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Hexagon shapes blanket made of knitted hexagons
I just finished seaming together my hexagon blanket. I like the idea of the beekeepers quilt but I wanted a simpler (and free) hexagon pattern, something I could work on at track meets. I found this pattern and went with it. My youngest said to me that I should make the blanket hexagon shaped and I told her I would if she designed it. She did. So 140 hexagons later, I have a small blanket I a€™m keeping for myself for track meets. Some of the hexagons are thinner yarns held double or even triple. This was a great stash buster and once I knew the weight of a few of the hexagons I could weigh my little yarn balls and know if I had enough to finish a hexagon.
They are all different colors even though some look pretty similar in the picture.

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People and their dogs!!!
I have noticed people are bringing their dogs everywhere! Why?
My husband and I were in a motor vehicle office this week to change our addresses on our driver's licenses and vehicle registration.
I was standing in line waiting my turn when an older couple were standing in line behind me. All of a sudden their dog jumped and bit
the back of my leg! What a shocker! Reports were made by the officials in the office and the local police department was called to make
and file a report. Luckily the officer suggested that I go to a doctor's office to have it checked. I wasn't even thinking correctly, I was so
upset at what happened. The doctor cleaned the bite and gave me a tetanus shot and prescriptions for an antibiotic and an antibiotic
cream for the next 7 days. The bite was on a vein so my leg has a large purple mark. The owners claimed he never did this before!
Not everyone likes your dog as you do.
I just don't understand why people need to bring their dogs everywhere they go.
Thanks for letting me vent.
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Most boring knit
What's the most boring item or large section of an item that you have knitted lately? Normally I would say large expanses of stockinette stitch on tops but I just started a new test where I have to make a tube of 1x1 ribbing that I'd 342 stitches around and 15" long on tiny needles. I might be insane before I finish.
What's your most boring project?
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Knitted Beanie for 12year old Grandsom
To KPers? I bought Lincraft Cosy Wool 8 ply and am making a beanie for GS. On the ball band it says to use 4mm needles but on the Lincraft pattern it says to use 7mm needles as I am using 2 strands of yarn. I asked the young girl in Lincraft and she didn't seem to know if it would be ok or not. It says on pattern for 12 year old child the head measurement is 54cm but because of double strand I don't want it to double in size. Can you offer advice Please?
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Pattern help-shaping raglan
Hello all I’m currently working on a cardigan with the directions below and I need help understanding part of the directions. The size I’m doing is the 4th number in the brackets

Shape raglan armholes
Keeping patt correct, cast off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows.
52 [54: 56: 58: 60: 62: 64: 66: 68] sts.
Next row (RS): K1, sl 1, K1, psso, patt to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.
Working all raglan armhole decreases as set by last row, dec 1 st at each end of 4th and 0 [0:0:1:0:0:0:1:0] foll 4th row,then on every foll alt row until 28 [28: 28: 30: 30: 30: 30: 32: 32] sts rem.

I understand that I decrease 2 total stitches every 4th row but I don’t understand “and 0 follow 4th row, then on every foll alt row...”
is there an additional decrease?

Any help would be appreciated!
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A question:
I know what French knitting is...or it used to be called that. Is there such a thing as French crochet? Worked the same way?
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I want to thank all of those who sent me dolls to knit for charity. I love to knit doll clothes.I received a lot of dolls to make so many little girls happy this Christmas! Thanks Again! Cynthia
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my yarn-fast
It is 1 1/2 months into my yarn-fast. No buying of yarn until August 1st. This last week has been the hardest so far. I am noticing a sense of disappointment that I am not buying any yarn. I tried distracting myself with some cross-stitch but it didn't work. I see a lot of helix hats in my immediate future. Maybe I won't make a resolution like this again for a really long time. I did go in to the yarn store on our main street to talk to the lovely lady there. I told her about my plan. I said she should be sure the shelves are really well stocked, particularly in James C. Brett cottons. We had a lovely chat and I left without buying yarn. Woohoo. Just 6 more weeks or so.
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The "other" afghan....
This is other the Afghan I am working on. The knitted Canada one is for day time and this crocheted one is the evening that has been going for several years now. Getting close to the finish..... I think although I do still have a lot of wool left...

Still needs blocking.

I have used up about three quarters of the squares that I have made.

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one hat per week - week 5
adult Newfie Hat

Still stash, LB Fishermans wool in cream and some berry variegated.

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