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Usually not one to pat myself on the back
BUT........have been trying to figure this out for weeks......
Double crochet chevron pattern, but the kick is, it's done two rows at a time
Kinda pleased with myself today

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Grey and lemon set k
This is the third time I've made this little pattern as I'm trying to make sure it works before I decide whether to do another knitalong
Made a slight mistake in using this stitch pattern but apart from that I'm quite pleased with how it turned out The lemon colour has a bit more yellow to it than the picture shows Wish I had more yarn as I would have made a cardigan to go with it ,I can knit but a photographer I'm not😊

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New baby blanket
Just finished this for my new great nephew. Loved the yarn and the pattern, On the Porch, from Fifty four ten. Lion brand Color Made Easy yarn.

Love how it came out.

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Short rant
Is it unreasonable to expect that a Craft Store belonging to a large international chain should have a full range of kitting needle sizes? Yesterday I went to two local Michael's stores in search of 2.5 and 3mm needles. Neither had either size. The smallest that they had in stock was 3.5mm. There are no other craft stores in this city of 600,000. I went to a couple of Walmarts but their needles were in such a jumble that I just gave up in frustration.
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Stash busting
This winter I am using my left over wool to create rugs. They are far from worthy of any knitting exhibition, that is for sure. But, they are warm to snuggle under during the winter evenings while on the couch. I will need to sew this one together as it is knitted in strips, otherwise too challenging on the hands and arms. All different weights and plies but it kind of works OK.

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Trying to Get Organized
Does anyone know of an app where I can store ALL my patterns. I have some in Ibooks, Drop Box, and Pocket. Plus I have patterns on Mary Maxim, Loveknitting and other websites. I would like to get them all in one place. Thank you for any advice.
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Just a few thing I’ve been knitting
It’s been a while since I posted any work. Its been a busy summer. Hope you like my creations. The blue top is made with lion brand summer nights,with hand bead work around the neck. The jumper is thread lace in double stranded cotton,the pink top is hand knit( I don€™t recall the pattern), the next two are my versions of the Oakland Cape. Last are my scrubbier for craft sales.

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Fall is Coming For AG Dolls
Here are a couple warm items for the well dressed AG doll for fall. The Irish knit cardigan and hat pattern is a Jacknitss Design by Jacqueline Gibb and the coat/hat is called "Don't Forget Your Coat!" by Knitting for Dolls. All items are made using Cascade Yarns Elysian which is my favorite for doll clothes.

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Colonel cluck
Here is a chicken I made for my partner (he keeps chickens and kept asking for one) he named him colonel cluck.

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