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Laramie finally finished, blocked, using.
Hi, Everyone, well after over 40 starts and fails, I finally finished "Laramie" and have it where I want it. In the winter I have burgundy accents in our living area, pillows, afghans, etc and in the spring I go to turquoise and flower prints....and then a turquoise cloth under "Laramie".

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A Few more Fisherman's Keps (K)
Since I knit my first Fisherman's kep last spring I decided to knit a few more.
The first one was knit for my daughter in law for Christmas. The second photo shows that it is completely lined.
The second one is for another daughter in law, she wears it every day walking her children to school.
The third one is for my husband - all yarn from my stash (he chose the colours himself)
The fourth one is mine, the fold-up band shows the new Canadian Girl Guide logo
All are made from various brands of sock yarn
DIL's Kep Christmas present

DIL's Kep showing lining

Kep for the other DIL

And one for my husband

Canadian Girl Guide logo

...and with the lining

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Baby Owl.
This is a Gypsycream pattern that I have knitted for a friend who loves Owls.

I used King Cole Luxe Fur for the feathers and yarn from my stash for the rest.

I keep revisiting this pattern as it is such a lovely quick knit.

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finished first knitted stuffed animal
I finished it!! It is not very good, but I feel a big sense of accomplishment and my dd is eagerly awaiting it and says she doesn't care what it looks like she will love it no matter what.

I named it ragamuffin. I put some weighted beads in it along with fiberfill.

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More Hatss
20 more hats for charity. Will give to Catholic Charities again to hand these out. Hope to keep a few heads warm in this cold weather.

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Some dolls who are going to new homes
I was having a tidy up today in some of the deeper and darker areas of my studio, when I found these dolls. I wrote the pattern for them a few years ago, and this group are the last of the first make dolls who have yet to find homes. So I've just given these Jesse and Josie dolls a last group photo call, before they head off to a local knitting group, who will send them to local charities to be loved and cuddled.

Time for bed!

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A quick knit before school
Dear GD (our youngest, 10) getting in a bit of knitting before school

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New family member :-D
Hello everyone My DGDs have a new family member.
I hope you like these hats. Thanks for your time.

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Socks to gloves
I started knitting a pair of socks. Taat,top down. Using scrap yarns to do a color work or fair isle at the top. Forgetting to use a larger size needles to give the colored part more room, when I went to try them on, I could NOT get them over my big ole feet. Discouraged and disgruntled, I tossed them aside. One night while laying around because I couldnt sleep, a thought came to me.......GLOVES! So I picked them back up and....TAA DAA....I “fingered” it out. I added a thumb gusset and went to town knitting fingers. Never ever made gloves before....but no longer scared to done, 4 fingers and a thumb to go.....YIP YIP

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Anyone Know What This Is?
This was found in an old trunk. I suspect it has something to do with yarn arts, but not sure. Anyone know?

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