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Apr 24, 2018 00:27:25   #
MN_Knitter_in_TX wrote:
Good idea! Did you use a pattern, or just make one up? I don't crochet, but I may try knitting something similar.

No pattern. I just made a rectangle about 10" wide and as long as I thought I would need for my needles. I then realized I needed a way to hang it up so I crochet a triangle at the top and folded it down, added a button and it made a channel for a dowel. I made a chain stitch hanging piece and tied it to the ends of the dowel. I used my label maker to add the sizes and that was it. It only took a couple of hours or so to finish it.
Apr 24, 2018 00:21:12   #
phyllisab wrote:
If I made one of these for all my circular needles it would cover the entire bedroom. Think I might have too many circulars?

That's the reason I bought those interchangeable ones. The fixed ones are too hard to store. The interchangeable ones come with their own storage.
Apr 24, 2018 00:11:37   #
Jessica-Jean wrote:
Pick one:

Oh, wow, I didn't see these before I started my blanket. They are nice! I probably should have checked out a page like that before I started. It could have saved me some time and trouble. Yes those mitered squares are addicting. Now, I'm making another one with tiny squares out of fingering yarn. That one will probably take me forever to finish!

Any thickness of yarn with appropriately sized needles.

Have fun!

Some of mine:

Beware!!! Knitting mitered squares can be addictive!!
Pick one: (show quote)
Apr 24, 2018 00:02:59   #
Fourel wrote:
What brand are the pom pom makers you show in the picture? I need to buy a good, strong set. Thank you in advance.

I have used some different PomPom makers but these are my favorites and easiest to use. They are the Clover brand. I bought them at Joanns except for the tiny ones. I got the tiny ones from Amazon. You can buy them all on Amazon but Joanns has coupons. I had a 60% off coupon and several others so I got them for a song.
Apr 21, 2018 16:56:32   #
Look at all the sizes of Pom Pom makers I have! The grandkids and I were making them like crazy yesterday and today! These are the ones they left behind! It was fun,easy and a great stash buster! The kids used the PomPoms to hang on their keychains, backpacks, shoes, and just to play with them etc. They had a lot of fun making them.

Apr 2, 2018 10:34:42   #
Wow nice!
Apr 2, 2018 10:25:09   #
Love them!
Mar 24, 2018 18:56:04   #
Thank you everyone. I must say that I like to crochet and knit. It’s usually faster to crochet but the knitted mitered squares I made for this blanket worked up really fast. I was surprised at how fast I was able to finish it.
Mar 23, 2018 06:59:06   #
Jessica-Jean wrote:
There are two means I know of to make those ridges pop up like that.

CDD = centered double decrease on the right side, i.e. slip two stitches as though to knit, knit the next stitch, and pass the two slipped stitches over the knitted one.

The wrong side can be either purl that center stitch or slip it - knitter's choice.

That's exactly right Jessica-Jean! I purled the center stitch on the wrong side.
Mar 23, 2018 06:54:00   #
knittedfool wrote:
Love this. Pattern?

I really didn't use a pattern. It was a spur of the moment idea because I'm doing spring cleaning and realized I had way too much of the kind of yarn (bulky) that I don't usually use. I am making a cozy memories blanket with fingering yarn so I used the same idea with size 13 knitting needles and the bulky yarn. I just thought that I would either make something right now or give it all away. I live in Arizona and really don't need such heavy yarn for anything. I started making the mitered square using 25 stitches and before long I had made a row of nine so I just kept on going. It only took a couple of weeks to finish it. I had never made a icord edging but it was perfect to make all these squares have an even edging. I put all the yarn in a basket and reached for them without looking at the colors so they would be random. the only yarn I had left at the end was the dark orange and navy blue. My biggest problem was making sure that all the center ridges were all angled in the same direction. A couple of times I had to rip out one of the squares because it was going the wrong way. That only happened a couple of times. It was fun making something that came together so fast.
Mar 23, 2018 00:48:18   #
grandmann wrote:
I thought you made the afghan out of worsted weight yarn. What kind of yarn did you use?

Bulky weight yarn. A few of the squares were worsted weight but I used three strands together to get them to come out close to the same size.
Mar 22, 2018 21:24:37   #
luvrcats wrote:
Years ago, I knit approx. 300 rectangular 7x9 pieces and sent them to a friend in Atlanta. Her church sews these pieces together into chemo blankets and, when given to a patient, this blanket is theirs forever. Keeps them warm during treatments. Just a suggestion should you find you want to donate it. Also, nursing homes may be happy to have it for one of their residents.

So colorful--and, believe me, if it were
me......I would NOT make another one for
your grandson. Ever!!

My grandson usually loves everything I make. This just had too many colors but he did say that he knew everyone else would like it. He is a wonderful grandson!
Mar 22, 2018 12:19:54   #
Mine is so heavy that someone could possibly be trapped under No, it’s cozy and thick! I like it. It worked up quickly but it would have been better if I had used worsted weight yarn. This one can be a picnic blanket and be very comfortable to nap on!
Mar 22, 2018 02:04:44   #
I posted this blanket/Afghan when it was no™t finished yet to get your opinion since my grandson did not think it was a good idea. He still does not like it....he is so funny. This blanket/Afghan is so heavy I had a hard time holding it to do the icord edging. I call it my crazy knit quilt! I posted a close up so you can see the squares detail. This was made mostly with left over and stashed bulky weight yarn. It measures 50 inches by 34 inches. I could have made another row but I wanted to finished it because it was getting to heavy for me to work on it.

Mar 16, 2018 20:47:07   #
Nanxy wrote:
Great idea. I am working. On a blanket using leftovers, no matt r how short and that on definitely looks crazy. But it is using Lot os my leftovers, not the stash.

I'm also working on a cozy memories blanket made up of my leftover sock yarn. That one is going much slower than this rug yarn one. Also, I haven't made that many socks to have that much left over sock yarn. I'm going to have to buy some mini skeins in order to continue with that one. I don't have enough worsted weight yarn so I can't make one out of that. My rug yarn one has some squares made from worsted weight but I had to use three strands to get the same (or almost the same) size squares. This one has only taken me a week to knit.
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