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Apr 23, 2018 18:10:10   #
I the past, I have found wasp nests, so Im pretty careful when I open the umbrella. Today I found this cute little tree frog perched right above the handle. Is he cute or what?! I managed to get the umbrella open. I would close it but he has climbed partway up the pole and Im afraid he would get caught in the mechanism. So right now we are both just chilling on the deck.

Apr 23, 2018 08:04:27   #
bundyanne07 wrote:
That is good but what happens if you have a power outage - is there a battery back up for the remote control door bell or do you just use the key.

To be honest I don't know, but our power is pretty reliable (knock wood.) An outage wouldn't unlock the door if it were locked. The remote feature would probably just be unusable while power was off.
Apr 23, 2018 07:59:48   #
I do wish you'd call this person out by name. A little unwanted publicity might go a long way toward shutting her up.
Apr 22, 2018 15:21:43   #
We recently bought a new front door, and along with it a new lock. The lock is electronic, blue tooth enabled, and has an electronic keypad. You can lock and unlock remotely from your smart phone. Or you can go old school and use a key. We also got a Ring video doorbell. We can answer the door without opening it, remotely from our phones. I'm telling you this because it came in very handy while we were in Galveston.

Our little Chihuahua Pippin got out of the yard and was wandering around the streets. She is so little that she can get through a tiny gap in the fence. Not good. A neighbor spotted her and rang our bell. I was able to answer the door and talk to her from 200 miles away!. I could see Pippin was afraid of the neighbor (she's afraid of everything) so I opened the door remotely and the neighbor let Pippin dart inside. Then she locked the door. I called the dog sitter and told her she could keep Pippin inside after letting her out to do her business. I went over to the neighbor's to thank her today. All's well that ends well, thanks to technology.

Ring also has neighborhood alerts, and you are able to post your videos of any suspicious activity. There was a spate of late night doorbell rings a while ago, and pictures of the perps were posted. Not sure if they were ever caught, but at least I was aware.
Apr 22, 2018 12:24:22   #
DH and I refilled the bird feeder today, and he likes to put some seeds on the railing of the deck. The squirrels take advantage, of course. Today the squirrel was the one with a yellow collar. We have seen her (him?) for the past several years. We used to worry about the collar being too tight, but she seems to be doing well with it, and in any case we couldn't catch her to take it off. I'm just curious to know how she came to be wearing it. Perhaps someone adopted her when she was a baby, and then she escaped. As far as I can tell, it's just a plain yellow band. Guess I'll never know.
You can barely see it, but it’s there.

Apr 21, 2018 08:46:29   #
Oh good grief! Tamales are very popular around here, especially at Christmas time. Does he even know what a tamale is? It's seasoned meat (often pork) wrapped in masa (a corn meal paste) then wrapped in corn shucks and steamed. They're a lot of work to make. I'd drop that "friend" like ... well, like a hot tamale!
Apr 18, 2018 21:41:51   #
DH has wanted to have dinner at a particular restaurant in Houston so we drove up there this afternoon. Before dinner we visited the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Museum of Natural History. The butterflies fly freely within the enclosed rainforest exhibit that is 3 stories tall. The butterflies are raised here under controlled conditions. The plants are beautiful and the butterflies seem almost magical. One landed on my arm.

The docent told us that it is actually a felony to leave with a butterfly on your person. Before you leave they ask you to check yourself in the full length mirrors, which we did.

And dinner was fabulous.

A red rim butterfly

A blue morpho I think.

Apr 17, 2018 20:31:08   #
janallynbob wrote:
She was an incredibly strong and wonderful person, she was herself, and no body but herself. The world will miss her wisdom and her strength. So many did not understand what she stood for. I'm out of words. She will be missed, I hope this makes sense. but if it doesn't, I tried.


I agree! There were times I felt like she may have disagreed with her husband or her son but would never say so in public. I don’t doubt that in private she held her own!
Apr 17, 2018 19:46:58   #
She was 92, so she had a good long run, and leaves a loving family who will miss her. God rest her soul. I think she just made up her mind to go.
Apr 17, 2018 18:55:37   #
Back in Galveston for a few days. Our friends warned us that the seagulls are all sporting black heads and red beaks, so mating season is here. I understand it’s a very raucous affair! Right now I’m on the balcony watching the shore birds skitter along the beach while DH is watching the news. The sound of the waves is so much better than the talking heads on the news.

Apr 17, 2018 08:42:11   #
I frankly can't see spending five bucks for a cup of coffee. I knew a teacher friend who came in with a Starbucks coffee every day. Way cheaper to make coffee at home. Cheaper yet if you drink tea.
Apr 16, 2018 18:46:34   #
I always thought she was a class act, and enjoyed her dry humor. She said today that people will be disappointed if she doesn't die right away. Bless her heart.
Apr 16, 2018 08:43:10   #
Me? Naughty? I was perfect. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
Apr 14, 2018 19:28:45   #
In honor of my birthday, which was yesterday, DD and my 9 year old GD took me out for the day. First we went for a pedicure, and I decided to splurge on a manicure as well. The salon itself is very nice, providing drinks and a fresh fruit cup, and very nice service. Then we went to lunch at Panera Bread, one of my favorites for lunch (and a place DH is not crazy about). And then shopping! GD is becoming quite the clotheshorse, but DD is very economical, and we managed to find some cute things at TJMaxx, a local discount store, for reasonable prices.. Then DD helped me select some new things for our upcoming cruise this summer. When we were about to head home, DH texted that he needed me to pick up some tomato paste for tonight's dinner, and DD obliged. We arrived back home around 4, and I was exhausted!! But it was a good kind of tired. Spending time with my daughter and granddaughter is the best birthday present ever! And as a bonus, the clerk at the department store where I bought my things was sooo nice, and suggested I download an app that gave me 40% off 2 items, AND 20% off my entire purchase. Score!
Apr 14, 2018 17:20:22   #
I always read my class Number the Stars. It was excellent. Not too much information for youngsters, but still got them caught up in the story.
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