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Feb 17, 2018 20:15:06   #
I saw it too. It looks like he was so caught up in the moment he hardly knew what it was. I imagine his mind was far from normal at that instance. It was disrespectful, but anyone could have done the same in such an overwhelming situation.
Feb 16, 2018 18:36:49   #
You should see the naughty and the Domiknitrix. Found them doing a general search for free knitting patterns. One of them had a pattern for pasties!
Feb 16, 2018 18:31:17   #
Oh yes.... The tray tables, growing pains, whacky racers, I remember almost all if those! I learned to sew on grandmas foot treacle machine, and crimped my hair( with horrifying frizzy results)!
Feb 13, 2018 12:20:43   #
Aren't you tired, cause you been running through my mind all night.
Feb 12, 2018 18:46:34   #
I hate.... Years young, do you age in reverse?Don't be ashamed of your years, , those years shaped you.
I also hate You know what I'm sayin? Well I would if you just said it, wouldn't I?
Feb 9, 2018 20:05:53   #
rwikow3 wrote:
I don't mean to sound heartless, but PLEASE< PLEASE convince your son to get a DNA test. If he doesn't, this gold-digger & the courts will shackle your son with the financial cost of this child for the next 18 yrs. (possibly more if the child wants to go to college). This situation will effect everything your son will do for the rest of his life. This woman could (and probably will ) have your son in court repeatedly over child care costs. Don't be suprised if she tries to leave the child with your son for extended periods of time while still
collecting child care. This situtation will effect your son's future relationships with other women (some women don't want to get involved with or marry a man who is supporting the child of a woman he's not married to). This will effect your son's income, credit rating, job oppportunities (he doesn't truly know the mental statis of this woman, she sounds like a nut job to me). It may hurt your relationship with your son for a while, but if it were me, I'd get anything from the child myself & get a DNA test done. Just let the child drool on you & you might have your sample. Go a lawyer yourself to have YOUR assets protected. You don't know what this woman is capable of. If she goes after your son for money, she'll go after you, wither through the courts or through your son. She has 3 other children from 3 different men & collecting money from them & the state? Don't mean to sound old fashioned but sounds like she's just pumping them out for cash. What type of home life is she able to give the other 3 children? Does she work? Is she on welfare or any type of state aide? Birth control is available for her. Men, including your son (sorry, don't mean to sound nasty) could use a condom. My heart bleeds for you. I am hoping all will turn out for the best for your son. Just PLEASE don't let him be conned by this woman.
I don't mean to sound heartless, but PLEASE< PL... (show quote)

No she does not work. Her third child is only 22 months old. She rodent have to pursue employment (or volunteer, as required by (tanf) as long she has even one child not yet in school.
Feb 9, 2018 20:02:10   #
Because I know how irresponsible he can be.
Feb 8, 2018 18:10:12   #
O.k. I'm not sure. Neither are they. My son was dating a girl and a couple months later we find out she us preggers. She claimed it belonged to the boy she was seeing before.(fast turn around rate). A month before it was born she left my son to go back to that one. The baby was born and suspected baby daddy flies the coop. Now she says it was my sons all along( she has three other kids already by the way, t
3 different dads.) I haven't seen the child yet, and neither the mother or my son want to do a DNA test. It would impact the check she gets for her kids every month. I want to know. I'm about ready to sneak in like James bond to get the samples to test! I hope it isn't his, she apparently doesn't know where they come from.
I don't understand why HE dosent push the issue. Am I missing something?
Feb 7, 2018 11:46:10   #
It reminds me of a movie, Heavy Metal. The animated opening sequence is an astronaut. Piloting a Chevy bel air through space back to Earth. I loved the cute reference to Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy too.
Feb 6, 2018 13:00:01   #
I wish the color showed true. Its the gorgeous creamy, pale yellow of real butter, just beautiful. I think it has decided that it wants to be a shrug for my daughter.
Feb 5, 2018 20:06:50   #
Yep. Bessie the miracle cow. In mudslides, she makes chocolate milk.
Feb 5, 2018 19:06:52   #
Thanks for the help! I'll look thru these and find something good!
Feb 5, 2018 18:45:29   #
It has been so cold here in Virginia. We have had much more cold than usual for us. Thus week we had sleet ice and snow. This morning I was watching the cows in the pasture. We had several calves this year. One if them was trying to get some milk from its mom but it was so cold , all he could get was ice cream!
Feb 5, 2018 18:38:43   #
I think I got it this time.

Feb 5, 2018 18:35:52   #
I cannot get thus darn phone to cooperate! Aarrrggghhhh! I have tried on ravelry and got only one result, listed brand, name, and gram weight.
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