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Oct 16, 2018 13:09:56   #
grandma susan wrote:
Evening girls. I went to the over 60's today and won...£8 and a pkt of millionaires shortcake. I was quite happy.

Marg and me pulled my bed out today and there were my glasses, I knew I wasn't going mad. Having said that.. I got ready early today because Jane was doing my hair for half past nine. I got all ready and started to make for the stairs when I realized I didn't have any trousers on...answer me honestly...could this be a sign of insanity?

I'm supposed to go to Stephens tomorrow because I'm back to a Wednesday, BUT he is diving tomorrow so could I go Thursday ? Well no I couldn't cos I'm going to a funeral on Friday at ten am. So I've settled for Friday night, it's just to confuse you all and depending what the mood of us all are then I may stay over Saturday and I may not, just saying.

Love you all.
Evening girls. I went to the over 60's today and w... (show quote)

Your answer is in your story... you're far too busy to put your trouser's on! Sending you lots of love, as you inspire me. xoxoxo
Oct 16, 2018 13:07:06   #
linkan wrote:
Did i read this right? You were out splitting the dang wood again? Better than freezing i guess, just wish someone would do it for you dear.

Splitting's the fun part... I'll do it till I can't no more! But thank you for thinking of me, your very kind. xoxox
Oct 16, 2018 13:04:08   #
LondonChris wrote:
This photo was taken of my 5boys, waiting for the steam train, MrB finally had all his boys with him.

I know those boys can be lively Chris, but they are cute as bugs ears! ❤️​ xoxo
Oct 16, 2018 13:02:45   #
nitz8catz wrote:
Good morning from Port Hope Ontario Canada. It is 6:05 am EDT and 3'C (37'F). At least it's not snowing.
The government is now trying to change insurance so people in Toronto don't get charged more for insurance. They should. There are more cars there and more opportunities to get hit. Previously insurance was changed because statistically, young males got into more accidents, so they were charged more. So the government changed insurance so you couldn't charge more based on age. There are a lot of insurance companies here getting very rich.
I'm still plodding along with the endless garter on the cardi, and mindless stockinette on the swoncho.
Good morning from Port Hope Ontario Canada. It is... (show quote)

Very nice Mav, love the yarn.
Oct 16, 2018 13:01:03   #
Barn-dweller wrote:
I've always meant to try but then looking for rags I realised I was still wearing them, so never got round to it. xx

Usually my clothes aren't worth recycling either sister!
Oct 16, 2018 12:59:45   #
nitz8catz wrote:
That would definitely change your end of the lake. More traffic, better water. The elk won't be resting across the road.

In the last year it has changed enormously here, double traffic, noise and people. I used to think I lived out in the peaceful boonies.... no more. All the development and logging is displacing the elk, that's why they are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner here!

Oct 16, 2018 12:55:37   #
nitz8catz wrote:
That sounds like our kitchen pipe. We have a comedy routine here every time that pipe needs to be cleaned out. Usually it ends with mess everywhere.

I knew you and I had something in common! Man, it's the most horrible job ever! Nothing like playing with sludge....
Oct 16, 2018 12:53:58   #
nitz8catz wrote:
I'm not ready yet, or I'm in denial. After the chill of this week, I may finally admit defeat and get my hair cut too.

I'm hardy I can take it. Try having no hair in December... I've done that!
Oct 16, 2018 12:52:01   #
London Girl wrote:
That would look great!! Of course you can also cut round the tea shirt in a spiral and knit it! You could knit Mr Wonderful a new tee shirt like that!!!

I've been saving tee shirts to make a rag rug on the loom as they are colourful and the rugs easily washed. The loom might have to be dismantled though as Mr J has a new bed and I have to find a place for the Queen. Dang this house is too small!
Oct 16, 2018 12:49:30   #
Good morning sisters,
Another sunny day to brighten things up, thinking maybe fish and chips today.
Today is going to be a day for Mr J and I to live it up! xoxox
Oct 15, 2018 13:33:57   #
London Girl wrote:
Well, don't look too close, I have had to cut back all my climbing roses and clematis as the fence is due to be painted on Wednesday, that made me a bit sad! I also have to pull up all my annuals and that will make me sad too cos it means summer really has gone!!! Don't forget that lovely green grass is fake!!! xxxx

Fake or not it's low maintenance and lovely! If it doesn't get too cold your clematis and rose will come back with a new vigour, probably put out new shoots. When your fence is painted it is going to be even nicer! xoxo
Oct 15, 2018 13:12:26   #
I'm going to make some shepherds pies to put in the freezer today, wash the car. Have been thinking about getting my hair cut to just below my shoulders and layered, that will take 10 inches off. Just feel like a change. Have a good night everyone. xoxox
Oct 15, 2018 12:57:27   #
jinx wrote:
Laugh at me or with me. I was wondering why anyone would place a hole for a kitchen sink on the driveway.

Could have been a previous septic box as the house is going on 80 yrs old. There is a grease trap on the other side of the house for the kitchen sink which I have clean the pipe out every few years. It's not the Ritz lol! xoxox
Oct 15, 2018 12:46:47   #
Barn-dweller wrote:
Just had an e-mail our water has passed all it's tests and is perfectly safe to drink, so will get that off to the solicitors tomorrow, one more step forward. xx

Did I miss something, do you have someone waiting on water tests before they commit! xxx
Oct 15, 2018 12:44:52   #
London Girl wrote:
I finished my sampler wrap last night, it finished up a few inches narrower than it should have been as I didn't have enough yarn so I left out most of the centre seed stitch panel! It's now either narrow wrap or a wide scarf!!! xxxx

Lovely June, I like the drop stitch row. My your garden is looking tidy and nice! xoxo
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