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Switching double pointed needles to circular needle
Can I change from knitting on 3 double pointed needle to a circular needle. My circular needle is too long to begin to knit a cuff on the leg of a onesie. Could I change to circular once I start to increase the leg. Thank you Bonnie
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Need help with a technique
I'm starting my first slightly lacy center out knitted square. Tin can knits, vivid blanket. It's going ok but I'm having problems with the last stitch. The way the yo are in the pattern it ends up being the last stitch before I switch needles using dpns or the last stitch before I switch sides on magic loop. I keep getting that last yo so tight it's almost unworkable. Is there a trick to keep the tension correct when yo is the last stitch?
I already tried changing where I divide my stitches on the needles but within a couple rounds you're right back to a yo on the end. I hope this makes sense and thanks for any help.
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Watermelon theme C
Just finished this vest for my GD. She loves watermelon so it should be a hit. I'm giving her the option of sleeves so if she picks to have them, then I'll post updated pics.

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Baby Lamb
Hello everyone, I know its been a very long time since I've posted anything. Had to take a break from knitting due to trigger finger then tennis elbow. Got the finger fixed up with surgery but the elbow pain is still there but anyways. I'm here to show off my latest knit by our very own designer Pat aka Gyspycream. This pattern is one of hers that she designed a few years ago but just now or as of lately I seem to know a few mom to be and I thought this would be perfect for a little angel soon to be born next month. So here she is waiting for her new mommy to come into this world to love her. Isn't she just precious, I think so. Anyone can find this pattern from Pat's collection of Toys From The Toy Box.

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Off to Australia for Declan's baby sister
Declan now has a new baby sister so have posted these off ready for their winter

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Tea Cosy
I surprised a friend with this. She was thrilled, especially as I had knit it myself.

Here it is:

This is where the pattern came from - a very old booklet of patterns for children to knit.

My sisters and I used it when we were little.


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Ghillie dhu dolls
Hi we’re doing these to give to fosters n carers who give them to the children x

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M1 knit question
Pattern calls to K3,yo,K1,M1........ If it doesn't say M1 L or M1R, does it mean to just pick up the bar stitch , put it on left needle and knit thru the back?
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Meet Valerie, my latest bunny - just finished today.

Happy Knitting everyone!

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2 stitch i-cord bind off?
Has anyone done a 2-stitch i-cord bind off? Is it even a thing? I am putting a seed stitch border of about 2 inches on the knitterati gradient lapghan and am thinking about finishing it off with the i-cord bind off, but the 3-stitch seems a bit heavy for the border.

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