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Posts for: Becca
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Nov 9, 2013 15:43:37   #
Palindrome reversible scarf, free pattern on Ravelry.
Nov 8, 2013 16:48:51   #
Wax hand treatments have been around for years...time for manicures with wax treatments. Do these treatments weekly and your hands will feel and look decades younger. Or as my doctor said, go to the thrift store, purchase an oval crockpot, then get canning wax and essential oils and make yourself a nice wax bath for your hands. After your hands have been coated in wax, put them in plastic bags to retain the heat even more. After treatment, just pull the bags and wax off together. A partner is needed here.
If waxing is out of the question, make brown rice pillows, heat the bags in the micro for 3 minutes then wrap around your hands.
Nov 8, 2013 16:32:21   #
Just because you can get 10% off from a store that has knitting needles does not make the purchase a good bet if the quality of the needles is poor. As we all say, test drive various types of circulars with different yarns because no one brand of needle works with all yarns. This is why we have so many different needles.

Addi Turbo has just come out with their "Rocket" circular needles which are nickel-plated lace tipped; less expensive than Signature Art needles. And the service is better with Addis than Signature.
Nov 8, 2013 16:10:57   #
Painthoss, the dealer in Bellingham, WA is Doug Dodd. His handmade pocket-wheels are beautiful and easy to use. My daughter had not been spinning in years, sat down at Madrona Fiber Festival in Tacoma, WA and was spinning lace weight in minutes. She didn't want to stop.
There is another manufacturer of very portable wheels but I cannot remember the name. Happy hunting.
Nov 7, 2013 13:52:29   #
First, do you understand T2R and T2L? These are twisted stitches going either to the right or to the left. To learn how to do these stitches, Google T2R & T2L, watch the videos, then practice. has wonderful tutorials explaining how to do these and other stitches.
Nov 7, 2013 13:35:28   #
Check out the so-called pocket spinning wheels which are very portable. There is a company in Bellingham, WA. that makes beautiful wheels.
Nov 7, 2013 13:09:13   #
How many of you are teachers weighing in on this topic? Teachers can only teach to the middle or LCD because they don't have the resources to reach the higher end of the spectrum, especially in cash strapped districts. I know. I was a teacher and academically my own kids blew the charts to bits. Extra curricular activities involving education, music, sports and language do more to help our children than complaining the teacher isn't teaching. But we must remember not to live our lives thru our children.
We as parents must advocate for our own children and not expect the teachers to do everything for them.
As examples of what teachers should not have to do: pick up a kid's coat and hang it up; tie a kid's shoe laces; button a kid's shirt; put a kid's lunch bag away; cut up a kid's lunch meat; and to top it off...wipe a kid's bottom because she/he didn't know how. I've seen it all.
Nov 7, 2013 12:50:10   #
Which ever needles you purchase, make sure they are the same brand and material. Metals, woods, and plastics will knit differently.
Nov 5, 2013 23:39:32   #
How do you pronounce Yvonne? This is what a woman named her child because she liked the spelling. However, she pronounced it "why-vone-eeeee" because she did not know how to pronounce this name correctly.
Nov 5, 2013 23:31:32   #
Check your local libraries for books on teaching kids to knit. There are many available, some better than others.
Nov 5, 2013 23:28:58   #
Try to check out books from booksellers, your local yarn shops or used book stores before purchasing. Then you can actually see if it is something you really want. The library is also a good place to peruse knitting books. If I see interesting books from Knitting Daily or Interweave Press I have our library system order the books. Saves a great amount of money.
Nov 5, 2013 23:20:15   #
Cascade 220 superwash wools.
Nov 4, 2013 15:16:14   #
Another version of doll hair is to use plied worsted weight yarn. Sew onto your doll, then with a very blunt darning needle separate the strands so each twist is undone. The more strands, the more "fluffy" the hair. Works like a charm. I do this for the Dammit Dolls I make.
Nov 4, 2013 00:16:21   #
Yes, a cowl is knit in the round. Though if you cannot knit this way, you can knit a cowl flat and sew it together. Ravelry has any number of free cowl patterns from which to choose.
Nov 3, 2013 16:53:31   #
Go to Ravelry and type in cowl patterns. There will be plenty from which to select. One of the easiest types of cowls is to cast on X number of stitches (200) on large circular (16" length) needles with thin yarn, knit 10 rows, purl 10 rows, repeat this and you will have a lovely scarf.
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