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Fractal table runner
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments. It will be a gift to my sister. She's the only person I know with a table large enough for it to fit on.
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Funny Cuties


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Looking for Hat Pattern
Does anyone recognize this hat pattern?

ETA: its a Hat s friend made, she wants to make it again but can't remember or find the pattern.

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Help with electronic machine
Let me start by saying I have 930e machine that I am sure works ok as I just finished knitting on it with a G carriage designed scarf. I was trying to imput a simple little heart design to go on a doll skirt and ran into problems. I could not get the machine to reproduce the heart tho i am fairly sure i imputed it alright. So to test the machine, I selected a pattern from Stitch World. What a mess!!! Even tho the needles are selected it did not produce the design. Stitches are bunched up on one needle in places, 2 stitches in a row are dropped. What could cause this? I have MC11 on the dial and Intarsia part button pushed in. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Ombre cowl from Pearl Soho
It took me years to finish this! I started it way too early after learning to knit in 2016. The ombre cowl is a free pattern at Pearl Soho and I made it from one of their kits with such tasty yarns. It’s for my sweet always -chilly 6’4” hubby who likes to look designerly and who deserves loving attention because he encourages my knitting and buying yarn!

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Baby project items
We’re making items for pregnant mums in the area this is what we have so far x

I made the blue hat n the cream n blue blanket

Other blankets were made n donated x

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Christmas Knitted Items
Hello folks,
These are my donations to our local hospice store.
I have made them from Swedenmes KAL patterns.
I have been gifted a wonderful collection of buttons from KP friends and use them to embellish my knitting.
Thank you for looking.

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Hiya Hiya sharp circular needles

Where is a good place to purchase these needles on line for the best price in the USA ? Lots of websites not sure if any are safe. Which website do you purchase from.

Thank you very much for all your help.

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This pillow cover was made from Simply Recycled cotton yarn by Sirdar. It is very soft. I adapted slightly, Magic Square #61 from Barbara Walkers Mosaic Knitting book. I almost quit on this one a couple of times wondering if the vision for the finished pillow was flawed. I am glad I didn't because I am quite happy with it in the end. 17"x17" form ......and on to another......

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Recent knits finished.
Two more for the Craft Fair.

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