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Jul 8, 2018 13:19:40   #
Ngriff, l insert a lifeline separately with a needle and crochet thread. Easier for me.
Jul 7, 2018 21:08:23   #
Denise Knitting has it's own version of the Addi flexiflips. Check them out, and they're less expensive.
Jul 7, 2018 21:06:41   #
If you crochet, learn to knit continental style because you'll be "picking" up the yarn with the right needle while the yarn is held in your left hand as it is for crocheting.
Jul 7, 2018 00:54:28   #
Many ask which interchangeable is best. We all have our own preferences, but while searching for information I came across the following site:, best interchangeable knitting needles. The discussion was very insightful, explaining the pros and cons of a number of IC. Unfortunately not all ICs were included but we can relate to what is being discussed and how our needles compare. For those who are new to ICs, just remember not all needles play nicely with all yarns which is why we have so many different types of needles. This is really just another excuse to purchased more needles when we buy a new yarn.

Happy reading, happy knitting and happy purchasing more needles.
Jul 6, 2018 16:15:51   #
Glenlady you are so right, Brae burn apples.
Jul 6, 2018 16:05:49   #
Check Indian Lake Artisans hexagonal needles. Needles are 4", can be made longer. Needles wonderful to work with; lace tips, swivel cables. I have fixed set, plan to get IC in longer length.
Jul 6, 2018 13:23:42   #
It's a type of zester as you can see the "sharp" bevel near the tip.
Jul 6, 2018 13:22:35   #
It's a type of zester as you can see the "sharp" bevel near the tip.
Jul 5, 2018 18:32:27   #
If the sweater has button and button holes, these are "usually" reversed compared to what we do in the US.
Jul 5, 2018 16:38:53   #
Styrofoam balls from craft stores. Come in various sizes. But l never block hats.
Jul 5, 2018 13:16:24   #
What patterns will you be using? The Granny version of casting on 3 stitches and increasing, then decreasing or casting on x number of stitches and knitting or are you crocheting the squares? It's the pattern that will determine the size of your dishcloth. My daughter made a lovely 7.5" square dishcloth, "seeded stripe dishcloth" she found on " With the textures it works very well. I also made this cloth but reversed the pattern.
Jul 5, 2018 13:07:54   #
Check Amazon and Leisure Arts for this leaflet
Jul 5, 2018 13:04:18   #
Lizzie91001 and others when dealing with Amazon, make sure of the warranty from third party sellers if something should go wrong and a needle should break and need to be replaced.
Jul 5, 2018 11:06:22   #
You can convert your Boye needle master interchangeables with ChiaoGoo small needle adaptors and red twist cables. I have done this and others also. Contact for help
Jul 4, 2018 22:18:09   #
Deercreek, my daughter is also a K teacher. If you can't find a shawl you like, try a shoulder cozy. Churchmouse has a pay pattern on Ravelry, but you can find free ones similar.
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