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Looking For Knit Pattern
I will be surprised if anyone can help me. Quite a while ago I found a knitting pattern for a hat that was like a turban and I left the tab open for months. My tablet shut down on me and poor the pattern was gone. I am finally going to make something for myself and now can't find the pattern. It looked to be a knitted brim and then a long knitted section that might have wrapped the brim. This hat was a multicolored yarn. I have looked at all the hats on Pinterest and Google pictures. To top it off the hat was on a site that didn't seem popular. If anyone can find this I will be truly amazed. T.I.A.
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Christmas cheer
I knitted these socks for my 76 yo neighbor who fell and broke three bones in her right arm hoping they will cheer her up. She is a good neighbor but lonely living alone in the country. The doctor says she must stay in town wth her daughter until her arm is healed and she is mobile again. Sucks getting old.

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Turkey anyone ?
Just stuffed 3 turkeys for Christmas!

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crochet hooks
My daughter crochets. She bought a set of many different size hooks and basic tools and is happy with it. I want to know if there are premium crochet hooks. I know in knitting different people love different needles, but there are many that are "cadillac". Is this true for crochet hooks as well? Are there tools that hookers use that might not come in a basic kit? Thanks in advance.
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Just sharing ( knitting ) SL
.Sorry no link for Santa bag

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That is how I use ALL my scraps
If you frugal that is what you do !!!!

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To all who have a birthday today 12-19-18 sl

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Test knit : The Varling sweater 2018/226
This is a lovely knit bottom up, body in one piece. For the life of me I could not get the pattern stitch to work out for the shoulders while doing GSR so i opted to do the rib which is also at the bottom of the sweater. Now off to wash and block. I thought it came out nice...

Pattern release date is 15/01/2019

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Pictures from my Craft Room
My daughter was a in a Jeweller's shop and they were changing the posters and stand up cards to the next season and noticed that they had packed it to be discarded. She asked them if they would consider giving it to me ( her Mother) who would appreciate it and use it to up cycle them with her craft group. The Lady was happy to give them to her for me and I was the lucky recipient . I have a cardboard cutter and made these gift cards . I use my punches and punched some flowers and items I have collected and with some shiny diamente and here are the results

Benita Perth WAust.
Discarded Posters from a Jeweller's shop . I used them to make these gift cards .

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19-12-2018 LK150 Clean Up
I gave my second LK150 a quick clean up yesterday since it has been in use for most of the time since I bought it in August 2016.

All the needles were removed as well as the sponge bar and the needle slots cleaned as best as one can. Sponge bar is still good

The amount of cumulated rubbish under the knitter was surprising since the LK150 sits flat where ever it is mounted; see images.

Main reason for the clean up was that I had a hand full of needles in the bed centre not knitting sometimes when using an e-wrap cast on. Not enough rows to get the cast on comb into the fabric to get the weights on. Hopefully and touching wood (my head) that the issue is fixed.
Left half

Right half

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