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Aug 17, 2018 20:36:48   #
thewren wrote:
why no bp cuff? --- sam

People who have had mastectomy can’t have BP cuff or tourniquet because of the disruption in lymphatic drainage can cause their arm to swell
Aug 17, 2018 20:34:23   #
thewren wrote:
says one who keeps encouraging others on here to seek a doctor's opinion. --- sam

Aug 17, 2018 00:39:35   #
Gwen, the new glasses look great. I couldn’t wear progressives, they made me nauseous all the time,bifocals work great for me. Sorry about the leak but good your complaints got some action & a reduced bill.

Jeanette, great cartoons. I’m glad you’ve found a reasonable realtor

Joy, good to hear the meds are working

Margaret, I hope Gordon is feeling better soon

We are having good weather, not too hot but nice & the Gaks are having a riot with all their cousins( actually the GKs of DHs cousins)
Aug 16, 2018 14:50:44   #
Joy, I’m glad you saw the doctor & have pain meds.

Liz, terrible about the bridge in Italy

Daralene, sounds like a terrible storm, better to stay home than drive intofloided areas.
Aug 16, 2018 14:40:46   #
sassafras123 wrote:
May not make lunch with sponsor. Have been awake since midnight with pain from armpit to midchest about a palms width from top of invision to lower chest. Tried tylenol and lidocaine. Not much relief. Its not heart. Maybe liver. Hoping cancer not back. At times just moving takes breath away with pain. Staying still and meditating help. Cant decide ER or call surgeon and make appt for today.

You better see a doctor ASAP
Aug 16, 2018 14:37:59   #
KateB wrote:
Sorry the smoke is spoiling your time there. How's the foot?

It’s ok, not swollen so sitting around has helped
Smoke not quite so bad today
Aug 15, 2018 21:50:24   #
Pearl, sorry your DH had a fall, good thing he didn’t hurt you on the way down or do any real damage.

Daralene, I’m glad you didn’t get any flooding in your house.

It’s terribly Smokey here, burns your eyes & gives me a headache. The GKs are having a great time with all the cousins.
Not great wifi here so I’m just mostly reading along
Aug 15, 2018 21:44:34   #
Cashmeregma wrote:
Oh dear. It's already gone with the recycling. If I get it again I'll let you know.

No worries 😄
Aug 15, 2018 00:37:52   #
darowil wrote:
That foot doesn't sound good Bonnie- have you had it checked?
Sounds like the workshop was a bit of a disappointment. At elast you enjoyed the chance to catch up with other people.

I haven’t gone to the Dr, if it’s not better in a few days I guess I’ll see about getting it X-rayed
Aug 14, 2018 14:21:26   #
Very pretty & I like things longer too
Aug 14, 2018 14:20:03   #
I haven’t read through all the pages of this topic to know if someone already suggested this but I have read that using cheap hair conditioner when washing wool will make it less scratchy.

I think felted mitts & hats would be a great use of it for charities
Aug 14, 2018 13:49:36   #
Another free pattern from my emails today for the sock knitters
Aug 14, 2018 13:39:44   #
angelam wrote:
I always sleep worse if I have to be up early, suppose I'm always afraid of oversleeping.

I think most people are like that
Aug 14, 2018 13:39:10   #
I think I’m almost packed up for the lake, filled the fridge & got clothes organized, just have to water my pots & put the drip bottles in.
I sure hope I don’t have to chase the kids too much as my foot is swollen. I dropped the hitch from the quad trailer on it last week, put me right it my knees when I did it but it didn’t look too bad at the time. Since then it’s been getting blacker across the whole top of my foot & the last 2 days it’s been swollen after I’ve been on it too much. I need to quit being such a klutz😄😄
We walked in some rough ground last night at the plant seminar so I think that’s why it’s bad this morning. I was a little disappointed in how much information we got but hopefully she will email some more info, I had thought she would give some sort of handout but not. She told us about drying things for various teas, fireweed, alfalfa, dandelion & using purslane, lambs quarters (we call that pigweed) & chickweed ãs salad greens- I can’t see DH being happy if I tried to feed him that. The pigweed tastes OK but the others were bitter. She also told us about using plantain as a “spit poultice”. Chew the leaves & place on the wound, will promote healing.
There was a potluck supper after which was really good & I got to visit a few people I haven’t seen for a while
Aug 14, 2018 13:24:52   #
Cashmeregma wrote:
Well, not caught up but have to get off as the repair man is coming. His second trip. If they would just listen to you they would bring the part they needed the first time. I could have told him. Oh well, it's part of their routine.

Was supposed to go visit a friend today but was raining too hard. Now that it's too late to go the rain has let up. I needed the time at home anyway as will be picking up my cousin in Canada and having her here for a visit and then we will all go to Ohio for a wedding.

Speaking of books, my son helped me figure out how to use a library app and I can loan out books on the computer and even audible books. So nice not to have to buy them and I can return them online too. I was a little surprised that they had to be returned since they are online. I figured we could have them as long as we want but somehow they are allotted and some books you have to reserve/put on hold, to get to read. I love it. I do the audible books when I am cleaning and it's so nice.
Well, not caught up but have to get off as the rep... (show quote)

I borrow e-books when we go on the Harley, one less thing to fit in a small bag.
Have fun with your cousin .& safe travels to Ohio.
I’m glad your back is so much better now.
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