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Araucania Toconao Yarn
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Jun 8, 2012 08:39:58   #
What pattern can be knitted in this yarn?
Just want a simple men's vest pattern so the pattern can speak for itself. Any suggestions very welcome as not a very experienced knitter. Thanks all :-)
Jun 8, 2012 09:34:03   #
patocenizo (a regular here)
I have used this yarn it was beautiful to knit with I made the Summerflies Shawl and the Wingspan Scarf. I don't know if I would use it for a man's vest. Actually I used the Ruca Multi so it is probably not the same as the one you are referring to...Ooops! But it is lovely yarn.
Jun 8, 2012 09:36:14   #
Thanks for that. You may well have a point. :-)
Jun 9, 2012 10:02:22   #
What color do you have? I did a quick google of the yarn and got the 'e-bay' type sites... So I am wondering do you have more than 1 skein? I see where there's 147 yrds in a skien and it will take more than that for a vest. Also what weight is the yarn.. is it fingerling or worsted,?
Once you have all that information you could try a search at any of the comercial yarn sites, Ravelry, maybe even a search here for a nice vest. If you only have one skein maybe just the front of the vest in this yarn and the back in a black, brown,tan or beige .. even a blue.. would look nice..
Jun 9, 2012 11:41:26   #
I have 5 skeins in a multi blue/green mix.They say gauge is 18sts on 4.5mm/7US =4" square. I think it may be a bit thicker than DK.It is quite beautiful. Thanks for the advice I shall try ravelry :)
Jun 9, 2012 12:06:44   #
Toconao is a worsted weight. It was discontinued so be sure whatever pattern you choose you have sufficient yarn and a bit more before you start.

If i remember correctly, Jenny Watson's Mini-Knits for Araucania book has a hat and scarf for this yarn.

Any pattern for a light to medium worsted should work, but do swatch to be sure on the gauge.


Jun 9, 2012 12:58:06   #
Thank you for the advice & your knowledge :)
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