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Nov 17, 2018 20:26:30   #
hildy3 wrote:
I cannot emphasize enough the need for some kind of oil or even bacon fat in their food....

Oh, NO, no, no!!!! No bacon fat! While I agree some fat is good, bacon fat will create more problems than it's worth! Think: pancreatitis, gall stones, kidney stones..... definitely surgery, hospitalization and special diets! I not only have experience (having foolishly given my own dogs the same), but I used to see the effects when I worked in a Veterinary office. Ask any Vet: they'll get wide eyed in horror!
Nov 17, 2018 14:10:39   #
She has a great explanation of how to do the picot cast-on and cast-off.
Nov 17, 2018 13:27:32   #
Multiple vacuum robots. One for each level or area of the house. We live in a condo and our Shark Ion works near-constantly. Yes, when they dock you have to clean the furrballz out of the reservoir, but it vastly decreases your personal efforts into maintaining a presentable home! While we only have one 'bot, it suffices for our area.
Nov 16, 2018 12:14:31   #
I don't remember any toys - we were too busy running around outside, playing in trees and creeks and drinking water from garden hoses!
Nov 15, 2018 11:14:04   #
My husband's company gives all their employees free turkeys every year. For just the two of us, that's a lot of leftovers! Nonetheless, I cook "the works" every year and he's responsible for making the Harvard beets. One year I had just had major surgery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so he helped me to the livingroom couch, then proceeded to make the entire dinner himself! Well, sans pumpkin pie.... That's when I found out he makes awesome whipped potatoes (!) and he discovered there's a fair amount of logistics involved with getting everything hot and on the table at one time. Since then, he cleans up after every big meal. Says it's the least he can do after I've done "all the work"!

Trust me. I ADORE this man!
Nov 15, 2018 10:54:08   #
What a sweet, wonderful project for someone who will really appreciate it! When (if) you make her a blanket, how about a similar blanket for the doll? Thank you for being such a caring "spare Grandma"!
Nov 15, 2018 10:43:35   #
If you go to the Ravelry link, it takes you to the website, which takes you directly to the .pdf that was originally posted. What's the problem? OP merely cut a few steps out for the rest of us. It's not like she was trying to take credit for it. Not to mention, the very first page states who the designer is.
Nov 14, 2018 12:36:29   #
Purl three stitches together. DO NOT release them from the left needle. You have created one stitch on the Right needle for these three.

Into the same 3 stitches on the LEFT needle, knit them together, leaving them on the left needle. You now have created two stitches on the Right needle in addition to the three original stitches on the Left.

Into the same three original stitches, purl them together a second time, creating a third stitch on your Right needle. Slip the three original stitches, (purl-knit-purled into) off the left needle. You now have a bobble of sorts PLUS you did not decrease the number of stitches.

Does this help any?

ETA: ooops. Someone else beat me to the instructions!
Nov 14, 2018 12:12:19   #
After blocking, my shawls tend to be around 72" long. I'm 5' 1" and somewhat stout, so I knit until they are fingertip to fingertip.
Nov 14, 2018 12:09:21   #
I started an EZ ASJ and, while I waited for additional yarn to arrive from England, started a pair of socks. The socks became tedious so I started a shawl in 3-plies of cobweb weight yarn. I thought it would be twisted together; alas, no. So, I've re-cast on 4 times to get it right. Good thing none of these have "due dates"! Yarn for EZ ASJ came this morning, so - back to that!
Nov 14, 2018 11:58:41   #
Hmmm, after she went in to, ermm, "enjoy" that bubble water, I'm sure she was hot stuff!
Nov 14, 2018 11:36:05   #
Hey! You resisted for a year! How can he blame you for having such temptation set upon you like this? 😈
Nov 14, 2018 11:26:15   #
Oooo, I think we have a budding, new Liz Zimmerman on our hands! Two sleeves at a time? Mmm, wonder how you could cast on stitches between them to make a sweater FULLY in the round...? 😉 Thank you for your post - and yes, I've learned an incredible amount from this group!
Nov 13, 2018 13:59:50   #
When you make that tomato soup, if you heat up the vegetable stock before adding to the roux (tomato paste, fried flour, etc), it won't clump or lump as readily as if you pour it in cold. At any rate, pour in about 1/4 cup at a time, stir to a slurry, then keep adding gradually.
Nov 13, 2018 13:53:36   #
Damiano wrote:

The "RECIPE" only lists the ingredients.

How is this click bait? If you know how to bake bread, all you need is the ingredients list! I make potato bread all the time - my husband loves the stuff (I can't tell the difference), but I use a cup of potato flakes mixed into my warm (yeast and sugar) water. I've tried to make it with baked and mashed potatoes, but you have to knead in A LOT of flour! Letting the potato flakes soak in the yeast water to "reconstitute" before you add everything else is much easier.
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