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Jan 19, 2017 23:11:31   #
Ollie the Octopus from Lion Brand Yarn is a free pattern, knit in the round, no seams, no sewing.
Jan 19, 2017 22:49:25   #
Beautiful work of art. I would love to make this pillow. May I have the name / source of the pattern? TYIA.
Jan 8, 2017 16:48:11   #
BailaC wrote:
I have an unusual first name, Baila. It's Yiddish and I'm named after my grandmother. My mother spelled it that way because "Bayla was too common."

I was named for my aunt who died ten years before I was born. My mother said 'baila' was Spanish for 'dance,' so she spelled my Yiddish name "Beila Charna" ['ch' as in cheese].

I had a neighbor who allowed her tween-aged daughters name her third: Tinkerbell O'Brien.

My son went to school with twins: Thingwan and Thingtu.

I knew an attorney named "Open." Her parents were living in a commune, and their first child 'opened' her mother's womb!

Many years ago, Readers Digest reported that a Professor of Greek History named his son Theophilus . . . because, 'He's the awful-est looking baby I've ever seen!'
Dec 26, 2016 13:04:46   #
I got the shock of my life 29 years ago, when I remarried and moved to New Jersey. After using a gas range all my life, it never occurred to me that electric would be SO different. I hate it!!!! We live in a high-rise apartment, and are forbidden to use gas appliances. I used to enjoy giving large dinner parties -- now I cook because we must eat. I tell people that I can burn boiling water.
Nov 23, 2016 09:17:53   #
Sorry -- meant to send PM.
Nov 20, 2016 00:11:48   #
"Total Eclipse of the Heart" at the time of great loss.
Nov 16, 2016 09:22:13   #
Nov 10, 2016 15:38:19   #
vikicooks wrote:
She won the popular vote; he won by electoral votes

The Electoral College has not yet voted.

The meeting of the electors takes place on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December after the presidential election. The electors meet in their respective states, where they cast their votes for President and Vice President on separate ballots.
Nov 10, 2016 13:40:50   #
Love this! SO true!! Thank you.
Nov 8, 2016 15:45:19   #
Please do not forget Martha Raye's patriotic contributions:
Nov 8, 2016 08:02:26   #
Nov 7, 2016 11:52:39   #
Thank you for posting your positive experience. Too many folks are too quick to dismiss the benefits of the ACA.
Nov 7, 2016 11:38:50   #
anberth2003 wrote:
.I know I'm getting to the light at the end of the tunnel

You DO know that light is from an oncoming train!
Nov 7, 2016 11:30:51   #
PatriciaDF wrote:
You didn't say the ages of your boys, but I would have them do the bathroom cleaning. You will be amazed at how fast that helps clean up the mess. It sure worked at our house! They are much more careful now and their "aim" has greatly improved! Lol

About fifty years ago, in their "Humor in Uniform" feature, Reader's Digest published a sign posted by the cleaning crew in the latrine on an Army base:

We aim to please.
You aim, too, please.
Nov 7, 2016 11:22:53   #
st1tch wrote:
Good looking fella. That's was a lovely thing you did, is your veteran day similar to our Remembrance Sunday?


Freedom is not free; it was paid for by every veteran.
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