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Great great nephew and Ted the Bear
Don's nephew posted a picture of his grandson Ben meeting Ted Bear. He mentioned that Ben's great great Aunt Susan knit it for him. Yikes!!! I hadn't thought of it but I am a great great aunt. I think I aged a few years just now. Duane's daughter and family live in BC so he doesn't get to see them too often. Ben is 7 months old.

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Help with knitting pattern please!!!!!

I don't think this is desperately complicated, but it's something I haven't come across before and whatever I have done is wrong.... I basically need to know what "work k1" means in the following:

"5th row: k1, work k1, yf and k1 in next stitch, (sl1, work k1, yf and k1 in next stitch) 8 times"

It comes up throughout the pattern.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Getting Ready for This Year's Holiday Craft Fair........
Here's just a few of the items that I've finished for this event!
Dishcloth dress

Cable knitted sleeveless dress

Girl's Hat and Scarf Set

Little Boy's Hoodie

Blanket, hat & mitten set for baby

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Type of yarn for my first knitting machine ?
Hi, everyone!

I am about to get my first knitting machine and I have to choose between a Brother KH965 and a Brother CHUNKY KH 270.

Brother KH 965 - Needle Pitch: 4.5mm (5.6 Gauge)
Brother CHUNKY KH 270 - Needle pitch: 9mm

Now, my question to you would be : which one to chose, considering that I mostly work with DK light worsted weight yarn (8ply) 11 wpi ?

I'm a complete beginner with a knitting machine and truly need your help!
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Another one! Georgia Bulldogs gnome
Hope you like this lil U of Georgia Bulldog fan!

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New machine knitter, problems with looping
Hello, Machine Knitters,
I’m learning to use a Brother KH830 and can cast on ok but I sometimes get loops of yarn appearing at the beginning of my rows as I’m knitting, as though the yarn is catching somewhere under the carriage. I also occasionally get random stitches hooked around the gate pegs, which I don’t notice until the weighted casting-on comb isn’t descending evenly as my knitting grows. It’s probably a very basic error but it’s driving me nuts! Any ideas what I’m doing wrong, please, and how to correct it? Many thanks.
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Am I cracking up?
I am convinced I saw a post in the last couple of days (yes, I know its a long shot)
She had knitted a cabled head band for her mum I think.
I have looked through 10 pages of Newest Pictures, nothing there. No, I didn't comment on it or bookmark it
Does it 'ring a bell' with anyone please?
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Men's crochet hook
I am going to teach basic crochet stitching for pot holder. The gentleman"s hand are big and fingers long. I saw Crochet Dude hooks and was wondering if this is the way to go. Anyone out that crochets have an idea?
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Linking Book
I recently purchased a book called "Linking Knitwear for Machine Knitters" by Helen Sharp. (It is available on Amazon.) Lots of very clear photographs and concise instructions. How to calculate the length of a neck band and how to create them and link them were my favorite topics. It mostly covers using a Linker, but there is a section on linking using a knitting machine. It has the clearest set of instructions I've seen on how to calculate the length of the neckband (which is needed for machine AND hand knitters), and for me, it was worth the price just for that. --I have no financial interest in the sale of this book--
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Squishy Mail!
I placed my first-ever online yarn order last Tuesday night, ordering from Ice Yarns. I generally prefer 100 percent animal fibers and I limited myself on quantity, ordering a few sale items I thought I'd want to try, and one yarn that I could not say no to. Placed the order late Tuesday night, probably around midnight here on the east coast of the US, and received the package around 10:00am Monday. I haven't even touched the yarn with my bare skin yet so I don't know how I will find it in practice, but it looks good; shopping speed was very impressive; communication was great every step of the process; and it arrived with an Ice Yarns tote that, of course, I will be putting to good use! I'll update if I have anything specific to say about the yarn itself, but thus far you can count me in amongst those who applaud Ice Yarns as a company. And yes, shipping not be inexpensive but if you order more than just a couple of skeins, it is still a savings over what I have found domestically!

As you might infer from my order, I am clearly in an Autumnal State of Mind (okay, except for the purple mohair). The grey is sparkly. The yarn I could not pass up is the grey with large flecks of black, gold and burgundy.

As much as I would love to play with my new yarn, DH and I have great seats at tonight's NLCS Game 3, here at home, after the Nats have already taken the first two games!

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