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Wedding Dress, Knit and Crocheted
This full length dress took me 2 years to make. I 'free form' crocheted the top and knit the bottom to met the crocheted section. I entered it into the Calif State Fair this year and won 1st place and a first place Best of Division. This is my own design from start to finish. I created as I went.

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Norwegian Beaded Sweater
After months of beading, this sweater is done. The pattern is Summercardigan by Monika Mortensen. I modified the pattern by adding the beads, adding a pleat to the back, changed the neck and knit it on smaller needles and smaller yarn. It was knit on US size 3. I like the way it turned out and the owner is thrilled.

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Yippee! On someone’s ignore list!
I get an abusive private message in reply to a light hearted comment I made on a topic. And now I have made my way onto someone’s ignore list! Do I care? No. At least I won’t get any more bad words from her. One of my mottos is “ I refuse to waste emotional energy on someone who means nothing to me”
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Hat & Fingerless Gloves for granddaughter
These were fun & easy - originally for grandson's girlfriend but that relationship fizzled, so his sister gets them for Christmas.

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Sock addiction?
The last of my socks for the year. I have the second sock of another pair on the needles but with Christmas and New Year celebrations I won’t get them finished....or will I? Jen.

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My little red and cream Christmas jacket.
I discovered this free knitting pattern a couple of years ago and am now just finishing knitting my 11th one! It is so easy and can be done in any 2 colours of your choice.

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1898 Hat
This is my first 1898 hat. I loved every minute of it. I will absolutely make more of these. Once I understood that I was making an I cord, to turn and double the brim, it was smooth sailing. Ahem

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Crochet Dogs that Look Real
Bohemian Girl - Handcrafted on Facebook crochets these dogs that look like your pets by looking at your pictures.

PS: She is booked for the next 2 years :(.

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Gnomes on the loose..
I made these for a right/left game we will play on the 29th. The little guy with the yarn beard will also have $20 in his bag.

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What to do with nice soft dog hair!
My friend has a pomeranian dog who sheds about twice a year and has a beautiful white coat. So after 3years collecting the hair, I carded it, spun and knitted this piece to cover a cushion.

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