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Casey doll
This is Casey. I hope you and the children like the doll. Thanks for looking!

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Help regarding a diagram
I have followed this pattern and have been able to successfully make it till Row 9 but I am having problems continuing further.
In Row 9 there are in total (3+3+3+4+3+3+3) 22 stitches
And in row 10 I have to make 9 single sc and 3 sc together and then 8 single sc which means total 18 stitches.
So in Row 9 - 22 stitches
In Row 10 - 18 stitches

Thus, 4 stitches are extra. I do not know where I am going wrong. I would be glad if anyone can help.

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Toy Scarf Problem
I am knitting a toy called Mr. Bun and his scarf is small that will go around his neck. The pattern itself calls for a size 5 needle. Last night I tried 10 times + and cannot get through a couple stitches. Then tonight I tried 5 more times and still no luck. It is the first row after the cast on. I tried a larger size needle and I give up. If I can get that 1st row going I will be ok.

Cast on 5 sts

Row 1: k1,kfb, k2tog, slip the last st purlwise with yarn art the front of work (5 sts)

Row 2: k to last st, sl the last purlwise with yarn in front of work. (5 sts)

There are only two rows to be repeated 78 times

Row one I can of course do the k1 but the kfb is starting to get tighter on my needle. Trying to get to next st of k2tog forget it. Both those sts are so tight.

I have loosened my tension specifically and even went to a size 6 needle and I cannot get the scarf going. I am also a thrower and have tried other ways to cast on but my fingers don't co-operate. I am attaching a picture of him. Any help is so appreciated. Thank you (you may have to enlarge his picture)

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Crochet dolls
Did anyone else see the pretty crocheted dolls that a viewer who was a guest today on The Talk brought for each of the cohosts? The dolls were created to resemble the ladies of The Talk. She did an excellent job.
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Karbonz needles?
I have set of Karbonz I hadn’t used in a while, used this week and feel in love again. Anyone know who sells them and brand?

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My Varsity FB QB
They won their game last Friday. He and other QB took turns playing so he got some good field time and didn't get his bells rung!
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Just a chuckle
Love their facial expressions.

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stitch social
I went to the Knit Social at our local craft store this evening. It is a short walk and this is the first Tuesday evening in four that it hasn't rained. The ladies are all really really nice and they knit and crochet up a storm, all the while keeping up conversations all around the table. I can converse or I can knit. That's okay. It was a nice evening out. One of the ladies wants to look up Bedtime Gnomes. Isn't that a hoot! I told her how she can find the pattern. They are everywhere. teehee
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Bind off at neck edge every 2nd row 2x4 sts

I am new to this forum and to knitting. I am currently knitting a sweater and have reached the point of shaping the neckline. There is an instruction I don't fully understand and was hoping someone here may be able to help. I have searched google for some clues but came up empty. The instruction is:

Work same as before until back measures approx. 77cm in. Slip first 11 sts on holder for neck edge. Bind off at neck edge every 2nd row 2x4 sts. Work until back measures approx. 80cm.

I have put the first 11 stitches onto a stitch holder but don't understand what the pattern is asking me to do with Bind off at neck edge every 2nd row 2x4 sts.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Oops! Posted in error
Oops! Posted here in error.
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