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Who was it that put the yarn sale topic on with a ten for ten offer
I can't seem to find it
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Happy Easter
These are all my Easter bunnies.

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Angel like it
It's a tad too big, but she'll grow into it pretty quick. The hat is just a tad too small. This is the third time we've seen her, so we're still getting to know each other. Angel is now 20 months old. I would move back up here but it gets too cold up here. I like the warmth much better in the RGV in southern Texas.

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Bookmarks for SIL and DH niece
My SIL and her daughter made an Easter wreath for us so I decided I'd try to make a couple of cross bookmarks for them to use in their Bibles. Finished the second one yesterday.

Oops! Meant to put this in pictures not main. Sorry!!

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Two Needle Socks!
Here are my second pair of socks knitted on two needles they take about two days to do so a quick and easy project to do. These will be for my grandson he just loves my knitted items that I make him.The pattern is from a book called Knit your Socks on Straights by Alice Curtis,and her instructions are really easy to follow.

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Stash enhancement sock yarn
Popped into Tuesday Morning today. I scored 2 skeins of sock yarn. Only $4.99 for the 100 grams skeins. Yay me.

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Fluffy Kitty (k)
Believe it or not...this is a calico kitty anyway, supposed to be. The little kitty Stormy's interested in.
She does have a nose but I couldn't get it to show in the picture..there are ears too, underneath all the fuzz!
One thing I can say is that the yarn is extremely soft!
Thanks for looking!

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Jersey knit fabric as a backing to a knit scarf?
Hey KPers! I hope one, or more of you, very talented souls can help me out here. I have finished knitting a fair isle scarf, and I don't want to double it, but rather back it with fabric, and convert it into an infinity scarf and place a hidden picket in a side seam. I purchased some jersey knit fabric, and would like to use that, rather than fleece, as it is not as hot, and breathes better.

My question is: Do I line up the stretch direction of the knit scarf (going lengthwise) with the stretchy direction of the jersey knit fabric? I really do not sew so I don't know much about fabrics. It also seems for a more stable structure, it might be better to place the jersey knit stretch direction to go the opposite of the stretch of the knitted handwork. Sigh. I don't know. Help!

Any and all help would be most greatly appreciated.
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Just received the most perfect Easter gift. My friend Hannah who dies her own yarn, just gifted me one of her creations. It’s just the perfect colors, turquoise with purple accents. They will become a pair of socks for myself. The color is lighter than the picture. It’s so beautiful. I’m so blessed!

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Shawl with all my leftover yarns
This is odds and ends of yarn using mitred squares. Its quite a large Shawl and very cosy. I added a collar in centre back.

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