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Cone or skein?
Hi ladies today I have another question for y’all about yarn!

For those of you that have cones of yarn, did you purchase them with yarn already on them or did you buy skeins and wind it yourself? Which option is cheaper and preforms better?

Also if anyone knows of any brands that carry a wide variety of bright colors (in cotton acrylic blend 4 ply)
Please let me know!! Most companies I’ve seen with with type of yarn either doesn’t have colors I like or they sell out super quick :(
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Looking for chart that shows yarn equivalent
I. am looking for a chart. that shows yarn equivalents. i.e. 2. strands of. fingering is equivalent to 1 strand. of DK.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Toddler Play Suit
Something warm to wear in cooler weather. I located this interesting pattern on line.....made some accomodations and went for it with left over yarn: Elisabeth Verden - wooly jumpsuit/Drops Design. I recommend this pattern because it was easy to understand and it was fun to knit.

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Yarn giveaway
Little knits is having a drawing for 100 balls of yarn. Just go to their site and enter. They do have beautiful yarn and great prices.
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Our Prime Minister and his wife visit the US

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Help with difference in pattern
Hi I am new so good evening to yall.I am having a problem with c/o sts. Example I will cast on for 32+2. So cast on with multiples of 8+2. So i follow pattern and i come up with not enough stitches or too many stitches. I am familiar with decrease & increase in lace work & I check my work. I hope someone can help. Thanks
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Newest batch of stash buster giveaways.
All of this yarn was in my stash and these didn't begin to make a dent in my SABLE status.
Machine knit use of orange and yellow.

More orange bit the dust via MK

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More hats for craft fairs coming up
Btw I am now making my own faux fur poms. Bought fur material at Joanne’s and learnt on You Tube “how to”. I am a bit nervous for these craft fairs as I am not sure what reaction I will receive as I live in a very rural place who are not up to the latest Trends!!! Spent a small fortune on yarns so far 🥺
Wool from the Andes Knitpick

Squishy crochet hat with baby alpaca

Lion brand and Sprightly very bulky yarn

Lion brand Wool ease worsted

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Little Knits Give Away
They are having a 100 skeins give away, only continuous USA. Go to their FB page like them and share. That is all it is needed to enter. I just did.
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Little Knits
Little Knits is giving away 100 skeins of yarn. Check out their website or face book. Good luck.
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