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Jun 18, 2018 16:18:30   #
nankat wrote:
Also check your settings as to size of font in the display. Sometimes if settings have been updated things are inadvertently changed.

I apologize for the double posting. I tried to delete it but was unable to. In the past I would just choose edit and then delete the post and an empty space would appear.. but not today.

I tried it and it worked - thank you, wonder why only YT? A mystery but one I'm grateful for!
Jun 18, 2018 12:52:45   #
I haven't been on YT for a few weeks but today the print was so small I could not read it without a magnifying glass - anyone else found the same problem? All other sites are as usual, and I'm on a large screen PC.
Jun 18, 2018 12:34:17   #
If I need to wind yarn I wind by hand - never occurred to do anything other than hand winding; quite enjoy it, very restful. Why pay out for another 'thing' to clutter up the house, no room in the wardrobe - full of yarn!
Jun 18, 2018 11:28:36   #
lizcrafts wrote:
It seems that she was on Alan Sugar's "The Apprentice" back in 2006 (ish?). Thankfully this was during the 3 years that we were out of the country, so I'd never heard of her before either!

She sounds even worse than "the norm" for that programme. And that is really saying something!

Trust those folks to find an "F-rated" celebrity to dote on. Oh, wait a minute. That's what trump was too!!!!

Oh yes - I just looked her up, got as far as mention of the Apprentice and stopped reading! I'm afraid I stick that in the same category as all the 'reality' shows - yuk! How do these people know about such non-celebs as she seems to be. I can't see them trawling the Radio Times for gossip - haha!
Jun 18, 2018 10:00:21   #
linit wrote:
I notice there is no longer any mention of where any contributer lives (just country or area.) I really miss that. Anyone else find that?

mine's still intact?
Jun 18, 2018 09:50:17   #
trish2222 wrote:
I saw that. They should ask Ms Hopkins' fellow Brits their opinions of that provocative flame throwing harridan. We're all blocked though.

I learn a lot on KP - I'd never heard of her before, just asked my DD and DIL if they knew of her - they didn't either - so can't help you there....
Jun 18, 2018 08:23:07   #
SusieSch wrote:
Craftygal58 & Knittingthyme, most days you seem to spend your time on KP posting links to articles promoting conspiracy theories, insulting memes, and emojis. Lately, craftygal58, you have been posting "thumbsup" emojis to your own "thumbsup" emojis. That's honestly kind of weird. Knittingthyme, that latest thread you started merely to abuse BrattyPatty wasn't nice at all.

Perhaps you two might want to take up knitting? It's a lovely hobby and certainly more useful, creative and beautiful than what you are spending your time doing. I spent a couple of lovely hours yesterday working on an Aran sweater for my DH so I can personally recommend it.

I'm curious if anyone else feels the same way? Let's encourage craftygal58 and Knittingthyme to knit!
Craftygal58 & Knittingthyme, most days you see... (show quote)

It's possible that they don't knit or crochet - and if they do they won't have much time to do so. I wonder if they're on other interest sites posting the same stuff they post here?
Jun 18, 2018 06:50:08   #
val hynson wrote:
As there appears to be a lot of aggression in the topic Politics and everyone has a personal view, and everyone is"right", isn't it time we banned politics from this forum and concentrated on knitting related topics. IMHO religion though few notes on this should also be banned

Val - I don't know which groups you are subscribed to, but if you are only interested in knitting, unsubcribe to all the others (except perhaps Pictures, Recipes or any other specific group which interests you) Perhaps if you also kept GCC you would only have to ignore any stray 'nasties' in that group. Not being bossy - just a thought!
Jun 17, 2018 15:08:42   #
Ruby 10, (one of the GKs) went there last year on a school trip. She found the cars interesting, but most of the boys in her class just wanted to see Concord!
Jun 17, 2018 09:55:17   #
What a worry for you - glad Whiskas is on the mend, poor boy.
Jun 17, 2018 09:51:19   #
a fool for fiber wrote:
I love Malibrigo and Madelintosh DK yarns. They're pricey but very soft. Life is too short to knit with cheap yarn.

Wish some of us on pensions could say the same......but that's another topic!
Jun 17, 2018 09:43:42   #
Jeannne wrote:
Taken from theSkimm 6/15/2018:

A New Lawsuit
The Story
New York's attorney general handed the Trump family a lawsuit.

Unwrap it for me.
The Trump Foundation is tax-exempt. So there are rules on how it can use its money. For years, New York AG's office has been peeking under the Trump Foundation hood. Now, it's saying the charity - which has no employees - was "little more than a checkbook" for President Trump. It says he used the org to pay off biz fees, campaign for prez, and decorate one of his golf clubs. The AG is calling on a judge to dissolve the foundation and get Trump to fork over $2.8 million. And says the IRS and election officials should dig deeper. Trump's calling the suit politically motivated. And says his foundation donated more than $19 million to charity.

Add this to the list of lawsuits brought against Trump while in office.
Taken from theSkimm 6/15/2018: br br br br A N... (show quote)

I wonder if there is a paper trail to prove those donations.
Jun 17, 2018 09:36:13   #
sevolnam wrote:
Greetings Everyone...

Looking for an assist with trying to figure out if whether this pattern I'm working on has an error on the Front Panel or is it just me...

The Pattern is called the "Knitted Lacy Jacket"... it's one of many in this booklet by American Standard Needlework... I managed to complete the back lace portion with no problem... Now I'm working on the Left Front and this is where the issue so far comes into play.

Instructions ask for a c/o of 71 stitches and work 9 rows of Garter stitch for the bottom boarder... then instructs to work the lace pattern stitch across to the last 6 stitches which needs to be kept in garter for the band. The Lace Pattern stitch is done over a repeat of 8 rows as follows...

Rw 1 (R/S)... K2 (* K1, YO, K3, K2tog, K1, Sl1, K1, PSSO, K3, YO *) to last 3 stitches and K3.

Rw 2, 4, 6, 8 Purl to last 6 stitches and K6.

Rw 3... Repeat Rw 1

Rw 5... K2, (* K2, Sl1, K1, PSSO, K3, YO, K3, K2tog *) to last 6 stitches and K6

Rw 7... Repeat Rw 5

These 8 rows are repeated for desired length.

Now here's the problem... I can't get beyond row 1... I have done the lace pattern, using markers after each sequence and for the life of me I keep coming up with 3 extra stitch's to equal 9 instead of 6... My count of row one seems to be coming up right but I cannot get it together and it is driving me to distraction.

Please... if someone can try this sequence for me and let me know is it me or is it a pattern error. I'd appreciate some insight as soon as possible so I can finish this WIP.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
Greetings Everyone... br br Looking for an assist... (show quote)

with all this confusion and as you say the back is ok can you confirm the pattern given for the back. I bet there are some of us in UK trying to watch the footie and work out this nutty pattern at the same time!
Jun 17, 2018 08:44:57   #
Right - if I were you I'd find a different design - on 1st sight it looked OK - BUT rows 2 4 6 and 8 should start with the garter stitch border, so 6 knit stitches at the beginning, not the end. Also this bit - (* K1, YO, K3, K2tog, K1, Sl1, K1, PSSO, K3, YO *) doesn't work as you have a K1 between the slip 1 and the one you need to slip it over. This also occurs in rows 5 and 7. So unless there is some very unusual instructions being used that can be unravelled by someone, I'd look for a similar pattern somewhere else!
Jun 17, 2018 08:15:30   #
12 stitches in the pattern (x5) + 2 at the beginning, 3 at the end and 6 for the band = 71.
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