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Not Too Bad for a First Attempt
One of the couples in our church is on their way to Cuba, the island, where they intend to visit our sister church. They wanted something local to take with them to give to the people in Cuba. So my silly self volunteered to make a Navajo-style weaving. I mean, I learned how to use a floor loom when I was 13. How much different could it be?

Well, it is different. WAY different. I learned a lot in the process. Now I want a big loom instead of the mini model.

Here are pics of the process and the finished product.

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C - Pinetop Beanie
Pinetop Beane - Pattern (Hooked on Homemade Happiness ) part of the CAL for Cancer by Sweet Potato 3

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Joyce's Comfort Doll
I made this little guy as a going away gift for my friend who's moving away...600 miles away! Sure glad we have cell phones!

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Using scrubby yarn
when i am using red heart scrubby yarn (which is 100% polyester) to make exfoliating wash cloths, i like to add a cotton yarn as well.

i use size 10 knitting needles, and double the scrubby yarn. i cast on 30-40 stitches depending on my mood, and i use garter stitch throughout. then i tie on a cotton yarn (usually a peaches and cream yarn) and knit the first row with all 3 strands. i leave the cotton yarn dangling and knit two rows in scrubby yarn. for the next row, i pick up the cotton yarn and knit 1 row with all 3 strands. i continue that way - knitting two rows with scrubby yarn and knitting 1 row with all three - until the cloth is the size i want.

the cotton yarn is absorbent, so it will hold more water than the polyester alone. i have found that my cloth will really hold wonderful suds that way. the cotton strand softens the cloth only a bit. my skin comes out so smooth and soft. :)
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Some finished projects
Haven’t posted anything for a while

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Finally finished ! (Socks K)
I started these socks in the spring, then suddenly babies were arriving all over the place so I put them aside.
Taking a break from the baby knitting until I get more requests so I am going to try and finish some long overdue WIP’s
The yarn is from Biscotte Yarns. Lovely to work with !
Thanks for looking !

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Help with yoke
Have spent hours trying to get the yoke altogether any help would be greatly appreciated, finished all the sections of a baby matinee jacket and find getting them together on the needle a problem, don't know if it is because of all the yarn ends and when joining the sections those stitches appear to be loose after giving them a pull with the first stitch, any help would be appreciated, thanks everyone
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baby lamb not alpacas?
There was just a post on here about baby lambs that someone thought was an alpaca, I just fell in love with them (they are real not knitted) does anyone remember the site ? I really wanted to look at them again and get some information. I went through search and could not find them-please help-Thank you-nanad
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A Jumper (Sweater) for my friend.
My friend saw a photo of me wearing a cabled jumper, and she said "One of these days I am going to buy some wool, and you can make me one the same, as I just love cables" I decided, as it is her birthday in early January, that I would knit one for her, for her birthday, and here it is.
It is a pale lilac colour

This is the book, from where the pattern came from

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Looking for a knitting pattern for young child’s mittens with a robin on
Hello ,
I’ve been reading your posts for over a year now , and this is the 1st time i’ve Put up a post .
It is quite a difficult time for my family at the moment , as my Son in law recently died in a traffic accident. Prior to this I had started my grandchildren’s winter mittens and my granddaughter had previously wanted monkey mittens but since this tragedy she has heard that robins are special , when visiting after someone has passed and she now would like robin mittens ( she is five ) . I have seen robin toys or Xmas ornaments but not mittens . Hoping someone could help with this extra special request . Thank you in advance Muriel
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