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Jan 10, 2018 00:09:32   #
Also check Last year there was an LK 150 with ALL the accessories. I had just sold mine, but I was pretty tempted to bid. Decided against it, but it’s a good place to check frequently.
Dec 31, 2017 12:42:45   #
I used the red heart scrubbie yarn on my SK 860. There was A LOT of swearing. They were murder to make, in part because I didn’t have my machine properly attached (“this won’t take long”🙄), and because I forgot to check my sponge bar, which turned out to be a “holding” one with no give. Next time I will try my bulky and check the obvious, instead of trying the shortcuts, which usually come back and bite you. 😳
Dec 14, 2017 10:50:36   #
Not sure if it’s called shearing elastic here!
Dec 14, 2017 10:49:53   #
I would do shearing elastic on all the rib rows just catching one stitch, making sure you used the same length. That way the knitting isn’t ruined and it will look the same as the others. And it really won’t take long. Good luck.
Dec 4, 2017 20:19:48   #
The kind person I bought these adaptors from said the same thing, so I'm going to try that tonight when I get home. I took my ribber off, so the knitting hangs straight down.
Thank You!
Dec 4, 2017 18:41:54   #
I've done a lot of lace knitting, so consider myself pretty good at it, but that's using the Studio Knitting machine and Studio lace carriage.
I knit with very fine baby Alpaca yarn, which has presented no problem, along with wax, humidifyer, grounding of the machine, correct weights etc. Now I have an adaptor to use with the brother motor, and all of a sudden, I'm not so good anymore!!

I was drpopping end stitches, so switched out the lace weights to the heavier duty ones. Slight improvement, but better when I added small fishing weights to the end claw at the edge of the knitting. I only knit 12 rows before moving the weights up, I check the yarn is not slack, but I keep getting caught on the gate pegs. I cannot fathom out why. I usually knit with the machine flat, but thats not an option with the motor, and I can't change that. But something is just plain not cooperating!

I wonder if anyone else has used their Brother Motor with the Studio lace carriage, and found a solution to the gate peg problem

I'm getting tired of 2 steps forward, and 2 back....:(
Oct 23, 2017 20:55:36   #
Really lovely hats. I'd be intersted to know whether you've used Knit Pick's yarn.......
Oct 12, 2017 10:47:55   #
I highly recommend rolls. I ordered sheets off EBay, and they were sent in a soft plastic bag with no padding or cardboard backing. As a result they arrived with a permanent fold diagonally across the middle. Useless. Had to argue with the seller to get a refund. They were cheap, so I guess you get what you pay for. Rolls arrived intact!
Jul 21, 2017 13:00:16   #
I've used denatured alcohol to loosen stuck drums before. Pour into a small spray bottle and spray right over the drums. Wait, spray, wait. Try and turn the drum, gently. Repeat again. After about 3 hours, mine turned. Worth a shot before you take the whole thing apart.
Jul 16, 2017 13:08:21   #
Ah ha! My SK 860 came without the yarn rest, and I had no idea what it was, or what I was missing. Mystery explained, thank you 😊
Jun 28, 2017 16:34:22   #
Also, make sure the drums are spinning freely. They may be gooped up, and that will make for some frustrating knitting.
Feb 11, 2017 19:22:05   #
I'd like to know what height your weather stripping is. Also what density. I've bought quite a few brands, and either the density has been wrong and it's collapsed, or I've had to stick 3 layers together. And that means I have to attach ribbon on top, which may be necessary anyway. I'd love to get the right kind of weather stripping 😊
Jan 7, 2017 12:54:40   #
I crochet the open stitches off with a single crochet once it's off the machine. I live for waste yarn! Much easier on the back, eyes and shoulders.
Jan 4, 2017 00:02:27   #
Rachel = Ravel!!!!
Jan 4, 2017 00:01:06   #
The usual culprits with the lace carriage, just in case you haven't checked, are:
A really good new sponge bar
A lace carriage that runs well, meaning when you flick the drums at the back of the carriage with your fingers, they should spin like a dream. If they don't, spray them with denatured alcohol until they do.
And of course, enough weight.
( I start with waste yarn, do the first row, all settings on the dot, hang the ravel cord over the stitches, do 6 rows, pull the Rachel cord out, knit another 6 rows, hang my weights, do another 6 rows, break the waste yarn, knit a row with ravel cord, switch to my knitting yarn, knit 2 rows, switch all the settings to the triangle, and off I go. This works for my carriage and my machine. )
Good luck.
These lace carriages do beautiful work, and each one runs a little differently, and you will need to spend the time getting to know it. And you can get away with just the lace carriage for lovely projects!
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