! Such lovely colors, pattern and technique!!!
May 7, 2012 19:28:13   #
It's beautiful can't wait to see it finished.
May 7, 2012 19:34:15   #
I think you could frame that !! Great work ! :)
May 8, 2012 06:20:49   #
Beautiful technique!
May 8, 2012 06:37:31   #
I love it! It is so different and the colors are wonderful.
May 8, 2012 06:48:40   #
hi, that is a pretty stitch pattern.
May 8, 2012 07:02:03   #
I wish I could crochet like that. You have done a beautiful job of making that pattern.
May 8, 2012 07:08:07   #
ooh pretty, yet another technique for me to look up.. :D i love those colours together too.
May 8, 2012 07:28:54   #
damemary (a regular here)
Great design the colors and texture changes.
May 8, 2012 07:34:20   #
Katsch (a regular here)
very pretty, you have tempted me to take a look at this pattern :thumbup:
May 8, 2012 07:46:31   #
Wonderful, but I'm in love with your dragonfly avatar!
May 8, 2012 08:52:19   #
Looks interesting!! Would love to try it. If i live to be 100 i will never get done all that i want to.
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