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Yarn and "Eye Candy"
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Jun 9, 2012 12:38:13   #
Ha ha ha ha ha! Made my day!
AverilC wrote:
Did you notice that hand washing was recommended and should be dried flat!
Jun 9, 2012 12:48:42   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Now that is a nice piece of cheese cake, er, I mean sweater! But I am "only" 56 though. hee hee
Jun 9, 2012 12:53:07   #
carolyn tolo
I am 80 but I remember very well. He can come for coffee anytime. Carolyn
Jun 9, 2012 13:21:59   #
hahahaha r we all randy wenches 2day?? lolol

doin alpaca for 1st time right now & i love it!! is alpaca/morrino blend

red911pj wrote:
Oh my heavens! lol The only way you could ever throw that one out of your bed is if you heard he was better on the floor! lol Has anyone ever ordered from that site? I have never worked with alpaca yarn,we don't have that available around here but it looks luxurious!
Jun 9, 2012 13:58:50   #
What yarn????? What a hottie!!!
Jun 9, 2012 14:03:34   #
Jun 9, 2012 14:33:54   #
oh yeah, he is definitely a "modern classic"!
Jun 9, 2012 14:37:13   #
galaxycraft wrote:
Palenque1978 wrote:
galaxycraft wrote:
Tresperros wrote:
Palenque1978 wrote:
OMG.... I'm almost 74-years old, but NOT dead yet.

When I opened my email from I have to admit that it wasn't the yarn, the sweater, or the price that got my attention. I had to share this with you gals... no harm in looking:

Ya can enlarge the pic for a better viewing... LOL

Well, here's another chap that needs attention, I'd knit him a sweater, poor baby must be cold!
quote=Palenque1978 OMG.... I'm almost 74-years ol... (show quote)

Now that's more like it!
I'd do more than knit a sweater for HIM! :oops: :wink: :thumbup:
quote=Tresperros quote=Palenque1978 OMG.... I'm ... (show quote)

:thumbup: :thumbup: No need to be embarrassed. LOL
quote=galaxycraft quote=Tresperros quote=Palenq... (show quote)

I'm not embarrassed per sae....I just blush easily! :-)
quote=Palenque1978 quote=galaxycraft quote=Tres... (show quote)

Well, do it while blushing is fine. Go for it.

I have something to share. There will be much text to follow, please bear with me.

A couple of years ago, I was watching a year-old PBS Great Performance special of young people in a Metropolitan Opera (New York) competition that occurs every year. Yes, I'm an opera fan. Amazing talented young people up to age 30.

Well.. there was a 27-year-old tenor, Alek Shrader, with a beautiful voice complete with high C's, great stage presence... and, movie-star looks. I went ga-ga for him immediately. I bought the video from PBS and went online to see where this young tenor career was taking him.

Lo and behold, he was preforming in Santa Fe Opera that summer. I go to Santa Fe each season; I've family in Albuquerque and my niece and I attend operas in Santa Fe. He was appearing in the lead as Albert Herring. Wow... I was going to get to see him in person. I told my niece that we had to have front row seats... I'd pay for the extra cost (we usually pay no more than $75- $85... but these seats had to be front or second row center)... I was a happy camper.

I kept on searching for info on the internet and, low and behold a recital in Santa Monica, CA (a hop, skip and a jump from where I live) at one of the local college's performing arts center. This was in February or March of 2010, and the recital was for April 11th. I had time to buy a ticket. I called the box office, and found out that if I went for the $100.00 ticket, I could attend the reception after the recital, which was being held at a nearby restaurant in Westwood (UCLA area) and valet parking was included. I got a fourth row, center seat... went to the recital with my copy of The Audition, the video of the competition. FURTHERMORE, because I also attend concerts at The Hollywood Bowl, I found out about this same time that he was appearing as Candide... in September. Glory, glory, hallelujah.

The recital was wonderful, he was beautiful. And as an encore, he sang the song that won him the prestigious prize (there were six winners)... the song from the opera The Elixsir of Love (L'Elisir D'Amore), A mes amis (8 high C's) The crowd went wild, including the men.

At the recital, he was totally available for anyone that wanted to chat and or get his autograph. Before I approached him... I was taken with his interaction with his fans. He wasn't bored, or seemed to hate doing the promo thing. He was engaged in the conversation, animated and was enjoying the event. The closer I got to him... the better he looked... a total "babe" as my daughter would say of a handsome man. Now, don't get me wrong... I didn't flirt with him... I was almost old enough to be his grandma.... but, we had a wonderful conversation. He didn't shy away from me... an old lady... lol. His eyes were as blue as clear sapphires and shinned like them too... gorgeous smile... his hair kinda rumples... which was fine with me.... tall... sigh. Anyhoo...I mentioned that I would hear him sing as Albert Herring in Santa Fe in August. And, then again as Candide at the Holllywood Bowl in Sept. He was glad to know and told me that, while he's in Santa Fe, one time only, he would also be singing as Tamino (Magic Flute) for it's last peformance, because the principal singer had to leave for another engagement. What date? Tell me so I can get tickets? He couldn't remember the exact date, but it was in the latter part of August, and didn't know if I could still get tickets. I said.. don't worry... I'll get tickets... I'll call and ask for the dates and make arrangements. He was pleased. I had him sign my program (he had a black-tipped sharpie)... and I also had him sign my CD... (the CD was black, so beforehand, I had bought a silver ink-tipped Sharpie to get the job done. The package had two). He signed my CD... I took CD and the pen he had used, and immediately handed him the other- unused-Sharpie... and said... this is for you... without any hesitation, he took it and thanked me. I extended my hand for a handshakes. {{sigh}} His hand was so soft and warm... so warm... but, his handshake was firm. I said something like ... you have a glorious voice and I know you're going to have a wonderful career. He thanked me and we said goodbye. I will never forget that. I was on cloud nine for five months. Later on what happens in September.

Okay, it's still April and I have to wait until August to hear him sing again. Oh... yes, I got tickets for Magic Flute on the day that he would be singing. I got excellent seats... wasn't center but second row aisle. Again, my niece didn't want to pay the price for those seats .. so I comp'd the difference. Plus, she's not a Mozart fan, more reason why she didn't want to pay $200/seat. lol. (As it turned out my niece didn't attend again, because she really doesn't like Mozart's work, so her 11-year-old daughter attended with me for her first opera. I prepared her with the story and music before we went and we also attended the pre-show "class" that's offered to attendees for explanation and questions are answered regarding the opera. Paris and I had a grand time; she was great and totally understood and enjoyed it. But, I'm getting ahead of myself with this information).

At that time I was on Twitter... and found out that Alex Shader communicated with his fans on Twitter. Plus... I discovered that he was quite fluent in Spanish. Of course he would know different languages because operas are sung in a variety of languages. So, lots of his text were in Spanish, which I also know. (His then girlfriend, now his wife, is a contraltro from Argentina... usually based in San Francisco, where she sings).

At this time, I had been knitting socks for almost a year, and I was hankering to knit a pair of men's socks in an awesome pattern that I had found. I took my life in my hand and tweeted him in Spanish ... telling him that I was a fan and asked if he would accept a pair of hand-knitted socks from me... all this in Spanish. He responded, and said of course... thank you... (in Spanish).

So now I had to get specifics. He doesn't know who I am and I didn't think he'd remember me from the short conversation we had at the reception... so, I never went further with ids. I tweeted him... asking, in Spanish, for his shoe size... explaining that his shoe size would indicate what size I should make his socks. And, that I would have the socks delivered to his dressing room when he's in Santa Fe in August. He responded and asked... are you serious? size 12-1/2... (in Spanish). I responded... in English... yes, I'm serious. Expect to get them in SF in August. That was that.

I was tweeting in Spanish, because I didn't want the entire Tweet world to know what was being said (with the exception of those that know Spanish), and embarrass him.

I chose a wonderful yarn from a a German company in olive tones... great pattern, everyone that saw them liked them very much. During the time, I was knitting the Jawoll Silk yarn, I came across some wonderful 100% cashmere sock yarn at a great price... I bought it and made a second pair, in ribbed pattern... super easy and fast to knit.

So, come the date for Albert Herring... I had these awesome looking socks. I packaged them with a note saying something like I couldn't make up my mind which yarn to use.. so I did them both... This time I did sign my real name and added my email address which was also my Twitter account name.

The next morning... late morning... I got on the computer to check my mail and there was not only an entry on Twitter... but, a photo of him in one of the pair of socks... the Cashmere ones.. the photo only shows his bare legs, from his calves down, and his feet in the socks.... the caption is: My first time as a sock model, and the message to me was: Me gustan los calcitines. Muchas, muchas gracias, translation: I like the sock. Thank you very much.

My niece and I screamed... not because he has responded... but because the of the photo that showed his hairy legs!! Let me see if I can download it for you. I hoped I downloaded it correctly.

I know this is a lot to read. I'll finish the story as fast as I can.

In September, when my daughter and I went to the Bowl to hear him sing in Candide... he fell off the pedestal. I don't know what happened ... maybe he had a fight with his girlfriend... or he was constipated, because his voice was not as I had remembered. It was almost as if he was holding his voice back... he never soared as he can... and he was not acting as he should have in the role of Candide. Candide is a goofy-sort of guy... with lots of problem on his plate as he's trying to win the love of his life. And, he was dressed totally wrong for the part... he looked "polished"... in a white dinner jacket. Maybe I was comparing this production to the one I had seen in New York... but, it was horrible. He was horrible... I said to my daughter that if I were his mother, I'd be ashamed of him (both his parents were opera singers too. His mom was his first voice coach). Good grief... what a disappointment.

But the feeling of a "crush" was fun, while it lasted.

I attached a few photos, I hope they go through. These were taken at least three years ago. The girl in the photo became his girlfriend... Daniella Mack, now, his wife. They met while performing Cinderella. I wish them both fabulous careers and a long and happy marriage. If I ever hear that they are expecting a baby or have had one... I'm gonna barge in again... and see if they will accept baby knitted items. :P

PS: When I was still in Ga-Ga Land over him... I would call Daniella, his fat girlfriend. My daughter said to me... "she's not fat. She normal." LOL She truly is a beauty, but does have a tendency to gain weight... like most of us "normal" women.

Jun 9, 2012 15:16:30   #
Jun 9, 2012 15:18:45   #
Nanxy (a regular here)
Yeah, you are right, not harm in looking. Very nice view.
Jun 9, 2012 15:23:39   #
red911pj wrote:
Oh my heavens! lol The only way you could ever throw that one out of your bed is if you heard he was better on the floor! lol Has anyone ever ordered from that site? I have never worked with alpaca yarn,we don't have that available around here but it looks luxurious!

LOL.... better on the floor!! I love it.
Jun 9, 2012 15:26:41   #
AverilC wrote:
Did you notice that hand washing was recommended and should be dried flat!

LOL... we can do that, huh? In a heart's beat, YEAH!
Jun 9, 2012 15:59:17   #
My doctor could be George Clooney's twin. In fact, while he was vacationing in Mexico, he had people come up and ask for his autograph. He obliged and signed George Clooney. I asked why he did that. He replied that they were older women and it made their day...LOL
Jun 9, 2012 16:05:06   #
Marilyn803 wrote:
My doctor could be George Clooney's twin. In fact, while he was vacationing in Mexico, he had people come up and ask for his autograph. He obliged and signed George Clooney. I asked why he did that. He replied that they were older women and it made their day...LOL

Love it!

Gosh... your doctor looks like George Clooney... Whew! I would have high blood pressure readings every time I'd have a doctor's visit.
Jun 9, 2012 16:07:35   #
Stablebummom wrote:
camplaffalot wrote:
I was just remembering some gag gifts I knit for male friends years ago: Peter Heaters. They are essentially a mitten (sort of a large thumb only) for know. I sure would like to knit one for alpaca, of course.

I apologize, but it's so much fun to be naughty sometimes.

Sorry, I have to be Naughty....But would we get to custom fit this article? :thumbup: :lol:

You gals are wonderful!
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