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New Projects
There are two little sweater sets for a friend of mine's twin granddaughters. They are slightly different so they can tell which is which. Also, a Zic Zac scarf/shwawl that I worked on off and on for five months. I am very pleased with all of my work. Not perfect but perfect to me!

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what pattern is this
Can anyone identify this pattern which I came across, & can it be knit in 2 or more colors.

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A few weeks ago I had given the sad news that Bentley was not doing well. When I got him at the age of 4 (his previous owner was passing away from cancer and he and his cat brother needed a home where they could stay together. So I took them both in) he had Addison's and in the 5 yrs he has been with me he has also developed pancreatitis, thickening of the lining of his stomach and then liver issues, Friday I took him to the vet and he developed another health issue he was anemic so we put him on more meds. The meds did not help and Bentley has passed away during the night. He is up in heaven playing once again with his cat brother Tigger.
My sweet little boy put up a good fight and will always be in my heart. With all of his health issues I am lucky I got the time I did with him.

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Yarn overs twisted, to prevent holes
I am a bit confused.

Pattern - Raglan - all increases are worked from the right side. Increase by making
one yarn over (2 sts increased in each raglan line).
On the next row work the yarn overs twisted to prevent holes. The increased stitches are worked in stocking stitch.

My question is, do I knit into the back of yarn overs or purl into the back of the yarn overs?

Help appreciated.
Thank you
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Thanks, LenaB
Thanks, LenaB, for inspiring me to make one of your wraps. I had several magic balls of yarn, calling to me, as well, so knitted this up yesterday. I used two strands of yarn and size 11 needles. I had made several wraps last winter in our Winter Texan campground campground, and a friend was going to take them to the cancer center and see what they think about having our group make more. I think there is a dialysis center in town, as well.
Thanks for all your hard work and giving nature.

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A bunny for my daughter

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Felted slippers
I made these from the pattern in Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas. I used Drops Eskimo Uni Colour: petrol and it took 2 and a bit 50g balls.

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skateboard elephant
Just completed this sweater for a grandnephew. Skateboard Elephant by Amy Bahrt W661 (Cascade Yarns)

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What is the best shape shawl
Does anyone know what is the best shape shawl to make that won't slip off when I wear it? I really need a crochet pattern (I do not knit) for a shawl that will stay put.
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Hope bunny
This is Hope. I hope she brings happiness and joy!

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