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Temperature blanket finished
My temperature blanket for 2018. I used the high temps where we live at 8000 feet altitude. Only 6 days were below 20 degrees! I am keeping track of temps for 2019...just not ready to start another one yet!

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Some of my Knitted and Crochet stuff!
Here are some of my knitted and Crochet toys and clothes that I have done!

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Yes this one is me again SL

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Steel& aluminum knitting needles and crochet hooks hard on fingers /hands questions
Hi. I was wondering if i am the only one that steel and aluminum needles and crochet hooks makes my fingers and hands sore?

Is there any soft gadgets you can put on needles and hooks to make them softer on fingers and hands?
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Seaming ends
Knitting a scarf with DK Bamboo but using size 5mm needles instead of 4 as I want the scarf to have more of a drape. When I seam in ends as knitting stripes, any ideas the best way to hide the ends?

Thank you!
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FiƱishing Hat
I would like to find some type of finish for the top of a hat. I would like to know how to make the top triangular shape. I don't have a hat pattern I just made one with knit in the round. Thanks.
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My First Cuddly
As many of you may know I talked with Gypsycream about a small doll that was completely child safe that I could use in my craft shows and she came up with this adorable little doll. Not only is it perfect for shows but also for charity knitting or that quick needed gift for a little one. It's also a great stash buster. I was honored to work with her on this and had so much fun. Beware they are addicting! Hope you enjoy seeing my versions of My First Cuddly by Gypsycream.

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Knitting and crochet questions
Hi. I was wondering about two is how does a person know if a knit stitch is not to tight and not to loose and is just right?
also,I find when I am trying to go into both the loops of a crochet st going by a pattern that it is to hard to get into them and tight?
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Cable needles different sizes question
Hi. I was wondering if there are different sizes of cable needles for different weight yarns?
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On line Knitting classes?
I would like to teach myself more advanced knitting teniques. Are there online knitting classes that are free or can be purchased? Four instance fair isle knitting, brioche knitting etc.

Thanks for your help!
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