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Oct 22, 2018 20:07:48   #
sassafras123 wrote:
Tami, thank you. He is on medication for years. At this point he is asking for help. He has been on meds for years. It is very sad. He is very smart but paranoid, schizophrenic and depressed. He and his wife split up several years back but got back together two years ago and sadly now have a year old son. His name is Anthony if you would like to send prayers.

I’m sorry your friend is in a bad way, I hope he will get some help soon
Oct 22, 2018 18:08:31   #
Cashmeregma wrote:
Hi everyone. Darowil, migraines here too. We seem to get them at the same time and I know we would both rather have something else in common. About 4 days now with meds and sometimes had to take 2 pills. Hope you soon feel better.

Matthew, what can I say. You just keep refining your talent and getting better and better. Wonderful! 🐕

Fan, love the gorgeous rose and quilting.

Sam, hope you are doing ok with all your tests and surgeries. Thinking of you.

DGS has his 16th today. We celebrated last night. Some of you remember seeing photos of him when he was waist high and now he towers over me at almost 6’. Where has the time gone. Other grandson will be going to the Galápagos Islands with school class. He wants only $$ for the trip for his birthday and Christmas. That will help some but what we can give won’t be enough. Hope he has a means for earning more money.

Kiwifrau, saw you feel and my goodness what a fall that was. Hope you are healing. You sure sound good. Hugs and continue healing.

Bonnie, know you are well on your way to winter and even into it. Glad you were able to get some more harvesting done.

I’m not going to catch up but wanted to say hello to all of you and stop by the tea party.☕️
Hi everyone. Darowil, migraines here too. We see... (show quote)

Sorry you’ve been having migraines again.
Happy birthday to your GS. Wow, a trip to the Galapagos is quite a school outing. Our kids are lucky if they get to the science Center in Edmonton 😄
Oct 22, 2018 18:04:27   #
KateB wrote:
No, she's not allowed to do over 65s (although she was last year).

Isn’t politics wonderful 🙄. How stupid
Oct 22, 2018 17:58:50   #
Lovely sweater
Oct 22, 2018 15:19:33   #
KateB wrote:
Gwen - I got another Friend request on FB too.

Me too
Oct 22, 2018 15:14:11   #
Gweniepooh wrote:
I was thinking the same thing Angelam. How do you feel about that Sonja? Are you ready for one?
Edit: Saw you had a talk with DS and are going to wait until after Christmas and most likely not another Malamute.
On the other hand, if that is a breed you particularly like each dog would/could have their own personality.

That’s very true, we have had 3 labs over the years & each certainly had their own personalities. Maybe because,she’s in the house with us, Kimber seems to have much mire personality & be much smarter than the other. When you talk to her you can tell she’s listening & it’s amazing what she obviously understands
Oct 22, 2018 15:11:20   #
tami_ohio wrote:
Good that it just seems to be your nose running. The humidifier is a good idea. Don't forget to boil some water or soup on the stove top to add moisture to the air in the rest of the house. Hope you are better soon.

I don’t feel bad, the nose just keeps running. Maybe it’s because of all the dust in the air from the combines
Oct 22, 2018 15:04:19   #
KateB wrote:
We got a government letter telling us we were eligible for a free flu jag (over 65s) but when I phoned the doctors' surgery I was told they hadn't received any supplies yet, and yet my DIL's pharmacy have their supplies already.

So if you go to her pharmacy do you get it free?
Oct 22, 2018 11:01:40   #
Matthew, that drawing is amazing, looks like he could walk off the page.

Margaret, I hope you shake the migraine soon.

Well, for some reason the iPad didn’t charge last night & is about to die so I have to get off.
Need to get the vehicles cleaned today. We are to have nice weather until the end of the week so I need to get the outside things done before it’s too cold.
Oct 22, 2018 10:57:59   #
Maatje wrote:
Yup had several who did that! Now just got word our only unmarried son has finally popped the question! Yay! No date set...he’s been dating her for over 3 years, and not being super young, both are 33, one would think he could get a move on, but when I asked him about a date his reply was one thing at a time, mom! Ok point taken, I’m hoping spring? Maybe? She has 2 children from a previous marriage so that will up our numbers a bit...they are coming together without the kids for a week before Christmas...will be good to have them, havent seen him for over a year...and he’s a lousy communicator....thankfully his gf is great and keeps us posted...
Yup had several who did that! Now just got word ou... (show quote)

Congratulations to your son. Does he live far away?
I’m beginning to wonder if my youngest will ever find someone. He had his heart broken at 20 & hasn’t really had anyone since. With the hours he works, there’s hardly time.
Oct 22, 2018 10:52:56   #
Maatje wrote:
Since he’s on his last year, it would be a shame if he has to quit now. Good there’s another better tutor. But seriously, someone needs to boot the other tutor out! So unfair to the students.

Especially with the tuition fees students pay, they should get their money’s worth not someone like that
Oct 22, 2018 10:51:12   #
sugarsugar wrote:
I hope it improves soon for you. Have you had your flu shots yet this year?

We had a warm 29c today., the sun was pretty hot actually. It has cooled down to about 16c now at 10pm and we are to have a couple of cooler days next..around 20c. I like Spring weather.

No flu shot yet. The flu clinics start next week
Oct 22, 2018 10:50:07   #
darowil wrote:
Well very hard to sack someone if they have tenure- massive hoops to jump through now. From the extreme of being to sack anyone for no reason to massive long drawn out processes to get rid of someone incompetent or even dangerous.

Ridiculous that tuenure allow such nonsense. I heard on the news recently that some places were thinking of reviewing the tenure system & having teachers reviews mean more because of the attitude of some tenured teachers
Oct 22, 2018 10:42:14   #
Swedenme wrote:
My middle son keeps telling me my christmas present will be ready for a new home come December ,

A Puppy😄?

Edit: I see everyone thinks that’s the gift.
Oct 21, 2018 23:07:28   #
Maatje wrote:
Wow that’s a long time for a cold to hang on....

Just my nose is pouring, thankfully I’m not coughing. Ivevout the humidifier on in the bedroom the last 2 nights & I think that’s helping, the house has been soooo dry
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