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Jun 15, 2011 01:18:47   #
CathyAnn wrote:
Today I had to add another skein to the baby afghan I'm currently knitting out of Red Heart Baby Cloud. I used the Russian technique. It worked perfectly! I am so impressed!!! :thumbup:

Good. It's one of the best joins I have ever used and now the only one, even on 2 ply yarns.

Keep up the good work.


Jun 14, 2011 20:56:59   #
DJTK wrote:
By George ! It is the same pattern as the one I had knitted . But I notice that the edge of your scarf is a little bit stretchy . In all my knittings I never knit my first stitch but slip it instead knit wise . .. So the edge of my scarf is different to yours . Happy knitting everyone ! Cheers from ozland ..

If you slip the first stitch purlwise and wrap the yarn around the back to continue knitting the edge will look crocheted.

Happy knitting. Becca
Jun 14, 2011 15:18:46   #
Ve'el wrote:
I say a listing of knit stitches last night but can't find it today after searching. Can anyone give me directions?

A stitch dictionary will help...Vogue Knitting has a number of "stitchionaries". Check out the site: The perpetual stitch calendar=365 knitting stitches a year will keep you busy for a little while.

These are just some of the ways to find different stitches.
Hope this helps. And don't forget the library.

Happy knitting. Becca

Jun 14, 2011 15:11:42   #
jhandley wrote:
I love making scarves but would like any suggestions of cool patterns anyone has made....all I've done is regular knitting, single seed stitch and double seed stitch....would like to try something more challenging! Suggestions?

Go to your local library and check the knitting books on scarves. Vogue Knitting has some beautiful patterns. There are diagonal designs, lacy designs; lots of designs can be found on and at The gals on this forum will give you plenty of suggestions about patterns.

Happy knitting. Becca

Jun 14, 2011 12:51:40   #
linkan wrote:
The ladies at my sewing circle told me a funny little old wives tale ... Put a bar of soap under your mattress and it takes away the back ache LOL :) i have yet to try such a thing !

It's supposed to work according to all those who write into The Peoples' Pharmacy which I read in my local paper on Sundays. I just went out and bought a new more back ache.

Happy sleeping. Becca
Jun 13, 2011 20:03:48   #
maryrose wrote:
Joanie 5 wrote:
Bamboo is my favorite also. I wish that all of my needles were bamboo, wishful thinking.

hi, do bamboo knitting needles break easily or are they made pretty good. i'd like to know before i buy myself a pair.

Bamboo circular needles do not break easily, are wonderful to use, do take some maintenance (need to be polished with bees wax then buffed with a diaper or undershirt) and can be taken on planes. Now, there are many brands of bamboo circular needles so purchase quality...Addi Natura, KA, Crystal Palace are the better bamboo brands, KnitPicks Harmony is wood and many of the gals on this forum love them. I do not use Clover bamboo circulars because I do not like how they feel and work. Quality counts and makes knitting easier. I hope this answered your question.

Now go to your local yarn shops and test drive the different bamboo needles available.

Happy knitting. Becca
Jun 13, 2011 13:53:24   #
softspots wrote:
Now that we know how to measure our circular there an EZ way to mark their size??? I tries finger polish.. Yarn caught on it AND it pealed off.

Yes! It's called "Circular needle ID Tags" and they slip over the cable to let you know what size needles you have. I have already worn off the sizing on many of my bamboo needs. I am always using a needle/stitch gauge to measure. Circular needle ID tags can be found on-line at for $10.95 + $2.00 shipping. Check with your local yarn shop to see if they carry this product. Now that you know the name, I'm sure you can find this product someplace local.

Happy knitting. :-D Becca
Jun 13, 2011 12:10:59   #
yarn junky wrote:
Do any of you knitter's loose your needle when knitting? I can be knitting away & all of a sudden the right needle falls out of my piece I am working on. Double pointed needles are worse. I am sure my stitches need to be tighter, but I can't seem to get them tight enough to stay on the needles, or they are so tight I can't knit them off. What do I do & how??

Are you using the same needles with different yarns? Different yarns work differently with different types of needles. I call this the "slide factor". That's why I prefer to use bamboo needles for most of my projects. The yarns slide well on the needles without falling off. Slippery yarns work well on bamboo/wood; wools and some acrylics work well on metals.

My 90 year old mother complained because it took her an hour to knit one row. She was using a rough acrylic with KA bamboo needles. I gave her my Addi Turbos and she whizzed through the rows in record time. She had never realized that different needles could make such a difference.

So, go to your local yarn shop and play with the needles. You'll have so much fun. Or do as I have done, sizes 4-8 in bamboo and metal by 4 different companies. And all have projects.

Happy knitting. Becca :-D
Jun 13, 2011 12:00:33   #
judys14 wrote:
I just bought the Knit Picks Harmony wooden interchangeable circular set, comes in sizes 4 through 11 with four cables and one cable case, for a very reasonable price. Started using them immediately and find them easy to connect and knit with. So far when I joined the cables nothing has loosen since I started over two weeks ago....maybe one day in the future when my arthrtis is better I'll try the addis.

Those who suffer from arthritis like, I have been told, the Bryspun/Bryson circular needles because this type of plastic warms in the hand making knitting easier. Others who suffer from arthritis like the Kollage square needles. I have not used these needles as I prefer the Addi Turbo, Addi Natura (bamboo), Crystal Palace bamboo and KA bamboo. Aluminum needles are cold, even on a warm day.

Happy knitting and when the knitting gets tough, go shopping.

Jun 13, 2011 01:58:03   #
martin keith wrote:
PITA wrote:
I have been knitting for over 40 years and have a collection of various knitting needles, enough you could stock a store shelf with. But have been eyeing a set of "Addi Click" needles for a long time. They are expensive, but I had heard many good comments about them. So after doing my research and looking for the best deal I could find, I finally ordered myself a set. I had to wait about 2 months to get them as the company has been retooling to make them even better. Long story short, they arrived in the mail yesterday (free shipping) and I cannot tell you what a great investment this is! I am so pleased with this set. It comes with 8 different cable lengths and a very nice case. I have already started a project on them. Just thought I would share.
I have been knitting for over 40 years and have a ... (show quote)

Could you tell me what color the cord is you use to connect the two needles together, and the name of who you purchased them from, fathers day is almost here and I would like a set, I do not mind the wait if I can get what I want.
quote=PITA I have been knitting for over 40 years... (show quote)

The cord is not a purple color, that is KnitPicks. The cord is not clear either. Check out the following site: for Addi Clicks. This company has 20 sets left at $169.95 with $2.00 (that's right) shipping. I just use the regular Addi circulars because I have too many projects going and all with the same size mm needles.

Happy shopping and while you are looking at Paradise Fibers, check out the KA bamboo needles. The also come as changeables and this brand of bamboo has swivel joins which means the cables don't twist when you knit. Crystal Palace bamboo circulars also swivel.

Enjoy. Becca
Jun 13, 2011 01:45:17   #
jenk57 wrote:
I am fairly new to knitting. I've been doing crochet for about a year and decided to branch out and learn to knit as well. I've been knitting for about 2 months now and it is EXTREMELY slow and laborious for me. I learned to knit using the English method, in which I throw the yarn. (The entire process of holding yarn in my RIGHT hand and throwing it around was awkward for me). I am beginning to wonder if the continental method would have been easier for me to pick up because I was used to holding the yarn in my left hand when I crocheted. I tend to have that, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," attitude. I fear that if I try continental at this point, I would only end up confusing myself and end up being able to do neither.

I am currently in the process of making a sleeveless sweater for summer (which, at this rate, I may finish by Labor Day). Perhaps when I complete that, I will try to learn the other method by making washcloths or something.

I do enjoy knitting, and it is relaxing for me. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. When I was only able to crochet, it seemed like there were so many beautiful patterns in knit format. It also seemed that people I knew who knit were always completing wonderful projects, so I thought it must be quicker than crochet. I am glad to know both formats, and am learning that both are a time consuming labor of love.
JessicaBlythe, br I am fairly new to knitting. I'v... (show quote)

You say you throw your yarn? Check out the following site: "flicking technique for knitting" which is a thrower's version of "picking". Very fast, but if you crochet you should have no difficulty with "picking". Just think of the needle in your right hand as a crochet hook and pick your way to success.

Happy knitting. Becca
Jun 12, 2011 14:20:14   #
kay2155 wrote:
Just like sylvia what are addi-clicks?????

They are the Addi Turbo circular interchangeable needles.

Happy knitting. Becca
Jun 12, 2011 14:19:08   #
sylviaelliott wrote:
Hi - forgive my ignorance. what are addi-clicks. is this an american thing? i have never heard of them.


Addi Clicks are the Addi Turbo interchangeable circular needles. I don't know if Addi has come out with the Lace clicks yet, which have a more pointed tip.

Happy knitting. Becca
Jun 12, 2011 14:12:47   #
mother hen wrote:
I have tried several ways to connect a new yarn (new color or new ball) but still come back to tying it on. I tried the spit and roll method, needle throught the core of second yarn but never like the results. I find the yarn is always double thick and then your next stitches are too. You can't destroy mass. What method do you all use?

I use the "Russian join" for all types of plied yarns and have had no difficulty with thickness. When done correctly, you can't see where the yarns have been joined. Google "Russian join" and watch all the videos. It's very interesting.

Happy joining. Becca :-D
Jun 12, 2011 14:08:10   #
jamie46 wrote:
Hello everybody - I've been looking at the pictures and reading every word for a few weeks now, and have learned so much. One question though - I knit very, very slowly. It takes me a month or more to knit a sweater, even if I spend several hours a day on it. Do you have any suggestions how I can speed it up? (PS: I've been knitting a long time, but couldn't produce anything as wonderful as the pictures of finished things I see here.)

If you can finish a sweater in a month, then you are a speed knitter. I have yet to complete 2 sweaters. One is 40 years old, the other 35 years old. I found them in the bottom of the closet.

Are you slow because you take your time? don't have enough time? or the needles and yarn don't work well together? The "slide factor" is very important with knitting speed. Different yarns work differently with different types of needles. Sometimes we must experiment with yarns and needles to see what works best. When these two factors work together, our speed picks up. My mother was using KA bamboo circulars to knit a sweater and getting nowhere. I gave her Addi Turbos and she couldn't believe how quickly she could knit a row. The slide factor.

Try out the suggestions above and I'm sure things will work out.

Happy knitting.

Becca :-D
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