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Sep 10, 2018 07:35:56   #
You wouldn't by chance be in Gaylord would you? Or Frankenmuth?
Sep 4, 2018 15:36:57   #
I knit at Country Needleworks in Jenison which is not far from Grand Rapids. The have a large selection of yarn. They also have open knitting Wed., Thurs. and Sat. There is also Michigan Fiber Studio in Grand Rapids but a smaller store. It is in an area called Easttown where there are also some interesting restaurants like The Electric Cheetah. I would use Google for Yarn shops and Yelp or Trip Advisor for restaurants in Eastown. Good luck!
Aug 25, 2018 07:55:07   #
I always liked to iron! I got a tip from a saleswoman when I set up my bridal registry, "learn to iron sitting down". Best advice I ever got! Every Tuesday there was a program on TV called Bill Kennedy's Showtime. He hosted movies! So every Tuesday at 1:00 I set up the ironing board, my chair and ironed while watching a movie! It was great! Now that I'm retired I can watch movies without ironing. Not too much to iron anymore. Yea!
Jul 26, 2018 07:44:47   #
I bought a Della Q holder for my interchangeable needle tips and love it! It also has pockets for 5 cords and a zipper pouch for the end caps for the cords and the little "key" for tightening the tips to the cords. This holder is NOT made of the slippery material some of the other bags, holders, etc. are made of. I have found those to be a problem. This is a cotton material and holds everything nicely.
Jul 9, 2018 13:01:50   #
That's the reason I only knit items if someone asks for something specific which is almost never! I only knit for someone who understands what it takes to knit, in time, frustration, etc. So who do I knit for? Me!
Jul 8, 2018 10:49:12   #
If you have time, go to the Chihuly Glass Museum. It's near the Space Needle. If you aren't familiar with Chihuly glass, Google it and you will be blown away by what you see! I'm going to go next week.
Jun 25, 2018 07:42:41   #
Hi Marilyn VPR. I live in Holland and am sending you pm regarding area yarn shops.
Jun 21, 2018 08:11:57   #
Beautiful yarn and clever use of ironing board! Regarding a knitty knotty(have no clue how to spell it) you can make one for about $5.00 with pvc pipe. Decide the length you want. Maybe 3 ft. so you can measure yardage by the number of wraps. You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowe's, hardware store, etc. They will cut it for you and then get end caps to put on the rough ends and you're good to go!
Jun 3, 2018 11:04:27   #
Knit Picks CotLin yarn is 70% cotton and 30% linen. It is DK weight. I've never used it myself, but maybe other KPers have and can comment on it.
May 30, 2018 08:27:52   #
I get Acorn TV shows from the library all the time! Love it! We can also get it on our TV.
May 19, 2018 11:04:35   #
I've used this type of cable needle and didn't like it. Too much work to slip the stitches off it.
I have a friend who does cables without a cable needle, or any needle, and she says it's easy. I will be checking out youtube for instructions on how to do it before I knit cables again!
May 12, 2018 19:59:40   #
I have knit 2 skirts and wear a half slip with them. No seat sag! I'm sure the style of skirt makes a difference too. My skirts are A-line skirts so not real form fitting.
May 11, 2018 07:53:35   #
I also got an email this week with a "hot deal"! They claimed to be UPS and someone who I didn't know was sending me a package and all I had to do to get it was send "UPS" $145.
I was then told upon sending the money I would receive the package containing $10, 000 000! Wow! Such a deal! My friends would never send me $10 million, let alone a stranger! I think this scammer is new to the "game" and needs to refine their scam or they'll be broke soon and have to find a legitimate job. A two year old wouldn't have fallen for this one! LOL
May 10, 2018 08:28:18   #
Omg! I thought a friend of mine was the only person banned from an LYS! This sounded so much like her situation I had to look at your location to see if you live in MI, but I see you live in Oregon so it looks like this "practice" is more widespread than I ever would have imagined!
The owner I'm referring to even called the police regarding my friend! Oh well, the owners' loss. My friend is a shopper!!
May 1, 2018 08:10:21   #
Size 2 needles will make smaller stitches than size 3 so you will have more stitches per inch.
This will make the socks "thicker"(more dense). The larger the needle size the "lacier" the stitches will be.
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