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Mar 27, 2017 10:53:01   #
The LYS here won't take returns on needles either. They do have a sign posted. It's just their policy. If the needle is damaged, they'll exchange it within 14 days. After that you're on your own. Of course I get my needles elsewhere. Jimmy Beans, Webs, and Handsome Fibers all stand behind their sales. I had snapped a 2.25 mm Dreamz dpn that I purchased from Jimmy Beans over a year prior. They exchanged it, no problem. They all take returns/exchanges on needles, even if it's just because you don't like them and want a different brand.
Mar 27, 2017 08:19:20   #
alliecat55 wrote:
An excellent sock pattern/tutorial with lots of photos is on Winwick Mum's blog. I have just started making socks and found this one to be extremely helpful. It's a top down pattern with instructions for all methods: dpn, magic loop, etc.

That's an excellent tutorial for top down socks! Thanks for the info.
Mar 26, 2017 09:37:10   #
gr8knitwit2 wrote:
I knit and crochet - sometimes, my items are made up of both i.e. bodice of a dress might be crocheted, skirt may be knitted or bootees knitted with a crocheted trim etc. When adding projects to KP, I put (k) and/or (c) in the title.

It would be ludicrous for me to put my items in both a knit forum and a crochet forum.

If this is the only problem the OP has to deal with, then good luck to her.

Like what you see on KP - ENJOY! Don't like what you see on KP? - move on. Simples.
I knit and crochet - sometimes, my items are made ... (show quote)

You bring up another good point. Not only would we need to separate Main, we'd need to separate the pictures section, and now the "Newest Pictures" section as well. Some projects combine both knit and crochet in the item. I suppose those wouldn't even be allowed on the forums.
Mar 26, 2017 09:25:27   #

Thanks so much for the link! I loved her photo with the spoon in the middle of the cake. It was a little more descriptive in how the colors are joined. It's probably not a true knot tying the colors together. Maybe like a Russian join?

They're for sale here:

eta: I just noticed most of the colors are out of stock at Wool Warehouse.
Mar 25, 2017 21:24:09   #
joankav wrote:

Found these tonight online. Expensive but oh so beautiful.

I don't see a price listed anywhere on that page you linked but I can imagine it's not cheap.

This was taken from the description:
Each colour change is carefully tied in an optimum way to ensure the knot can be discretely hidden within your stitches.

No way. I'm not buying a yarn where they intentionally put knots in it.
Mar 25, 2017 18:32:49   #
I feel your request is unreasonable. You're pretty much asking half the forum to leave and post elsewhere because you don't like their projects or questions. The solution is really simple. Open your own forum and write your own rules. I highly doubt the Ostrich will consider breaking up this forum to make just one person happy.
Mar 25, 2017 11:45:45   #
Hmmm ... I think I would also crochet it using single crochet with a smaller than normal hook. I don't think you crochet so my next thought would be the linen stitch. I wouldn't bother to wash the yarn ahead of time as this stuff quickly fades. If I used metal I wouldn't care about staining my needles. Better yet, the Karbonz, they're already black!
Mar 25, 2017 09:51:41   #
knit4ES wrote:
Thanks... picked up a few... more PABLE

PABLE = Patterns Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy? I love it.
Mar 24, 2017 18:29:37   #
I may be in the minority but I'm not terribly fond of their Stroll base to begin with. For around the same price as the regular Stroll, there's Valley Yarns Huntington, a yarn I like better. So I guess I would say for me, no, it's not worth the price, but even if it were lower, I wouldn't be tempted anyway. Now the Felici Worsted they came out with is a different story!
Mar 23, 2017 19:46:32   #
books wrote:
It's the Scotch in her.... whoops, I mean Scottish.

I think scotch is right too. But now Trish will come and trout slap us all.
Mar 23, 2017 19:15:25   #
It does seem a little high priced for Knit Picks. It's not a yarn for socks. There are no color repeats and your socks would definitely be two different colors. It's more for shawls, hats, ... I'm not really impressed by it. The Felici Worsted is looking better but the yardage is kind of skimpy for socks so I'd have to buy two skeins and I'm not doing that. If they come out with a solid that coordinates with Felici in 50 gram skeins I might go for that!
Mar 23, 2017 14:52:52   #
Well shoot, it appears I'm not on your famous ignore list. Can I put a reservation in? Once a spot frees up, I've got dibs on it. Congrats as I think you're the only person that has a completely filled ignore list. That's really not something to brag about.
Mar 23, 2017 07:51:26   #
laceluvr wrote:
ETA: There were several complaints about finding knots in too many of the yarn balls.

That's my #1 reason for disliking this yarn. It's soft and beautiful, I could get over the slippery-ness, but I averaged three knots per ball. That's way too many joins. I only made a scarf with it so considered myself lucky to have tested it on a small project.
Mar 21, 2017 10:32:23   #
barbara97801 wrote:
Lesson here is don't knit so tight.

Socks need to be knit at a tight gauge. You don't necessarily need to knit looser, but you might need to add more stitches. What was your gauge in the fingering weight yarn?
Mar 20, 2017 12:43:51   #
fortunate1 wrote:
Thank you. I am worried about her, it is painful. She has paced most of the night, and when she is quiet I have to hold her with her ear cradled on my stomach.

I hope the vet can help and she feels better soon!
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