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Feb 22, 2017 12:39:47   #
Please PM me a screenshot of what you see.
Feb 19, 2017 20:38:11   #
rosw wrote:
I ticked both boxes but they untick themselves!
I always used to get updates on topics I had commented on but in spite of ticking the boxes to recevie emails etc have not received one udpate email. When I check again these boxes are unticked. Am i doing something wrong?

Please check My Profile and make sure your e-mail address is correct.
Feb 17, 2017 19:45:28   #
I added social sharing buttons to topic pages. (Some people already saw them over the past few days as I was rolling it out, but this is the formal announcement.)

You'll see them: "Save", "Share", "Tweet" -- for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter respectively. Buttons are shown near the top-left corner of the page on the first page of every topic. Topics with pictures have a Pinterest save button. Topics without pictures only have Facebook and Twitter buttons.

This new functionality should make it easier for you to save or share your topics with your inner circle outside of our forum. So there is no need to copy/paste the URL anymore when you want to send it to your followers.

If you aren't sure what these are for (the whole pinning, sharing, tweeting thing), then don't worry about it. Forum functionality is not affected by these buttons in any way, and they are not required for the use of the forum. You can just continue using our forum as before.

If you don't use social networks or don't want those buttons to be shown, then click My Profile link at the top, scroll down to Custom View Settings, and enable "Hide social network sharing buttons" option.

I'm still testing things on the back end, so if you notice these buttons not working as expected, then please let me know.

This isn't permanent yet. I want to test it out and see if people actually use those buttons. So we are going to run it as a trial for a couple of months.

I'm going to sticky this announcement until Tuesday to make sure people who receive the digest once per week (on Mondays) see it.
Feb 16, 2017 08:12:17   #
600px is the size of the thumbnail. So if you upload an image that is 600px or less, then it will be posted as is, without being resized.
Jan 31, 2017 14:58:04   #
Active Topics link at the top does the same thing.
Jan 14, 2017 03:28:14   #
Please PM me a screenshot of what you see. I'll investigate.
Jan 11, 2017 07:57:32   #
It's somewhere in the privacy settings. You need to make sure your browser doesn't automatically clear cookies.
Jan 11, 2017 03:47:07   #
That's what private browsing mode does. It clears all traces of your visit. Which logs you out whenever you close the browser. Try restoring the default privacy settings in your browser configuration.
Jan 2, 2017 09:49:08   #
Please PM me a screenshot of what you see. I'll look into it.
Dec 31, 2016 13:16:00   #
When you open topics in the digest, try clicking the middle button. That would open the topic in a new tab. Once you are done reading, simply close the tab and you'll be back to the digest.
Dec 30, 2016 14:07:46   #
loveseat wrote:
Still have the same problem

Do you normally browse logged into your account or as a guest visitor?
Dec 26, 2016 09:47:46   #
I added some filters withing the Google ad network. Please let me know if you continue seeing such ads 3-4 days from now.
Dec 20, 2016 14:51:52   #
loveseat, tmvasquez, I made some changes to your account settings just now.
Please let me know if you notice any difference. Please let me know either way, if you see any improvement or not.

Also, please make sure to browse the forum while logged into your user account, not as a guest. Settings won't apply when browsing as a guest visitor.
Dec 18, 2016 12:40:12   #
Your browser is automatically clearing cookies. Either because of privacy settings or because you browse in private/incognito mode. Could be related to a recent browser update.
Dec 12, 2016 17:53:20   #
BlueBerry36 wrote:
I always have to sign in too all the time

Your browser is automatically clearing cookies. Either because of privacy settings or because you browse in private/incognito mode.
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