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Need help with this pattern (C) please
Hey All:

I love this blanket I found in the newest Mary Maxim catalogue but it is labeled 'Intermediate' so I'm not sure if I can do it.

I called and the phone agent didn't know what the pattern was nor how difficult. She suggested I just buy it (kit with yarn) and if it was too hard, return it. I don't mind paying for the pattern and yarn, but I didn't think I wanted to pay postage both ways just to find out the pattern was too difficult for me.

Does anyone know this pattern? I'm not asking you to share it, just give me the gist of why it is labeld 'Intermediate'.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Cast off Edge for Shawl
I'm looking a stretchy cast off for a large shawl but not too stretchy as there will be a few rows of crochet edging to finish it off & I'd like both parts to have a fairly close "stretch factor" so they match.- what would you guys suggest ? Many thanks
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crochet shawl
Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy shawl for someone with arthritic hands? I have a hard time keeping my stitches even. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Question re curl
Does crocheting around the edges of a punch lace shawl stop the curl?
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Shock horror gasp!!!
I was persuaded to knit a shawl for a friend. Havent enjoyed this project much at all. Arthritis in my hands make knitting not so comfortable any more. If I hadn't had a short time limit, it might have been easier.
Well I finally finished knitting and gently hand washed it. Popped it on the queen size bed to check if I could block it on there. I hadn't even started stretching it out and spotted a problem....
way back on the first part of the border.
A hole!!!
The yarn had broken.
I walked away for an hour then went back and tackled the disaster. It took nearly 2 hours and it's not perfect but I'm not breathing a word. Hoping she won't spot the " design element"

Edited to add...I probably will tell her.

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Help! Grandson ripped out part of his “Mimi Blanket”.
I knitted this car seat blanket for him two years ago. It’s a basketweave. Now that he is playing with cars and trucks (and he takes it everywhere) somehow this happened!! What is the best way to fix it? It doesn’t have to be pretty - just stop unraveling. Thank you

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Substitution (C)
I have a very old filet crochet pattern from the USA which calls for heavy cotton, which I have never heard of before, and a No.8 steel. There is no mention of which brand of yarn to use. Which do you think would a better substitution a No.8 or No.10 crochet cotton? Of course I would crochet a swatch before starting on the real project but I don’t want to buy two balls of cotton just to find out. Would appreciate any help.
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Hobbii sock yarn
Loving the colors, knitting along, PERFECT MATCH until about two inches before toe decrease...then the colors go wonki

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I need help in making muffler
I would like someone to help me with the steps for making muffler knitting on knitting machine. Am using standard guage machine, please.
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Knitted Fox Cub
I enjoyed Making this Fox Cub in eyelash yarn.

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