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Trouble purchasing pattern from Interweave
Has anyone had problems trying to purchase patterns from Interweave? I have been trying to purchase pattern (Undulating Lines) from Interweave for a few days to no avail. I get all the way to payment, input payment info, hit complete purchase, comes back saying “invalid token input payment info again”. I thought perhaps I had made error on credit card number and re entered, same same. Tried another credit card, same same. Tried the next day, same same. Went to LYS and tried on Their equipment same same. Anyone? I really would like to knit this pattern. Have yarn- ready to swatch!!! Any ideas? Thanks
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Tracking sizes
I just noticed that Knitonashingle added a note to one of her pattern posts that she traces the hand and foot of the little ones she knits for each year and includes the date. I've been doing the same thing but I also add body and clothing measurements to the page (sleeve length, etc).
I put it in a folder in the bookcase with my knitting books so it's always handy.
I also printed out the child chart from Craft Council so I can compare and use the correct size.
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cardigan lily
Hi everyone
my new project is finished.
Cotton cardigan Lily for girls 3-4 yrs.

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Weaving as fairisle
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before- but a lot of times I won’t use a fairisle pattern because of the long floats.(and I do know ways to control them- but don’t always have the patience) I usually check the back pages to see the charts to determine if that pattern will work for the item I am knitting. I did notice that a lot of the weaving patterns have many more needles in work, close together.
I have used a few weaving patterns now, in a fairisle mode- putting the “weaving” yarn as the main. It works quite well for what I am making - texting mitts where you don’t want fingers getting caught.
I wonder if I’m the only one who never thought of this before!
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For the last 3 weeks I can not seem to finish any of my wip item. I currently have a sock, bib, cowl, lap afghan, afghan all on knitting needles and I have on crochet hooks a blanket and a preemie hat which have been on the hooks for months. And I can't seem to get myself to finish the items. I will pick up something new to start on. Has this happen to anyone else? I ordered yarn from Ice yarns and received the package on Wednesday and will not let myself open the package since I know I will start another item to use with some of that yarn.

The sock started it all. I am doing my Favorite Vanilla socks by Meaghan Schmaltz on 9in circulars and I hated doing the heel flap and turn. I am on the instep and can't seem to finish it. With the bib I only have the last shoulder to do, but I am not happy with the way it turned out, the cowl is what I am currently working on. The afghan I only have 3 rows done and put that down to work on weekends when I do not get interrupted by friends calling. I can not seem to pick that up and start on it. Which I really need to since I was planning on giving that as a wedding gift in Oct. I was hoping to make some hats and scarves as Christmas gifts for my family and friends but I feel I should finish what I started before I start on that.
Any advice on getting me to finish the items I have started or should I just start working on other stuff? Since I got stung by a black wasp on my ankle yesterday and it still is a little swollen and sore it is a good day for me to just sit and knit as much as I can.
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August Makes
These have kept me busy in between looking after hubby and grandson.
Apart from the bride and groom (Jean Greenhowe) the others are all my own designs.

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Item ID
Can anyone help me identify this item?

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Baby (girl) shower gifts
My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby in early October. My gift to them included bibs, burp cloths, a taggie blanket and a stuffed fox. What would I do without Pinterest? They seemed to really appreciate the handmade gifts.

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Cast on stitches
My knitting cast on stitches are always messy, any suggestions on how to make them neater?

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