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Jun 23, 2018 09:49:06   #
London Girl wrote:
Good luck with that, it will feel so good to have it all finished and then you can start all over again!!

Yes, and I have already got a list of things that I want to do, hahaha it never ends, does it?
Jun 23, 2018 09:17:20   #
Hello all, I have just got back into my spinning, after a long break, and I have a lot to catch up on! While I am spinning, I am watching a short series "The Alienist", it is quite interesting, and sometimes a bit disturbing.
Anyway, that is neither here, nor there; I have decided that it is time for me to clear my WIP's, and until they are all finished, or undone; no new projects will be started! I will be quite happy when they are all completed.

Nothing is happening here, and it is getting cold, so I am now off to bed! Have a good day, it will be Sunday here soon! xoxoxo
Jun 23, 2018 01:20:29   #
nitz8catz wrote:
I think that swim suit would be quite nice.

Thank you, I might put up a photo, if it feels ok for me to show everyone! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Jun 23, 2018 01:18:46   #
nitz8catz wrote:
I wouldn't be caught dead in some of the outfits that I wore when I was younger.

There isn't a lot that I wouldn't wear now, if I was still the same size as way back when; except the bikinis! I have no idea how I looked in them, but that isn't the issue now, I dont like the way regular swimwear is, and I like the look of the set I bought, but I now need to try it on properly, to see if I need to adjust it, mainly in the size of the top! πŸ€” I have lost almost 8kg, since I weighed myself, before we had our holiday (and at least 2kg, went after we got home), so I might have to do a small amount of adjustments!😁 Hopefully, one of my girls will help me out with that!

Off I go now, to do a bit of work around this place. I hope you all have a good, rejuvenating sleep! xoxoxo
Jun 23, 2018 00:54:54   #
nitz8catz wrote:
I tried that once, but my sewing machine didn't like the swim suit material. The foot kept eating the material no matter how I adjusted it.
I think it would be wonderful if you could make yourself a set.

I did think about that; but when I bought my machine, it came with a lot of different feet, so I have a special foot that will handle swimwear fabric. I am also hoping that one of my dd's will give me some help, with any adjustments that might be needed!πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ€”
Jun 22, 2018 08:22:29   #
RookieRetiree wrote:
I get a β€œnot secure” warning from my anti-virus software. The ratings from other sites rate it as very poir. I hope your bathers are fine; sure look nice in the ad.

They could be better, but they suit my purpose, for now; and I might even be able to sort out a pattern, to make myself another set, at a later time! 😁
Jun 22, 2018 08:19:38   #
I have caught up now, so am now going to take more medication and go to bed, and hopefuly sleep, so I can wake at a decent time, instead of nearly lunch time. Have a good day, and I hope that all who are still a bit ill, recouperate very quickly! xoxoxo

Good night xx
Jun 22, 2018 08:12:41   #
linkan wrote:
You can have some of my bust ! They seem to want to overflow in every direction nowadays. 😳

Awww ...... I would like to help, but I like my small one! πŸ™„
Jun 22, 2018 08:08:38   #
London Girl wrote:
I'm sure it will look wonderful and folks shouldn't be looking at that part of you anyway! Glad to hear that you have found the courage to be you in your lovely new swimsuit!! Xx

Thanks xoxoxo
Jun 22, 2018 08:07:18   #
jinx wrote:
I have not gone swimming in years because the Y had the rule that you had to wear a regulation swimming suit without t-shirt. Rules are relaxed and swim suit manufacturers have wisely made suit that cover more of the body. My capri length pants and t-shirt are an actual swim suit.
The only thing small on me are my veins. Of course, my monthly blood tests were always fun.

I have good veins, but can feel the blood being drawn out of them; so blood tests were also a lot of fun for me, and terror for the person taking it, because there wad only one try allowed! 🀣🀣
Jun 22, 2018 07:51:27   #
truthandlight wrote:
Here's a pic of my sweet MIL with her youngest son visiting from Alaska

Such a lovely photo!
Jun 22, 2018 07:42:05   #
SaxonLady wrote:
So DS3 (Elk) is all set to move next Friday. The people ready to move into his place (2) have someone moving into theirs (1), so must move. The people selling the flat to him(4) are ready to move, and had agreed the purchase of their new home. Today that seller (5) decided to stay put, so the entire chain is broken. Now DS has agreed to keep his end of the bargain and move out but has to rent temporarily - fully furnished caravan is easiest and cheapest, and we have to find space for two large sofas and a double bed. What a time to change their minds!!!!! He doesn't want to lose the flat. And of course, next Friday is the start of Armed Forces Weekend. I give up. The treacle is getting thicker and I'm drowning.

By the way it's DH's birthday today. Happy birthday old man.
So DS3 (Elk) is all set to move next Friday. The p... (show quote)

There is always someone who will add a fly to the ointment, of a well planned happening! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€”
Happy Birthday to your DH! xoxoxo
Jun 22, 2018 07:39:07   #
linkan wrote:
MJ the suit is soooo pretty ! And your gonna look gorgeous in it πŸŒŸπŸ’œπŸŒŸ

Thanks CD, that is what I am hoping! 😁😁
Jun 22, 2018 07:37:33   #
Islander wrote:
Beautiful Judi, but it looks like hard work to get into.... watching for your review! x0x

They are actually quite easy to get into, but it did take me a few minutes to sort the top out. It is a two piece, with the top being the length of a short dress, and then a pair of shorts to wear with it! I am hoping I won't feel so self concious, when our hot weather returns. I never had that problem, as a child, or young teenager, I was blissfully unaware of myself in those years!πŸ€”πŸ˜Š
Jun 22, 2018 07:22:54   #
binkbrice wrote:
This is really pretty!

Thanks, they actually almost fit, in some places; nbut they look better on me, than regular bathers would look!😁😲😞
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