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pom pom pram blanket knitting pattern
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Jul 9, 2012 08:35:37   #
good morning all from scotland

i bought LARA LAMB FUZZY FLUFF pom pom wool and i wonder if anyone has a pattern or can tell me the amount of stitches and rows for a pram blanket ( i think only 1 st can be knit inbetween pom poms )

thanks Linda
Jul 9, 2012 08:38:54   #
There's a pattern here if it's any use:
Jul 10, 2012 13:06:31   #
what a cute pattern, I have no babies on the way but I just might have to do this one anyways. christine
Jul 10, 2012 13:38:52   #
thanks for the replies i went to yarn) for how to cast on the one stitch one wool and i did start but aaaaaggghh there was a knot so i opened it out and have now decided to cast on 26/28 sts as i think that will be big enough for a pram blanket
oops i bought another ball in a different colour today now i will have 1 pink and 1 blue cover
Apr 7, 2017 18:43:53   #
Just asking how many balls of wool to make pom pom blanket.melinda
Apr 7, 2017 19:10:31   #
Ok il pm you x
Pattern Requests
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