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Jun 22, 2018 20:15:20   #
Pearls Girls wrote:
I can't even imagine what pickled herring taste like. . .I like pickles. I do not like many fish for fear of getting a bone and I really don't like the taste of fish even though I know it is good for you.

When I was young I didn’t like fish as grandpa used to catch these little boney trout but here we have nice big Northern Pike & my DH & sons filet & debone them, they are so good. We eat lots of fish
Jun 22, 2018 20:10:46   #
Cashmeregma wrote:
Are they free in Canada or covered by insurance?

Free if you are willing to wait but you can pay for faster service & that’s sometimes covered by insurance. When DS hurt his shoulder at work it was paid for by Occupational Health & Safety
Jun 22, 2018 20:05:41   #
budasha wrote:
I went to get the results of my CT scan yesterday and everything is AOK. I don't have to go for another year. My oncologist said that I can continue to have the scans as long as I wish, even if I live to be 100.

Good all is well
Jun 22, 2018 19:56:20   #
darowil wrote:
But they have increased the time it takes to get the mail unless we pay more. With decreased use of mail I guess it must be difficult to cover it- but paying more for a poorer service seems to further discourage people from using the postal system.

I agree. We still get 5 days a week in town, we have a box no house delivery but last week I mailed a baby sweater for my friends GS & it cost me $15 for postage😳& it was a tiny package as I really squished it
Jun 22, 2018 19:49:33   #
Swedenme wrote:
We can phone our own doctors out during surgery opening times and when they are closed it can be any doctor who is on call who comes
Thank fully no charge

No visiting doctors here, we are lucky to get some who will man the ER
Jun 22, 2018 19:48:20   #
darowil wrote:
Yes we do have them. But the only time tried to get them they refused to come- David was having a stroke so needed an emergency ambulance.
Well I knew he wasn't having a stroke and needed just antibiotics for his sinusitis. Of course he couldn't open his eye. It was swollen and so couldn't open. But they had a list that told them what to do and do it she did. Did I know what I was talking about? Of course not. He did end up in hospital on IV antibiotics but not the stroke they tried to tell me he was having.
Yes being unable to open the eye is a sign of a stroke, but if someone rings and wants a doctor becuase of swelling around the eye can't they use some brains and realise that of course they can't open there eyes. By all means check for other signs as well but don't rely on one only when there is an obvious reason for it.
Yes we do have them. But the only time tried to ge... (show quote)

😳😳amazing how people on the phones or at desks with no training can be such experts🙄& they are usually quite adamant in their opinions
Jun 22, 2018 19:43:42   #
sugarsugar wrote:
Hi Sam, well funny you should ask that question, I was just going to post an update anyway.

Serena is still on her repeat antibiotic for bad tonsilitis and is doing fine now, however Penelope started coughing (again) on Wednesday and by Thurs afternoon was quite wheezy and starting to struggle (again) so DD got loads of ventalin into her and ended up getting an after hours home doctor to come (they bulk bill here for this). Anyway doctor came about 9pm said to start her on some Prednisilone (again) for 3 days and her wheezing wasnt too bad while he was there but he looks in her throat..... AND says oh no I can hardly see any red there at all... its ALL white!! UGH bad infection tonsilitis... this the first time for this for her. Soooo she is on penacillin (yet again) and we went to regular GP to have her checked this afternoon, asthma not too bad but still using ventalin every few hours and he confirmed the mess in her throat and gave DD a repeat for the penacillin so she has 10 days of it. Good Grief... so apart from that we are all
Hi Sam, well funny you should ask that question, I... (show quote)

Good grief, they are having a bad time lately, I hope they are all better soon.
Jun 22, 2018 01:17:36   #
Very pretty
Jun 22, 2018 01:13:09   #
Maatje wrote:
Was it ESJ? Or is that some one else?

Yes, I’m sure that’s it
Jun 21, 2018 20:18:55   #
Heather, great news that your sister will take. Aggie.

Pearl, I’m glad you located the credit card, such a pain in the butt if you have to,cancel it & get another.
Jun 21, 2018 20:14:56   #
thewren wrote:
is he awake? --- sam

Yes, some, he talks but doesn’t really make much sense
Jun 21, 2018 20:13:33   #
Maatje wrote:
Yes, nice to have them nice to see them go! 😂 my dil helped me change all the vacated beds and vacuumed the entire basement. Also we cleaned up the living room and washed some fingerprints off. Of course her 3 are still here - the baby is no problem, but the 2 and 4 year old are busy leaving new fingerprints - but that’s ok at least it feels a bit cleaner now.... the 2 boys are missing their cousins. That baby is a doll! And growing like crazy! She’s 6 weeks already!
We have a mature bing cherry tree in our yard. It is loaded with fruit every year! My husband picked and dried masses of them and there were still tons left. So he had the grand kids sit outside and sell bags of cherries to people coming home from work or going for a walk to the river. In total they made about $150! Not bad for a bunch of 9-5 year olds! They’re already talking about next years cherry crop. 😂
Yes, nice to have them nice to see them go! 😂 my ... (show quote)

Great the kids picked the cherries & sold them, wish you were closer, I love cherries & would buy some.
I have sour cherry trees, 🤞I get a few cherries this year as I had flowers for the first time
Jun 21, 2018 20:09:29   #
thewren wrote:
i use 'little boy blue bluing' when i have a washer load of white things. --- sam

I remember my mom using bluing for clothes but I didn’t know it was still used.
Jun 21, 2018 20:01:31   #
thewren wrote:
bonnie - what hear we of husband's best friend's son? i don't know why he sticks in my mind - i pray daily for him. i am so in hopes that he come through this and least able to function on his own. suicide is such a terrible choice - it eventually entails a lot of people thinking 'what is' or 'i should have' - not a good place to be.
--- sam

No real news of him, he’s totally blind, ãs for other functions, I don’t think they know yet how it will go.
Jun 21, 2018 19:58:30   #
Swedenme wrote:
It was , I got quite a few things that I needed for the midsummer festivities but no elderflower , niece is going to get some tomorrow , we cheat with the elderflower ice cream much to the disgust of my sister who keeps sending me a recipe for it and also moose which I'm sorry but no thank you I will stick to herring with dill and smörgås tårta ( sandwich cake my favourite )

What is the elderflower for? Is the herring pickled? That’s the only way I’ve seen it here
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