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Question about making gauge
I am trying to be more assiduous about making swatches for gauge, especially now that I am knitting more complicated items and not just unfitted accessory stuff. However, I feel a little stymied: I can usually reach the right gauge after trying just a needle size or two -- but many times only getting the right number of stitches but the wrong number of rows. Huh? How do I accommodate for that?
Thanks for your help!
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Redoing a cuff

When picking up DPNS for the second mitten, I inadvertently chose the size smaller than the first. And yes, I like it better. (This is the place to note that it is a matching set of hat/mitts/cowl in an intricate travelling cable/lace pattern)

I know that it IS possible to tink the cuff only and redo it. What has been your success?

1. Meticulously undoing the knitted cuff from cast-on

2. Snipping the yarn prior to the ribbing, unraveling to cast-on, picking up the orphan stitches and knitting backwards with my preferred needle.


3. Frogging the whole mitten and starting over.

How funny, that I have knitted and gifted more hat and mitten sets than I can count. When I attended an outdoor Christmas event on Sunday, I realized that I do not have my own knitted set! And was determined to create something of my own. This set of hat/scarf/mittens has endured more frogging than my most intricate lace offering. I am humbled.

Please share your insights.
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1898 hat help
I am starting the 1898 hat I am at the start up row. It states sl3 wyif I believe I put yarn in front then slip 3 stitches second row I have the yarn resting on needle looking like an extra stitch please advise Seems like simple pattern so why am I having such a hard time starting set up row. Thanks
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my cardigan is coming along
I took a break for a few days. So far I have finished the back of the sweater and part of the right front. I am enjoying the pattern. When I am knitting a bigger project like this, I take a break and knit something small. So I knit a hat. The sweater pattern will be more visible when I have blocked the sweater. But you'll get the idea.

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continue in pattern with increases
I am somewhat new to hand knitting and I am having some difficulty with the sleeve portion of the sweater. I have already made the front and back without any problem. I have just completed row 8 and it states that these 8 rows set position of pattern, does that mean that the eight rows are the pattern? If this is the case I then complete 1 & 2, Then when I get to the increase row K1, m1, pattern to the last stitch m1, k1, pattern row would be 3, do I count the k1, m1 in the k5? I am so confused.

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Another Aussie summer knit cowl
This one is called "Good Fence Scarf" from
I knitted it in 4py Gelato cotton/acrylic blend on 4.5mm straight needles

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1898 hat question
A few days ago, someone asked about how to make top of hat so it wouldn't be as pointed. Someone said to omit the knit row and just do the decrease rows on the last few rows. I can't find where she said how many rows she omitted the knit row and how much longer she made the part that calls for 5" . Would 6 " make the hat too deep?
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Finished at last.
Hubby moaned at how long this took me but at last he appreciates it. It's for my first grandchild due next May.

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I'm finally finished!!
Well, I have to weave in tons on yarn but I'm done otherwise!

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passap unicorn
Hello all. I am a passap knitter in the Uk. I am attempting to knit a unicorn jumper for my daughter. i tried to translate a printerest unicorn to a 40 stitch punchcard but it is not very good. Does anyone have a design please.
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