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Baby cables raglan increases look a mess
I'm trying to do the Baby cables and big ones too. I think I followed the instructions for the raglan increases, but they look a mess. Does anyone have recommendations for a neat invisible increase.

Thank you
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Which those machines are best studio 155 or brother kh260
Thanks Emma
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New puppy!
The first toy I've made from Toys from the Toybox II. It's for my GD, and I think she's excited about him! I originally wanted to make him from Knitpicks Fable Fur, but that was way too bulky a yarn, and I couldn't see the stitches to count them, even though the softness of that yarn is to die for! This is the Joann Buttercream yarn. Also soft, but the stitches can be seen and counted, and the puppy won't have to have a room all for himself!

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Michigan State...gnome
Only one to go! Just finished U of Michigan , now to do Michigan State!

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Advice Please
Knitting a C2C blanket, using Red Heart Bunches of Hugs. Using the Dragon color, which is blues, greens and yellow. My frustration is with the yellow section of the yarn. Every yellow section has areas of the other colors. I thought about cutting out the mis-dyed areas, but am left with many short yellow sections and Russian join is not great with this yarn.

So my question is: Cut out yellow sections or leave in and not worry about the contrast areas?

TIA for any advice.

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zip-lining in NZ
I just returned (a couple of weeks ago) from a fabulous trip to AU & NZ. Visited an old high school chum in Melbourne, there for just a few days, then on to NZ & a 14 day bus tour. What a beautiful country you all have! If I weren't already old & not inclined to move again, I could live there. My camera broke in the beginning of the trip, so I have little to share, but I did get photos taken on a zip-lining trip. Never thought I'd even try this, but I loved it! It's the most exhilarating thing I've ever done! THis is me, hanging out in mid-air.

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Fishtail braid headband pic and question
I just finished this headband. Is is free on Raverly. Pretty simple to make, once you get in the grove with the pattern.

My question is does anyone know how to make it wider?


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Finally finished
Too many ends to sew in, but it is finished now that Taylor has joined our family. He and my granddaughter were married Oct 5th.

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Do you remember this pattern?
A few months ago someone posted a picture of a pink baby hat and they had used Ruffalina (I think Berrocco) to edge the hat. It was for a newborn and the stitches on the edge looked as if they were beads (purl maybe?) . I remember it as "New Charity Hat" but can't find it now that I have located the Ruffalina yarn. Can anyonepoint me to that post?
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Toyota Ribber
Good afternoon knitters,

I have been away from KP for quite awhile and I know this is the only place to find an answer!
I was recently gifted a Toyota 610 with a KR310 ribber. Is this ribber supposed to have a sponge bar? I’ve just put the machine up today and there’s no way the ribber needles will stay up when I select them. This machine was never used and of course the sponge bar in the main bed had to be replaced. I never gave the ribber a second thought. The bulky ribber I had before had a plastic one.
Thanks for any info you can give me!
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