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What is a swift?
I’m looking into buying a yarn winder. I read in some of the descriptions “best when used with a swift,” which adds considerably to the cost. What is a swift and what does it do, and do I need one?
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Name this bear
Hi all , ok so I knitted this bear . It is a pattern by Arne and Carlos. I love those guys and their patterns. The yarn is one ball of sock yarn. I did start the pieces of at the same places to match them. Sooooo help me name my bear

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Fun Fur Necklace Cowl
Made this necklace cowl from three leftover skeins of fun fur for sale at a boutique table at my quilting guild's show this fall. Items have to be sold for ten or under dollars.

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gauge question
I would like to make another Alieas cardigan. Last one I used Drops Karisma and my gauge was perfect. 21 stitches X 28 rows on size 7 needles
The next one I would like to use Drops Nord the gauge is on 2.5 needles 24 stitches X 32 rows.

My question is. Do you think that it would work if I knit the cardigan with 2 strands of yarn to get the right gauge. I know I will try it in the morning just looking for tips. ahead of time. Thanks!
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Happy giftee
This is Kenzie and it's 90 outside. I don't think she notices. She was so happy that she got her owl hat for her birthday. Her aunt asked me to make it for her niece.
Love seeing happy recipients.

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Peter Fonda
Died! 79 yrs well Easy Rider!!!
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Stash busting
This winter I am using my left over wool to create rugs. They are far from worthy of any knitting exhibition, that is for sure. But, they are warm to snuggle under during the winter evenings while on the couch. I will need to sew this one together as it is knitted in strips, otherwise too challenging on the hands and arms. All different weights and plies but it kind of works OK.

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An extra hand
Sometimes you need an extra hand. I often use my sewing machine's presser foot to hold my work. The well lit work surface is perfect for the tedious job of fringe tying on a machine knit 'Easy Shawl'. There was not enough contrast between the white shawl and the white surface so I placed a piece of colored paper between them. It also covered the gap between the machine and the attached table. Note: It takes longer to tie the fringe than to knit the shawl.

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Trying to Get Organized
Does anyone know of an app where I can store ALL my patterns. I have some in Ibooks, Drop Box, and Pocket. Plus I have patterns on Mary Maxim, Loveknitting and other websites. I would like to get them all in one place. Thank you for any advice.
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(C): Need help with zig zag pattern.
Hi All: I know someone, probably lots of you will know the answer to this.

I want to get deeper zig zags in a blanket. I've looked at a whole bunch of them but aren't sure what is making the difference in the range from a gentle ripple to a really deep zig zag.

I understand the width of the pattern; wider and narrower repeats. I get that you can eliminate the holes for the most part but I am not understanding what makes the pattern go from gentle waves to hard edged ups and downs.

Is it the sc instead of the dc that makes the difference?

I look forward to hearing from all of you with so much experience.
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