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Apr 27, 2017 07:28:00   #
I've been using food coloring and Kool Aid to dye my sock yarn. I really am afraid to use acid dyes as they are toxic. I love your results.
Apr 27, 2017 07:22:57   #
My 8 year old grandson just loves orange!
Apr 22, 2017 20:30:52   #
The only problem with knitting the magic loop differently is that you may have trouble following a pattern otherwise, it's fine.
Apr 22, 2017 20:24:52   #
Great hat and important cause! Thank you for Marching for all of us!
Apr 22, 2017 20:19:34   #
Thank you for Marching for us! Love your hat and your sign!
Apr 22, 2017 20:08:59   #
That is beautiful work! How long did it take to knit. I have wanted to knit a shawl but it seems like it would take forever to knit. I love that one though!
Apr 22, 2017 19:39:38   #
Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all this information! The people on this site are so generous. Thank you all so much!
Apr 22, 2017 02:11:00   #
knittylou wrote:
Hi When I was young our family did 18th century re-enacting and mom spun yarn and we kids used the niddy noddy to measure and hank the yarn. There is a song we sang when we did it: Niddy noddy niddy noddy, two heads one body, tis one tant one, twill be one by and by; then you replace the one with the other numbers until you get to the length you want. Each part of the the song is sung as you wrap the yarn over the top arms and then the bottom arms. Have fun and good luck in finding for what size you have.
Hi When I was young our family did 18th century re... (show quote)

That is so cool. You learn something every day for sure!
Apr 18, 2017 05:07:04   #
deemail wrote:
I just made it....1 $5 small pipe cutter, 2 copper 'Ts' and 3 pcs copper tubing that the hardware store cut for me.... one 16", and four 3" pcs.... I didn't glue or solder or anything, that way you can twist flat and hang on the wall. The pcs could be smaller pipe for mini skeins, and if you just cut every measurement in half, it would be to scale.... less wraps and you would get your tiny skein...

That sounds perfect. Could you post a picture?
Apr 17, 2017 13:06:37   #
dragonfly7673 wrote:
honestly when I make mini-skeins from my scraps, I just wrap the yarn around a hardcover book. By using the same book all the time, they are uniform to each other.

as far as the amount, that's totally up to the dyer. Mini just means a small skein, there's not a set amount. I've seen "mini" skeins as large as 50 grams. I don't consider those mini. I've seen little 5 gram ones as samples. I've seen 25yds, 50yds...

From reading previous discussions I think 25-30grams of sock weight should accommodate sock heels, toes and cuffs.
honestly when I make mini-skeins from my scraps, I... (show quote)

I think a skein is 100 grams and a half skein is 50 grams which is what the packaged yarn at the Joanns usually are. I think I am going to take my 50 gram skein from Joanns and split it into 2 mini skeins, dye them each a different color for my socks.

I saw a Niddy Noddy on YouTube and thought it would be convenient to have one. A regular size one and a mini one. Be ready for anything...LOL.

I am so glad I belong to this site. People are so nice and willing to share information.
Apr 17, 2017 12:58:05   #
deemail wrote:
just remember the resultant skein is 4 times as long as the center post...that's why the standard size is 16", because after adding in both ends, it is 18" so the result is a 2yd skein. (72" means a 24" circle) This helps you count the yardage.... #strands x 2 yds = your length. With the twist and tuck it is the length you see in stores. You can certainly make it a 9" total to have an exact count but then the skein is very short and fat...harder to twist and a bit harder to make as you have to twist your elbow twice as many time. You can make them from pvc, but I figured I was only going to have to make one once, and the cost was only a few dollars mine is copper. Pretty when hanging, pretty to use.
just remember the resultant skein is 4 times as lo... (show quote)

I have received very good information here! I love this site. Where did you get your copper one? I have seen a small one on Amazon for around $10 made out of wood.
Apr 17, 2017 11:20:47   #
I know that the middle post for a Niddy Noddy should be around 16 inches but how big or small should a niddy noddy be to make mini skeins?
Also how many yards is an average mini skein? I see mini skeins advertised on line all the time but I'm not sure what exactly constitutes a "mini" skein.

I want to dye enough yarn to make contrast heel and toes for socks but I'm so confused about how much yarn I need to make the mini skeins.

I also would like to know how long the center post should be to make a mini skein. I would like to make a niddy noddy to make mini skeins more uniform in size.

I have looked on line but they only have instructions for making a "regular" size Niddy Noddy. There are YouTube videos that have the center post anywhere from 12 inches to 24 inches but no one has a video on how big one should be to make a mini skein.
Apr 16, 2017 10:42:34   #
Oh, that is great. I use the ChiooGoo cables and I love them and I really like my Boye needle tips. Happy Knitting!
Apr 13, 2017 12:11:39   #
knitnut1939 wrote:
Great colors Dying yarn with KoolAid??? Where did you find out how?

I saw this video. The girl in the video is so cute and adorable so I subscribed to her channel. She lives in England with her husband and their two little girls:
Apr 12, 2017 22:18:44   #
ChristmasTree wrote:
I'll bet they had fun. The yarn turned out really pretty.

They had fun. I let them mix their own Kool Aid colors and put them in little squeeze bottles. They wore gloves and they didn't make a mess! I really thought they would. I explained about the citric acid in the kool aid and how that and heat helps set the colors. I hope they learned something. We will be using food coloring in the next project. Now, if they would only let me teach them to knit!
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