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English roses for Italian yarn bomb!
My Roses made for Purl Queens Italian yarn bomb.

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My W.I.P finished
I hope you like the baby's christening shawl now that it is completely finished. Modelled by my late daughters baby doll Jane, who is about 38 years old. It really has been a joy to knit. I would like to thank everyone for their lovely compliments when I showed it when it was a w.i.p. I have threaded pink spotted ribbon, through the boarder and added a triple cluster of rosebuds with pink bows and tiny pearls to each corner, which is not on the pattern.

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Photo group!
Last time I show some of my treasures in course!
Now that they were delivered on Hospital, to surprise child on 1st June, I came to show a photo group of the 26 Teddies!!

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Isadora Doll Set Free Vintage Knitting Pattern
Isadora Doll Set Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

Dress, Coat, Bonnet, Vest, Panties and Bootees For Large Baby Doll
1940s Style Knitted in 3ply/Fingering Wool. Original in Snow White

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Cardigan and boot toppers
These had been two projects put on back burner needing sewn up and washed . Lovely day yesterday so finally complete , washed and dried. Thank you for looking.

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Yarns and yarn substitution
Don't you hate it when you find a pattern you like and the yarn recommended is not available in your Country!! I live in Australia and a lot of yarns are not available here in Australia. Does someone know what the yarn substitute is for Drops Air please....

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Forgot to Slip a Stitch
I am knitting socks from a pattern from Alice Yu’s book Socktopus pg 48. Called V Junkie. It calls for knit 5, slip 1, knit 5, slip one, all around the leg of the sock. This makes the slipped stitch elongated.
I knitted the stitch that I was supposed to slip. Now I’m three rows past. How do I fix it?
Any suggestions are appreciated other than tinking because the stitches are so very small and I’d have a hard time getting all the stitches back on the needles.
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Update to “what yarn to use”
This is the end result of my wrap, maybe some of you remember I asked about yarn and color to use for the border.
I ended up using lion brand Landscape Bordeaux.
I love how it turned out and am getting lots of compliments.
Thank you all for letting me bend your ear...

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a change from a pompom
Wanted to try something other than a pompom for a hat topper.

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Another Cuddly - Gypsycream design
Decided to knit a different hat for this little guy!

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