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Sep 13, 2017 07:25:22   #
There are always a few taking advantage to make it harder on the ones who truly need help.
Sep 4, 2017 09:08:39   #
Jul 10, 2017 09:57:18   #
i was trying to flirt with my high school crush. I sat on the end of the cafeteria table, it folded up! I was dumped on my rear, and all the trays slid down off the other end. I stood up, and said with the straightest face i could, "I meant to do that." i walked away so humiliated, he never spoke to me after that!
Jun 13, 2017 14:24:40   #
Love them all! My favorite is cujo but also live the stand. I like those two in particular because fogs do get rabies and our government does work on germ warfare. Its the fact that both ate do possible that I like about them. Its what makes them truly scary.
May 25, 2017 22:34:21   #
Tell him that you have the money, but he has to " entertain" your lonely female friends at the nursing home, and leave them smiling!
May 16, 2017 13:27:17   #
One day, my mom's bank card was suddenly being denied every where. We went to the bank and we were told that one of the companies we did business with had been hacked, and customer card numbers compromised. The cards had been frozen, until the customers came in for new chipped cards. The cards had been frozen for over a week! No one called us, and as a result my mom faced some pretty steep fees on some of the things she has set to auto pay from her card. Several payments were considered late, all because no one bothered to call the affected customers. We talked to the places whose payments were considered late, and in view of the circumstances, most forgave the fees. We still had to pay a $25 fee to the electric company. It's one more reason I don't fool with banks and cards.
May 15, 2017 22:12:44   #
There used to be a dirt road near me, every year both sides were line with sister is. Beautiful. I would ride down with the Windows open. Last year both roadsides were sprayed with weedkiller, no more lovely wisteria. I miss it.
May 15, 2017 13:27:57   #
Its off how something like that can be so funny isn't it? It's terrifying but hilarious, just doesn't make sense
May 15, 2017 13:23:00   #
I want one!!!!!
May 15, 2017 12:38:44   #
Beautiful! I love that it's so etherial, like it's made of spiderwebs and pixie dust!🕸
May 15, 2017 10:24:07   #
Practically s eperated at birth! I would love to knit a sweater, but most patterns i like don't account for my broad quarterback shoulders!
They are usually too short, at six feet three, I have a long waisted body. Sleeves with a pattern are too short, and necks too high. I can't do math worth a poop to make my own pattern, I find the numbers and formulae confusing!
May 14, 2017 19:46:49   #
Munchn wrote:
I don't do Lotto either. Originally the $$$ from sales was to go for schools --yea right!

The money goes to anything considered educational. A study on which ketchup ran faster, how to best store peanut hulls, it also goes to artists as grants, museums, .....its a long list. But if it were to go to our schools as was actually promised, why are schools having to close their cafeterias due to sub pat equipment? Why are schools losing music and art departments (I notice sports do not suffer), ? Why can't teachers get paid a wage worth their work? As I said the lottery is a sucker bet, a state sanctioned con.
May 14, 2017 19:23:19   #
I haven't done any big projects with them, but i find they are great for sleeves on baby sweaters!
May 13, 2017 20:30:32   #
The first time I knit a baby sweater, it had a left and a right sleeve, due to the lace pattern.
One sleeve the pattern angled to the keft, the other to the right. I was hopping right along with it, quite proud of myself until time to attach the sleeves, I had made two left sleeves!
May 13, 2017 20:17:28   #
I sold too many of those things to fall for it. The whole thing is a sucker bet. I worked at the store and sold I can't even tell you how many. I watched people spend money the couldn't afford to spend , deny a kid a 50 cent cookie because " I'm not wasting money on that", seen many spend their rent and Bill money.
Many of our customers would only but a couple of tickets, and be fine with that. We had one lady who spent thousands a week on tickets, but as she liked to say, " my hubby left me more money than I will ever need, so why not use it for fun?" That didn't bother me.

What bothered me was the ones who are so addicted, and so desperate to win. The state totally takes advantage of their weak will, I've seen a man spend all of his monthly check on tickets, then buy cat food to eat all month. I hated that part of my job. It was totally taking advantage. The state knows these people are their target.
The other ones that bother me are the ones who spend 500$ on tickets, then get excited when they win $100. They don't realize that theyvdidnt win anything, they threw away $400. Honestly, those scratch tickets are rigged in a way. The lottery commission knows how many winning tickets are in each roll, and how much they are good for. The more tickets a store sells, the more winning tickets are sent to that store, yet the commission tells the public that winning tickets are random and they don't know where winning tickets are sent. Even if you spend a lifetime paying in, you are most likely
Never going to get back what you put in, and the most desperate players will lose the hardest. The lottery makes the most money off those who can least afford it.
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