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Crochet BELT with fringe
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Jul 2, 2012 19:50:35   #
Dear Friends,

I just finished my work on this Crochet BELT with fringe.

Thank you sooo much for the idea to use my design of Horse Fly Fringe for a BELT.
I will write it as my next English written pattern include many detailed photos as you are used to see in all of my patterns.

I think about next new designs for BELTS...

Love Lidka

Jul 2, 2012 21:54:37   #
Oh, I love it! I think this should be very popular and especially for teens and college aged kids.
Jul 2, 2012 23:42:40   #
RookieRetiree (a regular here)
We used to make macrame belts, but they weren't nearly as pretty as this one. Nice work.
Jul 2, 2012 23:45:43   #
Oh my, I just adore your beautiful belt!!!! Terrific design, pattern and crochet work!!! I am looking forward to when you have the pattern available!!!
Jul 3, 2012 00:15:32   #
very nice and such quick work!!! you are sure fast!! and make such pretty things. wtg!!
Jul 3, 2012 00:24:34   #
Lidka - all of your creations are so beautiful!
I just purchased a couple of her patterns and highly recommend them. Each of the patterns were illustrated from beginning to end with close-up, clear photographs of each step. Her directions are well written and her prices very reasonable. If you're looking for a new project, take a peek at her offerings.
Jul 3, 2012 03:53:35   #
Oh Linka - this reminds me of my youth back in the sixty's it is wonderful.
Jul 3, 2012 05:04:54   #
tpmcgoo2 wrote:
very nice and such quick work!!! you are sure fast!! and make such pretty things. wtg!!

Thank you all for all your support !

I have to be quick, because it is still long way for our family to stabilize our payments with NO sanctions.
We can work in much quitet thanks you all and especialy thanks Mummy Jan (Superjan in KP), who helped us SOOO MUCH and stabilized our HOME...

Blanka helps me with Eliska when I write patterns...
Blanka helps me with Eliska when I write patterns....
Jul 3, 2012 06:32:47   #
Oh wow!!! That is just gorgeous Lidka!!!

And ladies.... I have just checked this pattern for Lidka, as I have with all her patterns, and our girl has written this one all by herself with NO EDITING NEEDED FROM ME!!!!!!!

Congratulations Miss Lidka....Well done!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

So the pattern is ready for sale right NOW!!!!
Jul 3, 2012 07:17:17   #
Aaah, I KNEW that would work well for a belt. Can't wait now for the pattern to be available so I can make some for Christmas presents.
Jul 3, 2012 08:18:55   #
Very pretty!
Jul 3, 2012 08:59:24   #
My PATTERN for this crochet belt IS AVAILABLE FROM NOW !!!
;-) :oops: ;-)
Jul 3, 2012 10:20:48   #
I am on my way to buy your belt pattern. My daughter will love it.
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