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Aug 17, 2017 01:16:30   #
Firstsoprano wrote:
Major disappointment for me tonight. I was to have a dental implant put in this evening but my blood pressure did its white coat thing and they wouldn't do the procedure because my BP was too high. Of course, it was normal by the time I got home. We have a plan and will try again tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will work. And here I was looking forward to sleeping in. GRRRRRRR

GRRRRRRRR indeed !!!!!

Can you speak to your plan for the morrow, or is it too private ??? This may be too simplistic for whatever cause you're experiencing, but I'm wondering if you've tried hypnosis or meditation to bring down your BP...
Aug 16, 2017 23:46:02   #
Designer1234 wrote:
Shirley here:
It seems that once again I am being mentioned because of my posts. I did not even see your post when I posted my message KroSha- I am very careful to avoid having that happen with any of my posts. I have absolutely no idea why my post was put under yours. I am now always putting my name at the top in order to cause less 'stress' to those who take offense.

I think it is a shame that we are all worrying about this so much. If anyone else worries about their post going into someone elses, I would suggest that you write your name (eg. Shirley here) so that the person whose post you entered can see that you are posting there.

I also think that our new system is not easy for anyone to figure out.

I have tried to find the answer as to why this is happening. It might still be that I am used to the old system but not likely as it only happens rarely. If this bothers people too much I will remove myself from the Kitting nook.

It is not a geriatric problem as I have been typing on KP for years. I still find that when I click on reply rather than quote reply there is sometimes a problem. My desk top is getting old and a new system has changed things even more. A part of it can't be used on my computer. I don't understand why and neither does my son who is well versed in computers.

I am not sure whether this has happened on the attic. I answer with my name and no one has seemed bothered if I did. I have been posting a lot today so I will go tomorrow morning and read back to see. My name at the top should make it clear which are my posts.

I would suggest that Nan or anyone else who is having the same problem just don't worry it. Life is too short to get ourselves up tight about a mistake or an incorrect post.

Patty I am not at all sure it has anything to do with me being a manager. If it appears that it is only here, and it is because I 'pushed the wrong button as was stated by KroSha, then I will retire from being a manager. I don't know what button I am supposedly pushing. Once again I am sorry this is happening but personally it wouldn't be the end of the world if it happened on my post. As I have used this forum and posted automatically for thousands of posts I haven't worried about it or rechecked my posts over and over. I will try to do better - however I am not going to lose sleep over it.
Shirley here: br It seems that once again I am bei... (show quote)

Shirley, I don't think you need to characterize this as anyone being worried about it - - I'm not - - but
when it happened to me the last time, I thought I understood you to say that it was related to your manager status - - that it gave you the ability to insert words in someone else's post (something you did frequently to keep the workshops posts "cleaned up") - - and then I read elsewhere your post that you thought it had something to do with your old computer (you we're going to have a family member check something out, maybe Kelly, from memory ???), and then thinking that the manager option/"button" wasn't functioning properly, so I took both pieces of information for what they were.

If you recall, you wrote me several times about helping you and others with the technology of the new system, and I tried to aid where I could. Because of our conversations, as I told you, I even signed up on Ugly Hedgehog because the new system was implemented there earlier than here on KP, and I wanted to get an advance trial.
You surely don't expect me to become suddenly less technological ???

That I could see the cause this time (although you and I both don't seem to know why), I merely posted to clarify what happened because poor "Knitted by Nan" was referring to herself as an old lady goat, or some such, and I didn't think it was fair to leave her thinking that she had done anything wrong.

Technologically, I'm not sure that you need to conclude that your desktop is old, that you need to leave The Nook, or resign from being a WPF manager. I don't believe these postings change retroactively when you're not looking - - it seems to me that the most simple solution would be to examine your posts immediately after making them to assure yourself that they look like what you wanted them to look like... other members, you have the ability to edit, and as a manager, you have the further ability to embed within someone else's post, but also the option to remove anything that isn't where you wanted it to be. If you would review and repair your posts within the edit window time frame, you may be able to notice how the problem occurs, at which time you can notify admin about a glitch, which it certainly must be.

You know that I'm interested in the technology and I want the KP system to work really well, so if there's any way I can help you in this effort, please just let me know.
Aug 16, 2017 20:40:52   #
BrattyPatty wrote:

That and other small things, that shouldn't hurt so much, literally take my breath away...

It's kinda like the fibro pain is there all the time and you tolerate it, but just add one more thing and it's like a volcano exploding.
Aug 16, 2017 20:09:29   #
BrattyPatty wrote:
Actually the procedure itself was easy. I was given Reclast intravenously. They said there could be pain for a few days after receiving it. They weren't lying. Having fibromyalgia doesn't help. I am sore, but had no other side effects. I will have to do this once a year.

So sorry about the pain - - when you have the regular pain of something like fibro, even a little added thingy can intensify everything else and really set you off...

When my Sunnie girl used to get excited and wag her whip-like tail, if she accidentally hit me in the calf, it felt like someone was carving up my leg.
Aug 16, 2017 15:07:38   #
CaroleD53 wrote:
Yes. That's twice in the last two or three weeks.

Is it still AnitaN that you mean ???
Aug 16, 2017 14:58:07   #
CaroleD53 wrote:
And another tonight! Just the usual questions.

May I ask what that means ???

Did the member lady in question contact you by PM ???
Aug 16, 2017 14:06:22   #
BrattyPatty wrote:
Argh! I was going to start my Lacy Lady shawl today and found that I don't have the right sized needles. My size 5 circs only go up to 30-32 inch. I need 36. I wonder if I can sweet talk hubby into stopping and picking a pair up for me. Until then, I will knit more dishcloths for Katie.

You haven't told how your infusion went - - and if you were able to knit ???
Aug 16, 2017 09:17:39   #
K2P2 knitter wrote:
I agree he was very rude to the press. At one point call one reporter "fake news".

ETA:. He also said he received a very nice text from Heather's mother. The text he received from her mother was to thank him for standing up against the white nationalist, white supremacists, and the neo-nazi's. She must feel terrible now that he has reversed what he said.

He probably doesn't think or believe that he has backtracked - - effectively changed his position.

This is what happens when there is a mixture of narcissism, egotistical, arrogant and crazy...
Aug 16, 2017 09:10:39   #
Komitt wrote:
She is about right for her age. My daughter only has small feet. Doesn't really matter about her size though. She will be loved no matter what.

Ahhh, the perspective is that your daughter is ALSO small.

Komitt, I noticed that you haven't used Quote Reply - - do you know about it ???

KP HINT: Responses often don't end up directly beneath the post which is being answered, so it really helps to quote the post being referenced.

METHOD: When answering or commenting on any particular post, INSTEAD of just using the "Quick reply" box at the bottom of each page, click on "Quote Reply" at the bottom of THAT post.

RESULT: An input box opens that automatically contains the quote being referenced. Please only input new text either above OR below the Quote box, as entering it WITHIN the Quote box makes it appear that the quoted user wrote YOUR text.
Aug 15, 2017 23:01:17   #
Janpeonys wrote:
Looks like an old English sheepdog. Big at 8 weeks. Darling. Don't let the innocent loom for you. She will be into stuff in short order. Lol.

Ahhh...I didn't notice the perspective in the first photo - - she IS big at 8 weeks...
Aug 15, 2017 22:59:03   #
Knitted by Nan wrote:
I watched most of the video but I switched off and could not watch it all the way through. I thought it was just bully boy tactics on his part.

You mean like this:

" 'Scuse me..." (more like interrupting)
"I'm talking..." (shouting over others)
"Let me finish..." (then he doesn't)

Blah blah blah - - no manners !!!
Aug 15, 2017 22:22:08   #
SQM wrote:
and his contempt for McCain??????????? Low

That was a deplorable slam against McCain, the implication of which being that McCain stopped citizens from having good health care...

...when it was exactly the opposite: McCain was just one of the brave ones who prevented the "t" administration from perpetrating a healthcare disaster upon Americans.
Aug 15, 2017 22:17:15   #
BrattyPatty wrote:
I wish I had some of those 'air sick' bags that they provide on planes. I could use one every time he speaks!
He literally defended the Nazis today.

He is just BEYOND intolerable...

I don't know whether it's true or not, but I heard a newscaster say yesterday that "t" is the only prez whose father was arrested at a KKK meeting !!!

There are lots of barph bags available - - here are just a few for you:

Aug 15, 2017 22:09:12   #
Knitted by Nan wrote:
I am so sorry, I clicked and typed the comments and attributed them to the incorrect poster. I am getting past it these days. Blame it on the iPad. My post was meant to be in response to Shirley's post. I am standing in the corner saying "I am a stupid old woman".
Knitted by Nan wrote:
ETA: I just found out how I did it and nearly did it again. I scrolled back to post on Shirley's post, saw the scarf and shawl in your post, clicked and started to post when I saw your name. It was the 'quote reply' part of your post that I was seeing, not Shirley's post. I told you I was a stupid old goat.

Nan, GOOD NEWS: It would appear (in spite of your own harsh self-analysis) that you are neither stupid, an old woman or an old goat.

I also didn't understand what had happened, so in going back to figure it out, it seems that Ms Shirley's "manager button" somehow failed once again: for some reason, even though her post was totally unrelated, it got attached to mine.... when you meant to be quoting her and her shawl photos, the KP system worked properly by quoting the entire entry, which of course started with my post.

Take it easy on yourself - - you didn't do anything wrong !!!
Aug 15, 2017 21:28:40   #
SQM wrote:
It is deplorable to listen to what trump said today. So low.

Post-Charlottesville - - prez "t" Press Conference - - Disgusting

Video "In His Own Words":
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