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Dec 16, 2017 22:02:28   #
DGreen wrote:
The only ailments the FBI has are Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump.

Oyyy, isn't THAT the truth !!!
Dec 16, 2017 19:55:05   #
Their bodies are longer than 4.5 cm (1.8 in), with a wingspan greater than 6 cm (2.4 in) - - AND THE QUEEN IS BIGGER...

Watch "What This Man Discovered Outside His House Seems Impossible - - But Unfortunately, It's Real" on YouTube (1:51)

The Japanese Giant Hornet (a subspecies of the Asian Giant Hornet)...

And the slightly larger Asian Giant Hornet:
The Japanese Giant Hornet

Dec 16, 2017 19:06:35   #
MarilynKnits wrote:
Watching the republicans quiz Rosenstein was like watching a bad episode of Stupids Я Us. If the people who commented are truly representative of their constituency it is frightening that there are so many ill informed and unthinking people allowed to vote and to breed.

You might be onto something Marilyn - - that's probably why a statistically higher number of college educated white voters in Alabama, particularly the wimmin, voted for Jones...
Dec 16, 2017 17:44:04   #
This is a duplication of a post by DGreen on the topic: "Doug Jones WON" (where I am blocked from posting)...

Jones has been working for the last YEAR to establish a relationship with his constituents. That's where real grassroots work pays off.

Nice that MoveOn, Indivisible, KOS and others swooped in at the last minute and can take credit for helping but the fact is, the majority of voters had already made up their minds at least a month before the election.

That is why I am working so hard to recruit Precinct Committeemen whose job it is to contact the voters in their precinct and get to know them, their concerns and their views. That's why I hosted a House Party for two of my district candidates last week - so people can meet the candidates face-to-face, sign their nominating petitions and give them money. Before you can pass out flyers, someone has to pay for those flyers, and if you want a candidate who understands YOU, he/she probably can't afford to pay all the expenses that it takes to get name recognition and mount a viable campaign.

Put your shoes on now. Volunteer to be a PC. Give as much as you can afford to your candidates or to the State party.

Preaching, I know, but we can't wait for next fall to act. The republicans are going to throw everything they have into keeping their seats and they will have lots of dirty money to spread around. All we have is boots on the ground so we need all the volunteers we can muster.

GO, D !!! And KEEP preaching, because you're absolutely right (Red) to be LEFT (Blue) !!!!!

Dec 16, 2017 16:10:16   #
KroSha wrote:
Here SQ, those are on Ravelry:

all-in-one baby top
by marianna mel

An adult size yoke smock sounded like such a comfy idea, and in looking for one, I found this:

Patons Cardigan with Cabled Yoke
from yarnspirations

The pattern comes in all sizes, and I'm sure that it would be simple to eliminate the cables on the yoke if they're not preferred, & the stitch pattern on the lower body could be easily changed.

Dec 16, 2017 14:04:25   #
SQM wrote:
Yes those!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. I always wanted one.

Here SQ, those are on Ravelry:

all-in-one baby top
by marianna mel

KP member "Diane D" from Cape Town, South Africa, has made a slew of these, with many pretty alterations to the stitch patterns. Perhaps you might view some of her pictures or PM her. Maybe she posts some of her many little tops to the Ravelry projects ??? She knits prolifecally for charity and has always been helpful.


Dec 16, 2017 02:30:32   #
berigora wrote:
Another favourite - "Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks:

Two more well-known issues by The Kinks are: A Well Respected Man...

Watch "The Kinks - A Well Respected Man" on YouTube (2:23)

...and...You Really Got Me...

Watch "The Kinks - You Really Got Me (Official Audio)" on YouTube (2:15)
A Well Respected Man

Dec 15, 2017 23:21:32   #
MarilynKnits wrote:
My DD has rheumatoid and cut all, and I do mean all, nightshades from her diet. No potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, or peppers, nothing with solanines. She can use regular black pepper because it is a different plant. This is on the advice of a nutritionist working with her rheumatologist. She reads labels and calls food manufacturers to make sure the starches are not potato starch and the flavors do not include tomatoes or bell peppers.

Much as she loves spicy food, she can't use poblanos, habañeros, or chiles of any kind. She uses turmeric, cumin, garlic and herbs a lot. Mixes her own curry powder, that sort of thing. She uses Japanese sweet potatoes which have white flesh and are in the yam, not the regular potato family.

She had a business card made up explaining her food sensitivity for when she eats in a restaurant. Her precautions seem to be working and keeping the arthritis at bay.
My DD has rheumatoid and cut all, and I do mean al... (show quote)

The business card is a terrific idea - - I've read where you've mentioned it before, but forgot to comment and then lost track of the post.
Dec 15, 2017 23:16:55   #
DGreen wrote:
I don't like natural peanut butter because it separates and has to either be stirred or kept in the refrigerator where it gets impossible to spread. So I don't know if it would work.

I do know that cookies will come out differently if one uses shortening rather than butter, and margarine rather than either shortening or butter. It has to do with the melting temperatures of the different fats. I use butter and they are wonderful, with a smooth texture.

I do not mind your reproducing my post - I didn't have time to type it out when I posted so you have performed a great service to others.
I don't like natural peanut butter because it sepa... (show quote)

I would be tempted to try it with a natural peanut butter, but just as with your shortening vs. butter observation, that may change the texture - - so, to be determined...

Today, there actually are some natural no-stir peanut butters, which are stabilized usually with a naturally saturated oil such as palm kernel, and often contains dehydrated cane juice instead of sugar, and in a lesser amount - - if the natural PB doesn't work out as I would like, I would try one of the natural no-stirs.

When a recipe calls for peanut butter, it should specify which kind, but it generally doesn't, so I usually "assume" that it means NOT the natural one that separates - - like you are thinking...

ps - - organic peanuts are much better for folks than not. Peanuts are an alternate year crop, and cotton is often grown in the off year. DDT is not allowed on food crops in the US, but cotton is not a food crop, not even considering that they use the cotton seeds to make cottonseed oil - - so DDT can be routinely sprayed on cotton. The DDT is still in the soil when peanuts are grown and since DDT resides in fat, there is residual uptake into the peanuts.
Dec 15, 2017 23:03:29   #
berigora wrote:
One of DH's favourites. To this day I can't remember the names of the tunes but can sing along with all of them. We "oldies" definitely knew the best bands

I would say that 1955 to 1990 was definitely "our" age of glorious music.

About musical innovation, George Harrison said, "You change the music or the music changes without you."

I was doing really well, appreciating so many forms of music, including classical, musicals, instrumentals, country rock, soft rock, some electronics (folks such as Harrison himself and Jean Michel Jarre) etc etc - - but I'm so sorry to say that rap changed without me...
Dec 15, 2017 22:56:40   #
BrattyPatty wrote:
It's nice to see some light shining through!

Indeed - - & I resonate with the interpretation !!!
Dec 15, 2017 22:26:45   #
no1girl wrote:
don't bother thanks..........I have well over a thousand CDs.many of which I have never yet played!

I recall that you've mentioned that before - - how fabulous is that !!! I bought a wonderful digital machine so that I could ould put my LPs on CD or computer - - just before I started moving. We both have lots to accomplish !!! Sounds like a bit of work...YIKES !!!!!
Dec 15, 2017 22:21:13   #
Cathy B wrote:
I'm registered independent. I wanted to remain neutral, with the freedom to vote for the people who I feel are best suited to the job. In past elections I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats based on my research of the candidates. In the last local election I voted a straight Democratic ticket. It appears that most Republicans are showing themselves as nothing more than self serving sacks of sh!t that only care about promoting the party agenda and that of their corporate campaign contributors. They care nothing about the people or communities they serve. In the future I will need to think very long and hard before I ever vote for a Republican, because even those who appear to think independent of the party, and in the best interest of their constituents, in the end succumb to the peer pressure to vote party line. They are screwing us all in the ars.
I'm registered independent. I wanted to remain ne... (show quote)

Exactly so...

Dec 15, 2017 21:55:56   #

“This is the purge, right?” Smith asked, per Indiewire. “This is the cleanse, this is what happens. This is the natural reaction to the amount of light that came into the world when Barack Obama was the president."

“We had to expect that [the pendulum] was going to go the other way,” he said. “As a cleanse - - this is the darkness before the dawn.”

Smith talked of shifting into “the next age of humanity,” adding, “It’s the mess and the purge before that new, real light shows up.”

love Love LOVE it !!!!!!!!!
Dec 15, 2017 21:46:13   #
When the conservative press draws illogical conclusions, then posts them as facts, that's NOT "Fake News" !!! (** sarcasm **)

Top Brass Implicated in ANTI-TRUMP Plot

While the text doesn't reveal whether or not McCabe was a participant in the conversation, it seems highly unlikely that Page and Strzok could have a lengthy discussion in the Deputy Director of the FBI's office unsupervised.


McCabe's possible implication in a plot to bring down the President could have significant repercussions moving forward but, at the very least, it's sure to hurt the reputation of the ailing FBI, which has seen its credibility plummet over its response to the Russia investigation.


ps - - Rod Rosenstein has indicated within the last couple of days that everything about the Mueller investigation has been appropriately done and, in spite of the Repugs calling for Mueller to be fired, Rosenstein indicated that there is absolutely no reason to do so - - HELLOOOOO !!!

The full article is here:

BUT you may not want to read it without one of these handy...GO TEAM MUELLER !!!

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