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Exercise after long illness
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Jul 7, 2012 09:44:27   #
Anyone else trying to get back into exercise after a period of long illness?

Not managed to properly exercise for 18 months due to slipped disc, then toe surgery, then diagnosed with aura migraines, and last but not least my cartilage operation on my right knee cap.

Bought a new bike about 2 month before my cartilage went after a fall.

Just been out for a 4 mile ride 3 weeks after the operation as suggested by the surgeon. Did not seem really worthwhile getting the bike out of the shed. But I am not a patient person so itching to get there. Not good I know.

Went back to the gym this week for a new assessment. So hoping to get back there soon, instead of feeling frustrated.
Jul 7, 2012 11:05:15   #
KP, powered by a used stationary bike, would be a good start for me...:)
Jul 7, 2012 11:29:35   #
inishowen (a regular here)
Take it slowly. I remember the first time I went out, three weeks after a hysterectomy. I was so weak I could hardly make it back to the car.
Jul 8, 2012 07:24:15   #
Yes, take it easy! I had a heart problem, back in February and I am now in rehab 3 days a week. I have a heart monitor on and feel secure the whole time. We grow slowly, if you have few years on you like I do (67) I love the way I feel at the end of my hour and a half. I met a lady that can barely move last Friday... she needs lots of encouragement to keep going. I have taken that on as my special assignment.
Jul 8, 2012 07:57:08   #
Lukelucy (a regular here)
Do it slowly. Don't over do.
Jul 8, 2012 08:45:14   #
I started off only doing 1.5 miles (round the block many times) and have built up to 3.5 miles today. Chemo has left me without stamina or strength but I am working on it daily, weather permitting.
Jul 8, 2012 09:37:19   #
Swimming was my way back. They started me in water therapy after 2nd back surgery. Walking in the water at first, then adding exercises, now I can do two hours of laps. It is not in correct form as Icannot turn my head after neck fusion. Try a pool if you an.
Jul 8, 2012 09:41:43   #
Sewbee42 has a good point. Start with water therapy.....

My personal motto is "listen to your body"....if there is pain, there's a signal that you are doing too much. Relax and let the body heal.....don't overdue it. Listen to your body, it talks to you....."listen!'
Jul 8, 2012 09:44:04   #
nitnurse (a regular here)

Would swimming be a good exercise for you as it supports your body weight and might be kinder to your joints? Just a thought.
Jul 8, 2012 10:28:47   #
Get in the pool ! I saw several posts of that nature as I read on - I'm a water fitness instructor and it's the best place to recover! Cardio, resistance and flexibility all at the same time, with no impact on your joints. Not to mention, and this is research I found online, a calorie burn, in an hour's class, depending upon your intensity level, of course, of between 600 - 900 calories ! WOW Many places now offer therapy pool classes for arthritics, etc. If you have someplace nearby, it'd be worth lookiing into! Good luck with your recovery !
Jul 8, 2012 10:30:04   #
there's also water aerobics, deep or shallow
Jul 8, 2012 10:35:18   #
Hi Jeanr3 - that's what I was referring to - there are shallow classes, deep classes, as well as more specialized classes geared toward therapy. Are you a water fitness fan?
Jul 8, 2012 10:37:42   #
i love deep water. Discovered it after I injured my knee. Am now recovering from a bunionectomy and can't wait to get back in. Trying to find wide inexpensive water shoes so I can go in the water sooner rather than later
Jul 8, 2012 10:43:17   #
OUCH. Hmm. Wish I knew a source for wide water shoes. Did you google it? I'm sure many women have this problem! I'll check too with my "mermaids" LOL. How did your bunionectomy go? I'm developing bunions myself - curse those stilettos when I was younger - and I know that's the only real cure, but supposed to be difficult, painful surgery - mind sharing your experience? Quick recovery to you so you can get back in the water!
Jul 8, 2012 10:47:01   #
As they say, one step at a time. My daughter is just getting over, (hopefully), ME. She's been ill now for 2 years next August and it's been a long hard struggle for her. She's come home from Sydney where she was living on her own and 'friends' who were not supportive. She's now started looking for work again, has done some voluntary work to help her with keeping to set hours and she's started playing tennis and going for long walks again. It is a struggle to get going again, but it will happen for you. Take care of yourself, eat well, rest well and the exercising etc will come.
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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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