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My latest little elephant, Eliza. Basic girl elephant pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits. I found the chart for the motif on the dress on Pinterest. Such fun to think up new designs for the dresses.

Happy weekend to all!

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Sweater Finished
Here is a picture of the full finished sweater, lice on sleeves and all (posted on 3/20). It still needs buttons. This patterns was supposed to be steeked but I decided not to do that even though I have done steeks before. It is a child's sweater so I didn't think I wanted to do all that work. So, the patterning was done back and forth on the knit and purl sides. The edges of the original pattern were done in stockinette with a facing, I just did a 2/2 rib instead. I couldn't get a full picture right side up. Hope you like it.

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How cruel....
PETA via
9:02 AM (7 hours ago)


to me

Dear Norma,

Sheep and lambs who are abused and slaughtered for their wool need your help.

Online fashion retailer boohoo group—whose brands include boohoo, boohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing, and Nasty Gal—decided to go back on its promise to PETA to ban wool, despite knowing how sheep are abused in the industry and that wool is damaging to the environment.

One video exposé after another by PETA and our affiliates has shown that sheep are mutilated, tormented, and sometimes skinned alive, even for "responsibly sourced" wool on self-described "sustainable" farms. This abuse is rampant in the wool industry.

Please ask boohoo to stand by its initial, compassionate decision and become the first global fashion brand to ban wool:

Take Action Now

Thank you for your compassion.


This e-mail was sent t
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I'm from Baltimore
I'm happy to participate in the forum
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Prayers requested
I truly believe in the power of prayer and ask you to say a little one for us here. My MIL got a dire diagnosis at the doctor's today; I went for a test for one thing and they found something else that I have to grapple with first; and my youngest great aunt is sitting vigil with her husband, whose cancer has spread to all of the organs in his abdominal cavity. The doctors have given up and are sending him home. I'm struggling with too much at once here, my poor hub is beside himself and we could use a little divine intervention right about now. Thanks in advance to those who take a moment to ask for strength and guidance for us.
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Matching puppy to romper
Here is the puppy I made to match the baby romper. I thought it turned out pretty cute. The pattern is Little Lovey Set 1 and the yarn I used is Bernat Softee Baby. This pattern set is pretty amazing. Think I will make more of these.

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Charity knits for Maggie Centre
Another few knits for Maggie’s.

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Latest board for Alzheimer’s patient
These are hopefully to engage my sister who has Alzheimer’s. I am hoping that she gets some enjoyment from them. Other clients can see them too as they walk past her room so maybe they can bring joy to others too.

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A cardigan for my friend's 76 birthday
It's difficult to think about what kind of present is going to be good for somebody who is more than 75 years old. So I made this cardigan, I ripped it out a lot of times, I tried different stitches. I don't know if she is going to like it.

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Temperature blanket 2019 so far
I absolutely fell in love with the idea of making a temperature blanket.

A friend’s grandson was due this year so I cracked on to catch up and I incorporated a gold thread on his birth day.

It’s great having a WIP that’ll take a while to finish lol.

Thank you for looking.

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