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Jan 4, 2017 09:34:45   #
Britty43 wrote:
Is it done in DK?

Because it's an old pattern it says quick knit but I used dk with no problems :)
Jan 3, 2017 18:43:41   #
Julie1947 wrote:
I have been in to find the pattern But I can't find it maybe it is not avable any more ?

They have it on Deramores site as a download version
Jan 3, 2017 14:35:24   #
knitnut1939 wrote:
I Love it. As I've said before, UK has the nicest baby patterns. Care to share the link?

Thank You :) The pattern is Peter Pan P825
Jan 3, 2017 09:22:49   #
clarkfield wrote:
Beautiful, lucky baby!! Would you share a pattern source?? Thank you in advance.

Thank You :) The pattern is Peter Pan P825 :)
Jan 2, 2017 19:08:05   #
I did start this after Christmas but finished it tonight ;)

Dec 31, 2016 11:34:18   #
Always a nice feeling to be appreciated,especially from grand daughters.My grand daughter of 3 years always wants me to knit for her,and of course Nanna does what grand daughter wants lol ;)
Dec 22, 2016 14:01:26   #
Janallyn wrote:
They are all wonderful, beautiful work. May I ask about the slipper pattern, I want to make a pair, never done slippers before, they look simple, lol, I'm a bit of a simpleton,not really, but sure feel like one sometimes, thank you


Thank you :)
The slippers are on ravelry as a free download, they are very easy to do and a good way to use the odd balls of wool up :)
Dec 22, 2016 12:12:59   #
jeanelaine wrote:
Would you please tell me the name of the pattern for the second scarf and hat?

Sorry there is no pattern, I just casted on stitches and went for it, I doubled it over and sewed together to make it thicker and then gathered the bottom and put pom poms on.Same for the hat, I just used a plain hat pattern to get the number of stitches and tried to do the same colour striped to match the scarf. ;)
Dec 21, 2016 19:14:36   #
RosemaryKnitts wrote:
I need that pillow pattern, it's me. Would you let me know where you found the pattern.

The cushion covers is King Cole 4146 Aran, there are 4 patterns for covers on there,quite big cushions too, 46cm x 46 cm which I like ;)
Dec 21, 2016 19:11:28   #
fourbyin wrote:
Man I love that second picture! May I ask what yarn and colors you used?

Thank You :)
All dk wool, they were just odd balls of wool I was trying to use up, mainly Stylecraft and New Fashion,sorry I can't give you the exact details on them as most of them I've finished the balls now and thrown away the ball bands.
No pattern either, just casted on stitches and went for it lol Then just doubled it over and sewed it together to it was a neater edge and thicker scarf,added pom poms at the end and then did a hat with the same striping ;)
Dec 21, 2016 18:45:41   #
Finished some Christmas presents, have a few more cushion covers to do for my daughter but she knows she will only get them after Christmas.Has been hectic here for the last few months with work and being ill.The needles have still be working their magic though ;)
Hat and scarf sets for my grand daughter and grand son,I did put a bobble on my grand sons set but forgot to take a photo of it before I wrapper it up!lol
Slippers for my grandson, he loves these knitted ones and totally wore the last pair out ;)
One of the cushion covers for my daughter, another one in the making,just needs to be sewn up,making it 2 so far and 2 grey ones to do next.
A jumper for each of the neighbours kids,which I took round today and Ollie the little boy ripped his open before his Mum could put it away for Christmas,so they both had them today and they put them on straight away,they loved them :)

Oct 14, 2016 18:00:06   #
Finished another easy one ;) This ones for my nieces little one,good to use up all the odd balls of wool laying around too!

Oct 8, 2016 11:48:51   #
judyr wrote:

Thank you all for your kind comments ;)
The pattern is King Cole 3680 it has a girls sweater and a boys one on it too :)
Oct 7, 2016 15:27:04   #
Just love knitting these sweaters,so easy but all look so different with all the color variations and different buttons :P
My grand daughter keeps putting her orders in for ones in different colors,she loves them! :)

Sep 29, 2016 14:42:44   #
Thank you all for your kind comments ;)
The pattern is Sirdar 2426, it has a jacket with a hood and the sweater going from 2-13 years old :)
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