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Dec 4, 2017 14:10:40   #
I apologise if I've offended any of you lovely people who responded so kindly to me. I didn't mean to upset anyone. For the record I'm 67 and not brave at all. Again apologies for not responding to everyone before.
Dec 4, 2017 13:46:09   #
hildy3 wrote:
Hey friends!!! Have we been had? Has anybody noticed "riggy" has not even commented since her first post???? If it is a hoax, it sure let all of us voice our opinions and vent! Just playing detective here. Proof that no one picks on our friends without suffering the consequences!!

Not a hoax but I've not been on kp as regularly as I used to be. I am now trying to go through the digests and was amazed that I had so many responses. I was feeling particularly low when I wrote what I wrote. But it's been an eye opener, some of the remarks. But the underlying advice is that I should just keep knitting, after I've done all my chores of course. I will not be stopped doing what I love doing.
Dec 4, 2017 13:07:24   #
Aggie May wrote:
I wish there was a "Like" button on Knitting Paradise.
Have fun.

I too wish there was a like button, would be very helpful
Dec 4, 2017 12:48:48   #
That bought back bad memories. Years ago my older son was playing up and didn't want to go to nursery school. I got the younger one into the pushchair with no problem. But the older one ran upstairs so I picked him up got his shoes and coat in the other hand raced outside as the younger one had started crying. Put the older ones shoes on him and raced down to the nursery. When I was saying goodbye to him my neighbour came up to me and said did I realise I'd left my front door open. He hadn't closed it as he didn't know if I'd had my keys with me. Yet again I had to run home with the little one in the pushchair and there was the door, open. Luckily we live in a smallish village and all was well. But I've never told my husband he would still be going on about it now 25 years later
Dec 3, 2017 17:04:33   #
My sister in law had Alzheimer's, unfortunately died 2 weeks ago. She was 92 so she had quite a good innings although for the last 3 years she didn't know me or her bother. All very sad
Nov 30, 2017 17:04:49   #
Can't think of any colours I dislike
Nov 28, 2017 10:02:56   #
Nov 28, 2017 10:00:28   #
Wow how did you manage that. Years ago I made a granny square blanket, and no two were the same. Of that I was very proud. My sister took one look at it and said 'why have you put those two which are the same colours together' I was most upset. Even when I look at it now I can't see see them. But yours is lovely.
Nov 27, 2017 14:09:22   #
Lovely cardigan beautifully knitted
Nov 27, 2017 14:07:34   #
They look great
Nov 26, 2017 18:32:13   #
They're great thanks
Nov 26, 2017 18:25:20   #
Thank for sharing. I've got so much are I know just which to use for this one
Nov 26, 2017 18:16:58   #
That's gorgeous, wish I could do things like that, you are extremely clever
Nov 25, 2017 16:39:38   #
Ah bless
Nov 25, 2017 16:15:34   #
I remember years ago, I was only 17 at the time. I got called in to take dictation, but very soon another chap came in they started talking. Completely ignored me. And then it started, my stomach was making all sorts if noises, just couldn't stop it. So I had to sit there totally embarrassed waiting to be told I could go, which didn't happen and I was too shy to say anything. I still feel awful when I think about it.
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