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UFO completed
I combined two patterns, roadblocks, packed away for years. Just completed with more patience and less interest, needs blocking, but it's done! It fits and will be a sweater to grab for light warmth when needed. I've had a burst of interest in knitting after a few years and it will feel good to start a new project guilt-free with that UFO tub emptied! Happy fall knitting to you all.

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Sock yarn
I was wearing the socks that I knitted and they were rough and not soft. I know that they need to be knit tight to last and that soft isn't necessarily good for socks but does anyone know of a brand of yarn that is soft yet good for socks? My feet are sensitive and I want to enjoy wearing my hand knit socks. Thanks for your help.

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Crochet hook size to mm knitting needle size
Hi All.. I have a crochet pattern that uses 10mm crochet hook, but would like to knit this pattern, can someone tell me what size knitting needles I need to use in mm ...tks for the help
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Latest knits
First one Stylecraft 9021. Still can't make up my mind re how to fasten.
2nd one is called Holiday Mice. Not too sure about white in eyes.
3rd one small Christmas stocking. Half of order done

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Just purchased this hat pattern.....if I make the hat will it be possible to make a neck warmer using the pattern?

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Jumper, bootees and teddy bear
My great niece has just had a little boy and as she was given lots of tiny baby things I decided to knit for next year. Thanks for looking, Tortie.

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Parchment paper instead of wax paper...
I experimented on my new 35 cm bamboo needles to make them a bit more slick and had no wax paper to rub them so I tried with parchment paper and it works wonders, thought I'd share the info.
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Super cool yarn
Hi all. I just got a new yarn yesterday. It's different colors and textures all in one. I started knitting it up in all knit stitch using super chunky needles. Just doing a simple scarf with this one. I can't wait to see how it ends up. Woohoo πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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Rudolph hat and mittens k
Ive been making so many knitting requests lately , not that I'm complaining as its more money to donate to charity , but it was nice to get back to knitting something I choose to do ,and fun to get started on some fun winter knits , the Rudolph chart I used came from a drops pattern for a sweater , I first used it a couple of years ago on a christmas pillow and now I've used it on this little hat and mittens set, had a job trying to remember how I did the noses but I'm pleased with how they worked out , find it funny how some of the rudolphs look completely different from each other , that one on the mitten looks like Oscar the grouchπŸ˜„

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Kitty Kat
Had real fun looming this Kitty Kat.

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