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This may be a silly question but.....
I’ll ask it anyway !
I’m knitting a bulky beanie for a man. Pom Pom or no Pom Pom ?
Thanks ! 😊
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My little red and cream Christmas jacket.
I discovered this free knitting pattern a couple of years ago and am now just finishing knitting my 11th one! It is so easy and can be done in any 2 colours of your choice.

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Hat & Scarf
Hi, Wanted to share the hat & scarf I made for my grandson,
He loves it,.. Thanks for looking. :)

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last of my scarves with horses - c
took me longer to get the scarves finished, but in time to be given as gifts, as my sister had surgery and I have been busy

so far all of the recipients have been pleased with them, the remainder are to be distributed tonight

may have one more to do, but thought you would enjoy these as they are different from the others that I had posted, total of 19 done, as my sister donated the one she had knitted to make up the 20 ordered from my friend.

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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to Everyonve
i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.

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Picture of the ladders ...
I made another pair of these mitts in a pastel color and the laddering showed up worse than these although the ones in these mitts are bad enough.
Can't take a picture of the pastel ones because I ripped them all out after finishing them

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Sister's Scarf for Christmas
This was an easy pattern and was a project I carried everywhere to do a few rows every now and again. It is finally finished so I can mail it off today. I used Lion Brand Heartland, color Monte McKinley - most of a single skein that was one of three in my mystery package a received a couple months ago. The yarn is a soft acrylic and the color an attractive pink. I don't remember where I got the instructions as I have it written down only. It is knit 3, purl 1 throughout.

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A happy sunday!
Today I knitted at the swimming pool (in the hotel). I am really a brave man ;)

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Gypsycream Christmas Stockings
These stockings are for my 4 grandchildren and I have finished them just in time! It is such a fun knit and I know they will be well received!

The pattern is so well written and has a well illustrated make up guide. Thank you, Pat!

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Another Christmas Set (K)
I thought I would make a romper set for all the cold weather we are having
I was quite pleased how this turned out

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