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Question about washing
I usually use washable yarns, however I'm thinking about ordering some yarn that is 36% wool/28% cotton/18% linen/18% bamboo. It states hand wash. How steadfast would that be? Would it have to be hand washed?
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Herrschners order disappeared from box while in the custody of UPS
When I get a tracking number from a shipper, I try to use it at least once a day to make sure that said shipment is moving along as expected. Saturday, I checked the tracking page expecting to see that the shipment was in the hands of the local office, planning to be delivered to me that day. Instead, there is a notice that the box was empty when received at an interim location, so box was discarded and UPS would be in touch with Herrschners. I sent an email to Herrschners Saturday asking what I could/should do on my end to cause a replacement to me to get moving. Not even an acknowledgement that they had received a message from me by this morning, so I sent another email, same theme.
Has anyone had something similar to this happen to an order of theirs, and what did it take to get them off their hands? I was hoping to use this yarn for gifts for the grandkids, and recently don't knit/crochet so fast.
Thank you for any suggestions.
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Knitting bears
Today Amazon have a free book for the kindle (ebook) on knitting bears and their outfits. I have never knitted one, but after reading some of the direction I’m going to give it a try. Clear and simple. The title is Easy Knitted Bears by Fiona Goble. Enjoy
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I'm expecting another ggd in December. Here is the first outfit for her. I love making baby clothes. The pattern is Chloe by Honey Drops Designs. I used Lion Brand Ice Cream in lemon meringue. I only used one color instead of the two in the pattern. Thanks for looking.

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Vogue: Jacqueline Van Dillen’s Plaid Pullover pattern instruction question/help
Hi all! I’m hoping someone has crossed this bridge already and can help. Early in the pattern (intarsia) - but after two rows, it calls for casting on several stitches in 3 of the four colors used in the row. It’s my second intarsia project and I cant find any help in casting on without leaving a gaping hole!

It’s easier to increase (make the 4, or 5, or even 27(!) ), but casting on just seems impossible!

Can anyone help? thanks!
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CupCake shawl
I made this shawl from one skein of Lion Brand Cup Cake.

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Seed Stitch Question
Somewhat new to knitting and want to make a seed stitch baby blanket .... I have a limited amount of a multi-color baby sport yarn and crochet uses too much yarn but stockinette would be too thin and curly.

My problem is that as I worked up a sample with even stitches, I kept forgetting to change the pattern line from K1, P1 to P1, K1.

So I decided to use an odd number of stitches and have a one line pattern, K1, P1 for every row. I think it looks the same but I wondered why all the patterns call for an even number of stitches. Is there something I am missing?

Also, I wanted to try slipping the first knit stitch to maintain a neater edge and read online that the last stitch should always be that going to have any affect on the total look of the pattern?

Sorry for asking such basic questions but you guys know more than most ....

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Help with pattern
I am knitting a sweater called Victoria Jumper. I am ready to knit the sleeve. I cannot figure out the following:

work in rib for 14 rows,
dec[dec:inc:dec:dec:inc] 1 st at end of last row and ending w RS facing

For the life of me, I cannot figure this out.
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Well on the blocking board I noticed The darker color of my onesie ran into the straps and the bottom legs. I appreciate any suggestions You may have to remove the blue color from the straps and leg bands. I need this for a shower this Sunday. Thank you in advance.
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After the frog
I am returning to my stash after too many - ahem - years, and I have several works in progress. I’d like to frog them all and start over with new patterns. Any suggestions for how to refresh my frogged yarn to remove the inevitable crinkles?
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